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  1. Suzi_the_Q


    Yes, wait 30 minutes at least before drinking (but you can drink right up until you eat- according to my Dr.) Fluids expand the food in the stomach and make it uncomfortable and possibly stretch it.
  2. Just FYI, a lot of psych medications are available in liquid form too, which may help with absorption. I had to increase my psych med dosages by 25% since bypass (so far).
  3. Suzi_the_Q

    Too old for plastics?

    It's really not their decision or their body. Personally, I feel like if I don't get the skin removal etc. that I'll be perpetually wearing (or keeping around) the equivalent of my old, fat clothes like I'm just waiting for myself to fit into them again rather than throwing them out and committing to a more healthy lifestyle. I'll likely get my plastics around age 42.
  4. I finally figured out why my weight loss has slowed to a near halt- got a letter from my pharmacy that the manufacturer of my thyroid rx has issued a recall because the pills have less medicine in them than they ought to. Combine that with RNY malabsorption, and voila! I've got a follow up with my Dr. tomorrow.  

  5. Suzi_the_Q

    Lying about not getting surgery is awful

    I've found when I've told ppl casually, I get instantly written off, like I don't have to work at it at all or watch what I eat, exercise etc. So, I'm pretty much going to keep it to myself.
  6. Suzi_the_Q

    I hate food....

    The problems resolved over time. I guess it was just my stomach healing still. (They did give me nausea meds though.)
  7. A lot more space between my tummy and the steering wheel, much roomier chairs.
  8. Suzi_the_Q


    I made a request for an LGBTQIA Room in a "contact us" email. I suggest others do so as well.
  9. Suzi_the_Q

    I hate food....

    It all sorted itself out. Guess it was just my body healing?
  10. My first stall lasted like, 3- 3.5 weeks? it was really disheartening. It broke eventually though! Stick with it!
  11. Suzi_the_Q

    Flappy tummy

    Spanks would totally help- they compress the body. Be sure to use powder or antiperspirant between/ beneath skin folds to avoid rashes and discomfort. Grats on your weight loss!
  12. Tell them that you are having a hernia repair surgery coming up to correct an issue that has worsened recently, and you may not be cleared to travel in the timeframe. That way there is an excuse for why you didn't include them earlier so they could figure out the personnel issue for the trip. Good luck!
  13. Suzi_the_Q

    Advice Needed Please

    I had this too. It sucked but I think it was just my body healing and adjusting. It went away after a couple of months. Hang in there.
  14. Suzi_the_Q

    How do you find a covered surgeon?

    I tried the Aetna website too and it was awful, but it did mention that they required an "Aetna Center for Excellence" cert, so I googled "Aetna + Pittsburgh, PA + Bariatric" and looked for those centers, since obv. they'd take Aetna insurance.
  15. Suzi_the_Q

    How do you find a covered surgeon?

    I found these: http://www.aetna.com/cpb/medical/data/100_199/0157.html https://www.castleconnolly.com/top-doctors/giselle-g-hamad-surgery-81cc043162 https://www.excelahealth.org/Services/Weight-Management-Center https://www.upmc.com/services/south-central-pa/bariatrics/surgery/choose

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