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  1. Ok My pre surgery weight was 245.. Pre-Pre pregnancy weight 160lbs 10 weeks pregnant 148 down 12 lbs due to being way to tight and morning sickness 14 weeks pregnant 152 lbs up 4lbs 18 weeks pregnant 160lbs up 8 lbs (back to pre pregnancy weight) 22 weeks pregnant 170lbs up 10lbs:blink: (got an unfil at 19 weeks) Current weight at 25 weeks pregnant 178lbs :thumbup: im still watching what i eat but keep gaining i dont know what to do!??! please help me! what have you ladies gained?
  2. chelsbels

    post your before & during/after pictures

    another update from me :bored:
  3. chelsbels

    6 months 72 lbs

    Just wanted to post some "during pictures"
  4. chelsbels

    6 months

  5. its been a long wile since i posted on here. things have been a little crazy...i am down to 190.2! out of the 200s! i hope all is well with everyone -chels
  6. chelsbels

    Clothes Sharing

    yeah i got a couple pair of 14s last week...got a fill monday and now they are loose...so i got some 12s today...a wee bit tight but will be good in two weeks or so :mad2:
  7. chelsbels

    Clothes Sharing

    Does anyone have size 12 or 14 clothes they are using anymore? I have a lot of size 16 that are falling off and I need more 12 and 14 but buying clothes is getting really expensive! So I was just trying to see if anyone wanted to share! :thumbup: send me a private message if you have anything!
  8. im down to 201 YAY sooo close to 199
  9. My goal for feb. is going to be 10 lbs. I want to so BADLY to be in one-derland its not even funny!!
  10. I weight this moring was 206!!!!! WOOT
  11. i'm at 215 so thats what 2 lbs
  12. WOW that is a small world! Garden of the Gods is my favorite place ever! It's so beautiful there. I haven't been back to Colorado in almost 4 years but I'm going for a visit this summer, its going to be so much different with all the growth.
  13. I was looking a the forum just for pictures and there were a lot of people but not very many around my age group and I wanted to see more of teens/twenties so post your pictures! Mine are still during pictures since I just did get surgery! :thumbup:

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