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    Hahaha... My surgeon/clinic says none At all for 6 months! It's insane how different every office is. I would have such an improved quality of life with a cup or two of decaf... I am 10 days post op maybe I will try it next week.
  2. TheRealPennyD

    Renew Bariatrics - Tijuana, Mexico

    Hey! I'm 8 days post-op. My experience with renew wasn't be best ever, but I did okay. I struggled a bit at the end of clear liquids but now I am onto full liquids living my best life (haha). I'm down 4 lbs this week so just trying to keep on keeping on.
  3. My dietician has me pacing the water for a month or more, which is the time period OP mentioned. She even says during the puree stage to get 3L of water every day but at 1 oz over 15 minutes... That boils down to getting 3L over 25 hours/day. 🙄 So obviously she didn't figure it out right. I'm 6 days post op and drinking relatively fine with very minimal pain (there's pain even if I take tiny tiny sips). Hope there's not a downside to it.
  4. TheRealPennyD

    Percent of Weight Loss Predicted

    This right here. I shouldn't have even posted but I do feel like we need to be honest with each other. Yes I have yo-yo'd and all the things with increasingly more weight gained. Yadda yadda yadda. But surgery is a very traumatic experience.
  5. Thanks for this. I have been struggling because my nutritionist says to drink 1 oz over 15 minutes... That means I get in 4oz an hour which makes it impossible to get in my water goals. (That's just 48oz in 12 hours) It's ridiculous. I'm starting to get dehydrated following this plan. It would only work if I got very little sleep or literally did nothing in my day but sip water. I set a timer but I'm doing 1.5 oz every 10 minutes today because rest and hydration are more important than pacing out water. So glad I see how all of you are doing.
  6. TheRealPennyD

    Clear liquids post-Op for 7 days?

    I have one week clear liquids then two weeks of full liquids before I move on to puree foods. There is very little protein on the clear liquids but I believe the point is to be sure your organs are healing and not getting any leaks. Probably want everything to move quickly through the stomach for now while the staple line heals. It's a challenge but worth it.
  7. TheRealPennyD

    Percent of Weight Loss Predicted

    This may be an unpopular opinion, and I may be biased because I am 5 days post-op, but I wouldn't get this surgery to lose 50 lbs. This is my opinion I know everyone is different and has their own health considerations, but I am just wondering why I went through this horrible traumatic event to lose a smaller amount of weight (60 lbs or so). I paid out of pocket and should have spent that money on a trainer and food program. Idk. Take this with a grain of salt as I have said I'm fresh out of surgery.
  8. TheRealPennyD


    Awesome! Thanks for the response. How are you doing with your macros/cals and exercise & weight loss. Some people say it causes stalls but everyone is different.
  9. TheRealPennyD


    I know this sounds stupid but everything except weights is like body weight exercises (lunges, squats, etc)? Did your doc mention any walking limitations like no hiking/stairs? I hike in an area that has a lot of stairs -- like a 12 story building -- and I'm wondering if that will be limited. I will ask my surgeon but just wanted input on here.
  10. TheRealPennyD

    July 2021 Surgery People!

    I'm so sorry. What does your team say about it at this point?
  11. TheRealPennyD

    Am I done losing after 5 months?

    Have you guys tried to shake things up during your stall? Not your diet/calories but other things like doing different exercises (if you walk 3x a week start biking or doing stairs), or trying intermittent fasting. If it were me I would focus on protein goals and start doing body weight (strength) exercises
  12. TheRealPennyD

    July 2021 Surgery People!

    How is it going??
  13. TheRealPennyD

    Best exercises for toning arms

    Tracy Anderson does Madonna's arms (and Shakira, and Cameron Diaz I believe). I have an old DVD of hers but if you want tone look her up. Here's a short yt video. It looks weird but it will kill your arms. And another: https://youtu.be/CLzhfRG-Ip4
  14. TheRealPennyD

    When did you get back to exercise?

    This is all great information! I'm going to talk to my surgeon, but I'm wondering how quickly people get back to other activities, like bodyweight exercises. Resistance bands or other stuff you do around the house, and then videos like this: https://youtu.be/ZiDgJEt3x1U Of course it's all individual and I will talk to my surgeon. But just wondering people's experiences/opinions. I was told not to lift more than 10 lbs, does that mean after 2 weeks or so I can use 8lb weights (one at a time) to tone my arms? Just excited to do this all and I know I'm going to be bored healing at home for 5 weeks after surgery.
  15. Yes. 1 bag of fluid is 1000mL which weighs 2.2 lbs. Your body holds onto a lot of that.
  16. TheRealPennyD

    One year today

    Great work!! Do you struggle with stuff these days? Any advice?
  17. TheRealPennyD

    What was your protein/day goal after surgery?

    Protein requirements should be based on body weight (I mean a big man will have different requirements than a small woman ). Just tried this protein/collagen powder at a friend's house and it's great. Have you done something like that in your smoothies/coffee?? https://www.vitalproteins.com/products/collagen-peptides?variant=31900889153596&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=in_core_20210914_us-smart-shopping-sep-2021-google-shopping_smart-shopping_all_3&utm_term=conversion&utm_content=smart-shopping&device=m&keyword=&matchtype=&adposition=&gclid=Cj0KCQiAhMOMBhDhARIsAPVml-H6fEhG_ZdlGqFq14dnULCtk4a606Kyg-j4Lz2L8e0xdeR9zahNIEAaAjv5EALw_wcB#
  18. TheRealPennyD

    Any December 2021?

    My surgery date is 12/2 with Dr. Perez and Renew Bariatrics in Tj, Mexico! So nervous and excited!!
  19. TheRealPennyD


    Did you ever get an answer? Have you tried it? I wanted to do a soft one starting at a few weeks and then a few months in go for the real ones.
  20. TheRealPennyD

    Waist training

    Don't buy fitness DVDs, find someone you like on YouTube and then follow them. I feel your pain, I got a membership at a nice gym over the summer and the classes were all like this. We have to engage our core for everything we don't need to throw abs into every workout. I also hate that fitness is so 'trendy' like with f**king squats in everything. At one point I think they even made you do squats in yoga. 🙄 This lady does great workouts, but idk if she has any cardio. You can look around though, she has a ton of videos. This workout below is fantastic and her quarantine butt routine doesn't have squats/legs just glutes... If you're like me you don't need bigger thighs. Good luck hunting!
  21. TheRealPennyD

    Benadryl not working after sleeve?

    Do you rely on these things daily to sleep? For how long?
  22. TheRealPennyD

    Weird drunk-ish reaction to food

    This is interesting! I am not a doctor but I wonder about your blood pressure, which may be tanking after eating: https://www.health.harvard.edu/heart-health/eating-can-cause-low-blood-pressure Check this out too: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/326174#standing-after-sitting If you have low blood volume (Google fluid volume deficit) then your blood rushing to your stomach to digest for the first time in a while (it doesn't need to do this with liquids) could have this profound effect on you. How was your hydration before this? With so many things going on concurrently in the body after surgery, there is a lot to consider, which is why you should talk to your doctor. But tbh I would not worry, start eating non-meat soft foods, make sure you're getting fluids and electrolytes and maybe get your BP tested. Let us know what you're doc says, we're very curious!
  23. When people offer you unsolicited advice, tell the it was unsolicited and ask them if they would like you to comment on their body.
  24. How did yours turn out? You okay?
  25. TheRealPennyD

    Before and After Pics

    Wow!! Fantastic!!! You are my goals and we have the same stats. My surgery is in 19 days, I'm starting the pre-op diet at 197. I will lyk how it goes!

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