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    njlimmer reacted to Neensyb for a status update, One month today I went in for sleeve surgery. One month....really? It feels like aaaa   
    One month today I went in for sleeve surgery. One month....really?  It feels like aaaages ago.  What are the key notes in the past month:
    being scared on the day was very real.  My surgeon and anesthetist were fabulous talking me through everything and listening to my concerns.   It was over before I knew it Recovery from the GA was awful...the only time I have ever experienced anything like it.  12 hours later I finally came out of it properly Gas pain is awful, but easily remedied by walking Walking isn't as scary and painful as I thought, and I didn't get light headed at all My water bottle has become my best friend.  I bought some new ones, one in particular with Llamas all over it 🙂 My husband won't let me get a pair of Llamas....dammit Following my dietician and surgeons guidelines WORKS!  It really does Scars on my belly are minimal due to using specific scar gel, helps healing and reduces scarring If I have eaten too quickly, the best way to manage the discomfort is to stand up, or sit upright, and wait.....wait wait wait.  20 minutes later the discomfort has gone Don't be scared to move to the next phase, just tiny tiny bites and don't drink with your meal I have learned to really listen to my body.  Eat for satisfaction, not to be full.  The best advice I have been given Don't forget multivitamins, it really does have an impact on fatigue Try not to weigh daily, thought it's tempting Scales are not always an indication of body change - TAKE PHOTOS! My skin is quite dry, and it's loving the attention I am giving it.  Lots of moisturiser and my tan is the best it's ever been.  Not sure what the correlation is, but I haven't burned at all, just nicely browned I had an initial breakout of rosacea on my face, but that is likely to be from the shock of surgery and much less food than usual.  It cleared up after a week or two and now my skin on my face is just lovely! NEVER EVER trust a fart.  Not in the early days.   Constipation is real, coloxyl is the solution for me.   You don't poop anywhere near the volume you consume, I guess most of it is liquid and mushy anyway so no solids formed.   TMI I know, does anyone else miss a decent poop?  🙂 One month and I can say I feel 100% IF I STAY WITHIN MY LIMITS.  Last night we had Chinese takeaways/takeout for the first time, I had a small wonton soup (I know our local Chinese cook, they are very very healthy with their cooking methods).  I sipped away at the liquid and had a wonton.  It was so delicious that I had a second one...bad move.  Felt bloated, a little uncomfortable and had to stand up for a while.  If I had just had the one, all good.  
    I hope this sort of information helps others.  The nearly 13kgs I have lost has had an enormous impact on my life.  I don't huff and puff putting on my undies, clothes I haven't worn for years now fit me - just.  I can cross my legs comfortably, my back pain has gone completely...and I mean 100% goneski!!  I can cross my arms and they sit under my boobs, not on top of my bloated liver and stomach.  I bought my first bikini online.  It arrived, looks great (to me and hubby) and I feel comfortable in it at home.  I have another 17kgs to go, but I'm ok with taking it slowly.

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