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    catfish87 got a reaction from Texastiger69 in MO - St. Louis   
    Hi Pinksjo1,
    Not sure if you'd be interested, but we have meetings the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of every month in the Metro East at the Collinsville Doubletree. Its led by a NUT from St. Alexius and we usually have several WLS patients attend with every type surgery. It's open to anyone who's had or contemplating WLS. All are welcome! Several members from this site attend.
    PM me if you'd like more info.
    Thanks, David
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    catfish87 got a reaction from jules50 in What’s Wrong With My Lap Band Diet?   
    I don't see any good Protein until 1 chicken thigh at 6:30pm.....I'd be hungry all day! Even with the one chicken thigh, that's no where near the amount of Protein I "eat" per day.
    I usually start with 20-40 grams of protein within an hour of waking. Usually Protein shake or Liquid Protein. Keeps me satisified until lunch.
    lunch is deli meat, grilled fish, tuna salad, or lentil Soup (homemade!). Maybe some cheese or cottage cheese and a few crackers.
    dinner is solid protein. Fish/chicken/occasionally crock pot pork or beef (rarely). salad, green veggie, sometimes potato.
    I eat fish/seafood probably 10 times a week. My fav solid protein source by far.
    Lots of liquids.....coffee all morning, Water, crystal light lemonade, Powerade zero, etc.
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    catfish87 got a reaction from jules50 in My Dearest Band...   
    What a great post!!!!!!! We were banded very close together, and I, like you, got on here and read long before I decided to start posting some. As you said, seen the folks who were successful, how happy they were and tried to learn from them. ( I was really hardheaded! ) So now...a good time later, its wonderful to see you post this...almost like returning the favor to those who did it for us. I sure hope there will be someone just like us who gets on here and reads your post and realizes they too can be just like you....a SUCCESS STORY! They too can win, with dedication/determination like yours. Congrats, Congrats, Congrats! Well done, my friend!
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    catfish87 got a reaction from Debbie3sons in Just returned from Vacation...!   
    And so it goes....just another great story! I'll never get tired of reading how much our surgeries have changed lives. Congrats on leading the pack during your mountain climbing!!! I haven't tried that....yet.
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    catfish87 reacted to Kindle in How Do You “Eat Out?”   
    I order whatever looks good and what Im in the mood for at the time. Sometimes it's an appetizer and I share. Sometimes it's an entree and I take home leftovers that last 3-4 more meals. And sometimes I split an entree with someone and I just let them order whatever they want. If it's not particularly "bariatric friendly" I just pick through and eat the Protein and veggies.....set the bun aside, peel or scrape off the breading, etc.
    Restaurants have never been an issue for me postop. Fortunately I don't measure or track or have any food intolerances and I love leftovers so portions and ingredients don't make or break what I order. I've never found it necessary to place a special, custom order and have never skipped an opportunity to go out to eat.
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    catfish87 got a reaction from ProudGrammy in Marathoner   
    Congrats! I'm doing my first full one this year as well. October 4th.
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    catfish87 reacted to B-52 in Christmas, Before and After   
    This was me, about 8 years ago? Surgery was 5 years ago. Diabetic, one heart attack. (for starters) You can see why.
    This is me, a few days ago (Christmas Eve) with my new Grandkids (twins) I will be 64 in 2 weeks. 100+ Lbs down, feel 1/2 my age.....little or no health issues.
    This is my favorite time of year...the parties started a few weeks ago. At least 3-4 that were work related, plus one my Wife gave for her employees and their families.
    Plus it seemed as though every hospital/clinic I went to for the past 2 weeks has had some sort of in-house luncheons, etc.
    Then there came Christmas eve, which is a big tradition for my family, then Christmas morning at my Daughters for a large brunch...
    Back to our house for our Christmas dinner that evening.
    Today we are off to my Brother-in-laws out of state for a full day...
    After this, comes New Years with dinners and full days of watching College football...
    I'm not so concerned about gaining weight, been here before since surgery and I know my Band and how to listen to it.....what I am concerned about is all the unhealthy things I would not normally eat, not to mention the huge spike in alcohol consumption.
    I do not believe in New Years resolutions, but come Jan. 2, I am going on a 14 day PaleoCleanse to rid my body of all these toxins....
    Christmas comes but once a year....and with my new life that surgery has given me, I am enjoying it more now than ever....(I probably would not be here without it)
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    catfish87 got a reaction from Bandista in Second Anniversary Banded   
    Congrats and continued success Bandista!
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    catfish87 reacted to Jim1967 in Don't get a lap band   
    3+ years here and doing fine.....
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    catfish87 reacted to B-52 in Don't get a lap band   
    I'm 5 years in and it has done everything I expected, and then some....
    Best decision I ever made....easiest thing I could ever do to loose ALL my excess weight and body fat....
    Now living the new life I thought would never be possible....
    I only say this, because after years on this forum it is obvious everyone is welcome to share their experiences, good and bad....and for every statement made, positive or negative, there is always someone with a different experience...
    The same goes with things such as caffeine, alcohol, # of fills, interpretation of the Green Zone...there is no wrong or right, there is no Black and white...
    When one person or persons say one thing and feel it is the absolute fact, there will be another one with a totally different experience.
    And readers, especially newbies, should not get caught up into that trap...just because someone on the internet says so...
    I read success stories, as well as failures all the time....and the underlying issues to both the reader will never know...one can only assume.
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    catfish87 reacted to dlappjr in Cycling Questions   
    Thanks! I was excited we had 60 degree temps this weekend. Got my new pedals and sadle on and rode 5 miles. Got to get my behind used to it. Slowly but surely!
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    catfish87 got a reaction from Chrystee in Cycling Questions   
    Have you considered getting trainer for the winter months? I got one a couple years ago and still use it when it's too cold or raining. (Too cold for me is below about 30 degrees) You might find you like it and won't have to wait on spring!
    Happy riding!
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    catfish87 reacted to dlappjr in Cycling Questions   
    I did find out about trainers while at the bike store, but after dropping some loot on the bike and some additional accessories, it wasnt in the budget. My wife actually mentioned it too, as a friend at her work told her about them. She may decide to get me one for Christmas. Fingers crossed! With any luck, after riding next spring through fall, I will be able to ride in colder temps. I tried a 2 mile round trip to my gym one morning at 5am and it was 30 degrees out. My lungs hurt for the whole day. I decided below 50, I'm not riding.
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    catfish87 reacted to Debbie3sons in Let's hear it for the band!   
    It's funny because 2 & 1 year ago people would ask me if I would have or when I would get the band out , I told them that their are people that have been living with the band for 20 years or more just since they started advertising more that more people know about it , so I may live with it all my life , that I had tried everything including almost starving myself for like 3 day's & only drinking Water & nothing helped so I got surgery (band) to be a more healthy me & then they go oh , & I proceeded to tell them it's not easy & if you think it is try just the pre op diet & I give them the paper & tell them come to me in 3 days if you stick to it & let me know how you feel , needless to say they have came to me & said I couldn't I felt like I was starving LOL , so I tell them if you couldn't do it then you probably wouldn't be able to stick with what WE do to be healthy , so I am saying now no one ask if I will ever get it out now they see my last pics & ask who that is & I day it was me 155#s ago they don't believe till I show them a side by side of my face then they believe , so Congrats to you & all of us that made the decision to get banded heck yes to the band .
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    catfish87 got a reaction from Debbie3sons in Let's hear it for the band!   
    Congrats and much continued success.
    To the band!
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    catfish87 reacted to Julie norton in Let's hear it for the band!   
    So truly happy to say that I am beginning my tenth year today! Nine years ago , I had no idea how different my life could be. Outpatient surgery and 1 night at a hotel, quick check up and on with banded life...
    Yes, I had to learn to eat differently and work out consistently. No, I'm not perfect, but I'll take my size 12 over my life in stretchy size 22 ... How it used to hurt when walking.. Or being winded easily .Truly how hungry I felt and how I soothed myself with food.
    I am so content with my band ( and I get it doesn't work for many ) and how life is so good for many years.
    I forget how thankful I should be everyday for the opportunity to breeze thru life at a "normal" size.
    I just feel I fit in this world better.
    Some of us veterans are still around and happy with our choices????
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    catfish87 got a reaction from jrog5 in Nine days after surgery, how to help   
    My thoughts exactly.
    Best wishes.....
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    catfish87 got a reaction from Debbie3sons in I'm 84 this spring & love my lapband.   
    Your grandmother was such a nice lady. I never got to meet her in person, but spoke with her several times on here. May she rest in peace.
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    catfish87 reacted to BayougirlMrsS in 6 year.... Bandaversery.... and still going strong   
    Well Good Day my fine people.... lol
    Today is November 10, 2015 and today is year #6 Lapband journey end... 7 is just beginning..... Age 47, My highest weight 230, lowest 140. Now 145. 5'2" tall, Largest size 20 now, comfortable size 8, Was a 44H bra now size 34H, was a 7.5 shoe now 6.5. Self esteem and confidence... ZERO, Now... Through the roof.
    History.... I was 41 when i decided to take back my health and life. I had a few friends that had the GB, Sleeve (not as popular back then), and LB..... A couple of which i worked with or had worked with in the past. One in particular was my friend Paula (LB). She was my mentor and guiding light through everything... In fact her partner had her LB the same day, so she was at the hospital with the both of us.... I had told only very few people at the time that i was having LB done. The few i did tell were for the most part were supportive. Except for the most important one... MY HUSBAND.... But, i got through the post op diet (on vacation) with only one slip and went into surgery that AM weighing 220lbs. Of course my husband said... then why do you need this... Pahhh. My weight loss was slow by most standards... but now i see it as a blessing. I followed the rules.. (except for no Mt. Dew). I averaged a few lbs per visit... and at first i was disappointed. But then i started exercising (zumba, cardio, and later weights) and it really kicked in.... i lost 60lbs the first year and 20 the second. Which i know is not a lot by some standards... but for me... i could not have been happier. My husband started to come around... he himself started losing weight and working out, sex was great too. But then his (what my gut said was) girlfriend move to Fl. and he let it all go to crap again... oh well. The sex went back in the crapper again. I won't let that get me down... life goes on and we shall see if we hit the 25 years of marriage next month.
    I have done what i consider very well with my band. No complications (knock wood). I have the LB System in place, according to My LAP-BAND Journey Patient ID Card i have the 10cc band, but my dr. says its the 14cc.. I lean to believe its the 14 as right now i have 10.5cc in my band. I do stay away from the bread, rice, grits, dry meats, Pasta (as much as poss) and fried potatoes. My go to is still Soup. I love soup.... I normally eat yogurt with granola and coffee for Breakfast. lunch is normal something pretty small like a salad (have to be careful, sometime have trouble), soup, grilled something... dinner something pretty small in size... last night i ate 2 nacho chips...the round ones with Beans, ground beef, cheese, sour cream, and guac on each one.
    so... truth time... I have not exercised in three years... i know, that is terrible... but it's the truth. Reason, my husband cancelled the member ship because he said we could not afford it.. But im fixing to start back anyway. I had my Tummy Tuck 2/15/2012 and i could not be happier with the results. My scar is not that noticeable at all.
    My advice to new WLS patients...... Know what your getting into. Research the hell out of everything. Make sure you pick the best doctor for you. Go to support meeting before, during and after. Don't expect to go in surgery fat, and come out skinny.... WLS is not a magic pill... You will have to work at it EVERYDAY FOREVER!!! Maybe not the exercise... but the eating. Take before pictures, you won't be able to see the differences... but pictures never lie. Take during pic and after pic. Limit your weighing in to once a week or less. If not you will become obsessed with the scale. Set many small goals and an over all goal. Don't get down on your self for a gain. Just get back on track. I put back some weight and got back to 162.... and i said... no way in hell am i going to be one of "those" people who gain it back. Don't be ashamed of the journey you are choosing. Embrace the fact that you chose to take you life back your just using a tool to help. Just like a diabetic uses insulin, are a heart patient uses a pace maker... All the same stuff.
    Be prepared to lose friends... some people can't handle the "new you" and will try and sabotage you. I learned that my fat friends love me fat because i was one of them and made it all acceptable. My skinny friends could not handle the new me because i was now competition in the group for attention. Your true friends will rise to the top... Trust me on this.
    Remember.... Everyone's journey is different, don't judge your self by someone elses. We all gained weight for different reasons... and we will all lose it differently. Be your own biggest cheerleader...

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    catfish87 got a reaction from Bandista in Second Anniversary Banded   
    Congrats and continued success Bandista!
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    catfish87 reacted to Bandista in Second Anniversary Banded   
    Hi there,
    I guess it's true that Time flies when you're having fun; I've been having a lot of that. Honestly, I cannot believe that two years ago today I was waking up from surgery and beginning a new chapter in my life. I had no idea then of the many ways my life would be reshaped aside from the shape of my body.
    I'm forever grateful the band was available to me as it has been the perfect choice for my situation. We are all different. I was 52 at the time and had never been an overnight patient in a hospital before. I can barely tolerate going to the dentist. Getting a band was a big decision but I was fortunate somehow to just know that that's what I wanted to do. Thank goodnes there are so many different surgery choices available to us; we live in marvellous times.
    Two years ago I was 250+ and now I'm in the seventies. I'm a little tall and like my curves (oh my goodness, do I LOVE having a waist!) so I don't want to get too thin. But a word about collarbones: YIPPEE! And hips. Wrists. You know how it is -- I'm celebrating this new body every day. I was wearing size twenty pants and am now in tens. No more Plus Size anything. I would not have predicted that I have a thing for clothes, but oh yes, I sure do. It's so much fun to be able to just try something on without all of that angst.
    I have been an exerciser for many years (arthritis - have to move) but in the last two years I have ratcheted up to being more of an athlete. I feel ridiculous even typing that out as it's such a foreign concept. I used to work out for 45 minutes 3-4 times a week; well, it turns out I am some one who needs more like 75-90 minutes 5-6 times a week. There's the faking it until making it thing and that's what I did. I pretended that I liked it, that I was one of "those" people until I actually have become something resembling one of those lucky people who truly look forward to exercising. Like I said, resembling. I'm not quite there but I raise my hands up in that crossing the finish line pose and I go do what I need to do and I feel like a million bucks afterward.
    food. I am happy to report that I still like food. I can taste almost anything and be quite satisfied. That is a miracle. I love to cook and one of my weird non-scale victories (NSVs) is being able to tie my apron double around my waist. I love that. All those years in all those kitchens with my big fat Winnie-the-Pooh belly in an ill-fitting apron or Chef's jacket. No more. Silly, but that just feels so good. I was very restrictive in my former life so I am careful to not be on a diet. I make good choices, which I can do because my appetite is dimmed and I know what good choices are. But I also let myself have a little bit of whatever I want, whether that's a square of chocolate or cheese (behold, the power of cheese). This is why I still have a little weight to lose but I'm okay with that. I do drink alcohol and we have a lot of dinner parties, go to restaurants, etc. Practically no one knows I am banded; I'm extremely private about that. What people do see, however, is how much I'm exercising and how good I feel. It was important for me to go a bit slowly because I wanted the weight loss to be incremental and I didn't want to have saggy skin.
    Well, that's about it. I am tremendously grateful to all of my Lapband Talk friends and now Bariatric Pal. You know who you are -- the encourageers. Virtual friends. This has been my first experience on a forum and it's been great. Best wishes to all of you wherever you are in the process. For new people, a few words: don't get too hung up on what kind of surgery you had; we have much more in common than not. Don't try to give or take advice from strangers on the internet. Have a good working relationship with your doctor and show up for all your appointments. Show up for yourself! I really had to put myself first to get the surgery and choose my own well-being over taking care of other people's needs first. I don't do that any more and, guess what, every one else benefits from that. Here's to our health!
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    catfish87 reacted to Leepers in It's Been A While   
    Hi everyone! It's been quite a long time since I've posted in this forum. I see some old familiar faces still posting and commenting.
    Just to catch up, I was banded December of 2013. Highest weight 295. I reached my goal of 165 in February of 2015. I've been mostly maintaining since then. I've gained about 5 pounds recently and it's something I need to work on. Lifetime success is not letting it get out of control, right?
    Since my band, I discovered a love of fitness and running. I ran a half marathon last April on the day before my 42nd birthday. This August,I completed a Sprint Triathlon!
    Just want to say, I love my band and I am loving having my life back.
    I hope everyone is doing well.
    To all the newbies, find a plan and STICK WITH IT! The band is only a tool, you must make some changes.

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    catfish87 got a reaction from Mariggle in FMLA   
    Agreed there is no such thing as a "FMLA provider".....unless you're talking about congress. NO employer "provides" FMLA. They just have to follow the law. Your company may have a third party they use to help them follow the law, but they don't dictate what is/is not covered.
    If you work for a covered employer, and you're a covered employee that hasn't exhausted your 12 weeks of FMLA protection, then the surgery and recovery time WILL be covered under FMLA, provided you give the proper notice to your employer. You stated you'll be an overnight patient, and I'm pretty sure you'll have a continuing regimen of treatment (prescriptions for example).
    PAID time off is something entirely different....
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    catfish87 got a reaction from gebbiabn in Nothing but problems! :-(   
    After explaining to your new fill doctor about " the GERD kicked in and it was BAD, it sent me to the ER several times" and "the gerd again got so bad I couldn't take it any longer" ...he suggested you get a sleeve? Thats unique.....usually you hear quite the opposite. I think I'd have to get another opinion.
    I hope you find what works for you! To read your story, it sounds like you've had quite an ordeal... Best wishes!
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    catfish87 reacted to gerio in Cycling Questions   
    You might want to go into a bike shop that can do a bike fit. They can make sure the seat and handle bars are at the right place.

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