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    TheRealPennyD got a reaction from FarfelDiego in Best exercises for toning arms   
    Tracy Anderson does Madonna's arms (and Shakira, and Cameron Diaz I believe). I have an old DVD of hers but if you want tone look her up. Here's a short yt video. It looks weird but it will kill your arms.

    And another:
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    TheRealPennyD reacted to XtinaDoesIt in Does anyone know why we shouldn't have coffee?   
    Thank you all for your responses! I'm drinking coffee as I type! Lol. I've never had too bad of a coffee habit. Just 1 cup in the morning gets me through the day. I'm deciding to have it. Thanks!
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    TheRealPennyD reacted to Josie_Grossy in Before and After Pics   
    I love seeing all the before and afters! I am a little over one year out, I have lost 96 pounds (and counting). Close to my goal!

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    TheRealPennyD reacted to Lifestyle Changer in Before and After Pics   
    The first photo was taken on September 29, 2021. The second photo was taken on December 7, 2021 about 5 months post op with a 20lb weight loss. I can’t believe I’m down 2 pant sizes already. Apparently my doctor prescribing a binder he didn’t know it has a dual purpose. One it’s for medical reasons and two it’s better then using a belt to hold your pants up.
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    TheRealPennyD got a reaction from Lifestyle Changer in Before and After Pics   
    Nice job!!

    How are you doing now? Our stats are very similar, and you look great in this photo! Great work.
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    TheRealPennyD reacted to Josie_Grossy in Renew Bariatrics - Tijuana, Mexico   
    Hi! Sorry for the slow reply. I hope your surgery went smoothly, I know how scary it is. I am a little over one year out and have lost 96 pounds, and continuing to lose weight. I have so much more energy and confidence, it was the best decision I have ever made. I have had zero complications, I stick to eating smaller meals more often and it works best for me. It is a challenging journey, especially the beginning. Take the time to listen to your body, and never rush. Best of luck to you, I'm excited to see your progress.
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    TheRealPennyD got a reaction from Josie_Grossy in Renew Bariatrics - Tijuana, Mexico   
    Hi there! I'm scheduled with Dr. Perez on 12/2/21! How are things going now? How much weight have you lost? Any complications? Any regrets??

    Thanks for your post it's hard to find info on the internet that's not just their FB page.
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    TheRealPennyD got a reaction from DaisyAndSunshine in Clear liquids post-Op for 7 days?   
    I have one week clear liquids then two weeks of full liquids before I move on to puree foods. There is very little Protein on the clear liquids but I believe the point is to be sure your organs are healing and not getting any leaks. Probably want everything to move quickly through the stomach for now while the staple line heals.

    It's a challenge but worth it.
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    TheRealPennyD got a reaction from Arabesque in Percent of Weight Loss Predicted   
    This right here. I shouldn't have even posted but I do feel like we need to be honest with each other. Yes I have yo-yo'd and all the things with increasingly more weight gained. Yadda yadda yadda. But surgery is a very traumatic experience.
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    TheRealPennyD reacted to Pricilla in Comically small sandwich   
    It was the best thing I’ve ever eaten🤣
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    TheRealPennyD got a reaction from LadyH in Percent of Weight Loss Predicted   
    This may be an unpopular opinion, and I may be biased because I am 5 days post-op, but I wouldn't get this surgery to lose 50 lbs. This is my opinion I know everyone is different and has their own health considerations, but I am just wondering why I went through this horrible traumatic event to lose a smaller amount of weight (60 lbs or so). I paid out of pocket and should have spent that money on a trainer and food program. Idk. Take this with a grain of salt as I have said I'm fresh out of surgery.
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    TheRealPennyD reacted to Valboosky in This surgery is bullshit...   
    I'm actually surprised how low the starting BMI is for some people that get the surgery.
    It's pretty drastic for someone with under 100 lbs to lose.
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    TheRealPennyD reacted to Candace76 in July 2021 Surgery People!   
    Since finishing the soft food phase, I have not wanted any tuna or avocados, but I think I'll like them again. I have also not wanted eggs for the past 2 weeks. Like eholmes89 & Tony B - NJ, I seem to prefer fish & shrimp at this point. Most bread is difficult to eat, I have tried low carb, high Protein breads that are ok, but not the same as the bread I used to eat. Multi- grain crackers seem to go down easier.
    Before the surgery I loved my coffee, but it just does not taste the same to me or feel good going down. It also uses to be more enjoyable when it was paired with my Breakfast or Desserts. I do miss drinking with my meals, but I'm getting used to it. I have started to have hot chocolate in the evening & I add some protein power to it.
    Hoping you all are doing well.
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    TheRealPennyD reacted to vikingbeast in GYM AFTER SURGERY? LIFTING WEIGHTS?   
    I was made to walk immediately after surgery (within an hour of coming out of the recovery room).
    For two weeks I was on walking only, but no restrictions as to hills or stairs.
    At my two-week follow-up visit I was cleared for anything that did not require weights or abdominal tension. So I could run, bike, and jump rope, but I couldn't row or do sit-ups. I was also allowed to go from 10 to 15 pounds weight max which allowed me to use a training barbell for some exercises.
    At six weeks the restrictions were lifted. I spent 2-3 weeks getting back into things and trying to discover where my strength was (there's some loss but not as bad as I feared), and now at ten weeks am back into it, both manual labor as well as CrossFit.
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    TheRealPennyD reacted to NikoNiko in Hey There! Any December 2021 Surgery Friends?   
    Me! December 2nd!!!
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    TheRealPennyD got a reaction from Tomo in Am I done losing after 5 months?   
    Have you guys tried to shake things up during your stall? Not your diet/calories but other things like doing different exercises (if you walk 3x a week start biking or doing stairs), or trying intermittent fasting. If it were me I would focus on Protein goals and start doing body weight (strength) exercises
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    TheRealPennyD reacted to bufbills in One year today   
    I do. I struggle with evening grazing. I'm very careful to graze on Protein and vegetables though. Maintenance is a challenge. Best advice that I could offer is to follow your plan and do what your team tells you to do for the first year at least. My eating habits have completely changed as a result of follow my plan. I hope a can continue to keep it off.
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    TheRealPennyD reacted to Astonishing Mr J in Before and After Pics   
    One month.

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    TheRealPennyD reacted to valerieshaw362 in Any December 2021?   
    I'm having the ESG done 11/23 I'm excited!!!

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    TheRealPennyD reacted to bufbills in One year today   
    Today is a year since my sleeve surgery. I started at 294 lbs and this morning I am 175. I bounce around the low 170s. I feel good and would do it again in a heart beat. My aches and pains are mostly gone and so is my severe sleep apnea. At 53, I weigh less than I did in high school. Lol

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    TheRealPennyD reacted to Angelina1210 in Any December 2021?   
    I’m scheduled for December 10th. I will be having the sleeve done in Mexico. I have insurance but it does not cover this type of surgery. I too am worried about my future after this procedure but from what I have researched, the sleeve helps control portion sizes and desire to eat as much. I’ve been eating healthier and drinking Water and Protein Shakes in hopes of losing weight before the procedure and getting used to eating better. I’m so tired of yo-yo dieting. I just want to look and feel better. I can’t wait to buy the clothes I want to wear and feel more confident in my own skin. Good luck. I can’t wait to hear how you are doing after December 1st. ☺️

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    TheRealPennyD reacted to Darktowerdream in Plastic Surgery Cost   
    I went with Hospital BC in Tijuana Mexico, they are affiliated with BariatricPal and the only U.S, owned Hospital there. I had belt lipectomy with butterfly lift, medial thigh lift and breast augmentation. Everything was included, transportation to and from the airport, 7 night hospital stay, meals 24, hour care, pre op testing, Faja (x2) compression stockings, etc. $14,350 this also included my companion. I paid $366.40 for two people to fly round trip via Delta airlines. I did have one unexpected expense around $700 but that was all. My surgery was very long. I’m in the process of recovery since I had it June 15th. My surgeon is awesome 👏 I highly recommend them. They have 24 hour valet, nurse and doctor. Even when a nurse could not speak much English I felt they communicated well, and when they needed it the valet translates. I felt safe and knew my Dr. did a good surgery and the staff took care of me despite it being a challenging time due to COVID-19.
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    TheRealPennyD got a reaction from Angelina1210 in Any December 2021?   
    My surgery date is 12/2 with Dr. Perez and Renew Bariatrics in Tj, Mexico! So nervous and excited!!
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    TheRealPennyD reacted to Hop_Scotch in Weird drunk-ish reaction to food   
    While it seems to be more of a blood pressure issue, if you've gone from liquids straight to soft foods, you may benefit for a week or two doing pureed foods as a transition to soft foods, even if it isn't part of your plan.

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    TheRealPennyD reacted to ShoreGal68 in Before and After Pics   
    Thank you so much!! It means a lot to hear that after such a long journey struggling with weight my whole life. Here’s a few before and afters including a tiktok I made but never posted haha.

    I’ve been very lucky with having minimal loose skin. I have been taking a collagen supplement daily and started that months before the surgery. I think that combined with a good strength training regimen and perhaps also because I got the surgery at a relatively young age (33) helped.

    For workouts I do an hour 5-6x a week; half cardio (indoor cycling or running) and half strength training. All of my strength has been the peloton strength classes. If you happen to have a peloton membership You can see my full program on my profile DucesWild, follow me!! Highly highly recommend peloton it has made it so much easier, convenient, and fun to workout. Finding classes I actually enjoyed and not pushing myself too hard, just committing to staying consistent moving my body, whether it be a walk or yoga on days I didn’t feel well, that has been the KEY so far. Hope this helps! Happy to share more details.


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