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  1. TheRealPennyD

    Renew Bariatrics - Tijuana, Mexico

    Hey! I'm 8 days post-op. My experience with renew wasn't be best ever, but I did okay. I struggled a bit at the end of clear liquids but now I am onto full liquids living my best life (haha). I'm down 4 lbs this week so just trying to keep on keeping on.
  2. TheRealPennyD

    One year today

    Great work!! Do you struggle with stuff these days? Any advice?
  3. TheRealPennyD

    Waist training

    Don't buy fitness DVDs, find someone you like on YouTube and then follow them. I feel your pain, I got a membership at a nice gym over the summer and the classes were all like this. We have to engage our core for everything we don't need to throw abs into every workout. I also hate that fitness is so 'trendy' like with f**king squats in everything. At one point I think they even made you do squats in yoga. 🙄 This lady does great workouts, but idk if she has any cardio. You can look around though, she has a ton of videos. This workout below is fantastic and her quarantine butt routine doesn't have squats/legs just glutes... If you're like me you don't need bigger thighs. Good luck hunting!
  4. TheRealPennyD

    Benadryl not working after sleeve?

    Do you rely on these things daily to sleep? For how long?
  5. How did yours turn out? You okay?
  6. TheRealPennyD

    Gastric Sleeve in Mexico

    My surgery date is 12/2 with Dr. Perez with Renew Bariatrics. I'm on their FB group. Seems like FB is the place to go for a lot of these groups.
  7. TheRealPennyD

    Best broth?

    Idk about the taste, but I bought some of these: https://www.shelhealth.com/products/simply-nature-organic-chicken-bone-broth-32-oz?variant=31277334233177&currency=USD&utm_medium=product_sync&utm_source=google&utm_content=sag_organic&utm_campaign=sag_organic&gclid=Cj0KCQiA-K2MBhC-ARIsAMtLKRu4XA0RHOZmKUFu848zwtZ_Luq2XRRJE8OWQxkAX3foPBTiFUaOrKUaAoq1EALw_wcB I got mine at Aldi's and i think they were cheaper than that. They have potassium unlike the other broths I looked at (beef, vegetable).
  8. TheRealPennyD

    Before and After Pics

    Nice job!! How are you doing now? Our stats are very similar, and you look great in this photo! Great work.
  9. TheRealPennyD

    Low BMI Rate of Weight Loss?

    I was reading this old thread (searched for it) because I have surgery in less than a month and I have a BMI of 35 right now. All the people in this thread did so well with their weight loss, according to the bios they have, I just want to say congratulations to everyone!! Great work!!
  10. TheRealPennyD

    Renew Bariatrics - Tijuana, Mexico

    Hi there! I'm scheduled with Dr. Perez on 12/2/21! How are things going now? How much weight have you lost? Any complications? Any regrets?? Thanks for your post it's hard to find info on the internet that's not just their FB page.

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