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  1. Happy 23rd Birthday chelsbels!

  2. Happy 22nd Birthday chelsbels!

  3. 3 years has passed since you registered at LapBandTalk! Happy 3rd Anniversary chelsbels!

  4. Ok My pre surgery weight was 245.. Pre-Pre pregnancy weight 160lbs 10 weeks pregnant 148 down 12 lbs due to being way to tight and morning sickness 14 weeks pregnant 152 lbs up 4lbs 18 weeks pregnant 160lbs up 8 lbs (back to pre pregnancy weight) 22 weeks pregnant 170lbs up 10lbs:blink: (got an unfil at 19 weeks) Current weight at 25 weeks pregnant 178lbs :thumbup: im still watching what i eat but keep gaining i dont know what to do!??! please help me! what have you ladies gained?
  5. Hi. I would like to chat with you and get some advise. Can we talk on fb. I know, it will be private lol

  6. Her it goes I am going to sound like everyone else. How did you do it? I am struggling on flattening my tummy. Although I have had a kid so my tummy has a little pouch thats what it seems like gets bigger when I am losing weight. COngrats on the wedding, I got married last summer so july will be my one yearwith my hubby.

  7. congrats on your success! your pics are inspiring!

  8. Hey girl! Long time no talk. You look great! I have only lost 20 pounds since my surgery in September, I'm at 6.5 cc and still feel like I can eat too much. I thought I would have lost more by now.. so I am feeling a little discouraged. Was your weight loss slow in the beginning?

  9. sounds like you have a lot of restriction. And i dont. And i think that makes the difference. I am working hard at it though since the new year. Which isn't long but im not gonna stop either i want to be thin so i have to do it. But thanks for your thoughts.


  10. I basically things that are harder to eat so I eat less of them, and Ive only had I think 3 or 4 fills. On a normal day for Breakfast Id have a small protien shake because I cant eat much in the morning. Lunch like a side salad, dinner I usually eat whatever my family wants just less of it. I always use a small plate because it feels more normal? I hate having a big plate thats all empty with other people around. LOL. I work at a gym so I work out semi often about 4 times a week. I do a little bit of everything at the gym about 30 min cardio. I also do some weights to try to aviod the flabby skin one day arms/then legs/abs ect. If you need anymore help just let me know sometimes this journey isnt as easy as it seemed in the begining its alot of work and determination, I hope you meet your goal for your hubby :)

  11. hello i haven't been on here for a long time. And i have let myself down so much. I've only lost 25lbs and it will be a year in March since my surgery. I have no restriction. i'm on like fill #7!! you look so great. Tell me what you have done. What you have ate. Exercises you've found that really are effective. What has made the difference in your eyes??? My husband is in Iraq and comes back in April sometime and I so want to be down in the 170's by then. I'm in the 190's now. Any help you can give would be great!!! please help

  12. hey girl! youre looking amazing! gimme sime tips, im about 1 month & a couple days post. only lost 40!! HELP!!! i have about 115 to go.

  13. I actully got my surgery done in Virginia. I lived there for four years, my mom actully got her surgery there first and then I got mine about 7 months after her. I like Killeen, its def not like Colorado.

  14. How did you keep from having the excess skin? Im 2 months post op and have lost 15 lb since my surgery.

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