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    Profile Help

    Click on the tab next to your icon, with your user name on it, then My Surgery, add you surgery info there, then on the left click on Progress to add/ adjust your weight etc. You can create tickers at the bottom of your posts by clicking on your user name tab again and going to My Tickers. Enjoy!
  2. One more for the Bariatric Advantage chewy bites. I like the strawberry ones and the pineapple-mango ones.
  3. That sucks. Definitely call the lab.
  4. Parkour, Cross-fit, chemo, bulimia, HIV, stomach cancer/ ulcers. The worse thing you tell them, the quicker they'll shut up about it.
  5. Suzi_the_Q

    Protein shakes

    I gave Sci-tec a try. It's the #1 brand in Europe and when I showed it to my nutritionist she was impressed and said it has some high-end ingredients. The chocolate tastes like diet chocolate milk. It's pretty good! It's hard to find in smaller amounts to try it, but I found it here. https://www.iafstore.com/usa/scitec-nutrition/100-whey-protein-professional-codp40749
  6. Suzi_the_Q

    Pre Op Vitamins and Suplaments

    I found this, may be useful. https://www.obesityaction.org/community/article-library/weight-loss-surgery-nutrition-and-hair-loss/ https://www.pennmedicine.org/updates/blogs/metabolic-and-bariatric-surgery-blog/2013/march/tips-for-minimizing-hair-loss-after-weight-loss-surgery
  7. I just hit my doctor's pre-op weight loss goal! (3 months early!!!) I have a nutritionist appt./ weigh-in in an hour and I'm so excited- they should be giving me a tentative surgery date soon! Of course I still have to wait the 3 more months for them to put it through to my insurance, so hopefully surgery in December or January, but still! It'll be nice to have an actual target date. Happy happy day!
  8. Suzi_the_Q

    Friday Night

    Pretty good! Saw my nutritionist, who's a real hoot! had a couple of walks around the block (which is all I can do yet.) Otherwise hiding in the AC as usual. Social distancing like a mofo! =D
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    Thank you- I sure hope so!
  10. I won’t miss going to the beach with my family and having to stay back about 300m from the Ocean while they play in the surf because I can’t walk that far. (Like today.) 😢
  11. I watch "My 600lb Life" and that does it for me.
  12. Suzi_the_Q

    Stating Pre-Op diet today

    If you put some chia seeds in the water, the water becomes more filling, plus you get a little protein and omega-3s out of it. 😃
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    I haven't had my surgery yet, but from the few people I have told that I'm in the process of it, I can tell you what I have learned: people who do or have struggled with their weight are generally "safe" and supportive; people who have not, generally are not (save for my husband, thankfully!) Going forward, I'm only going to share this info with those whom I know will at least somewhat "get it." I don't need the negativity when this is already challenging enough. Once the weight is all gone, I'll be more open about it because nothing shuts naysayers up like results! It's nobody's business but your own. I'd just say that I've been working on it.
  14. I just discovered Dr. Duc Vuong's youtube channel and now i'm OBSESSED! It felt really affirming having someone point out that most doctors have you shoot for the "average" weight loss, 60-65% of EBW e.g. how my nutritionist suggested my goal should be 170lbs- like wtf? Dr. V pushes his patients to get to around 20 BMI and I'm here for THAT! I think I've watched 6 or 8 of his videos since discovering him yesterday. So good! And no BS! Plus I kinda love that he swears too, feels more genuine. Here's one of his vids, check him out!
  15. Suzi_the_Q

    Getting approved for insurance

    Hey there, what state are you in? I just panic-called my surgeon's office asking about this (I'm on Medicaid too) and they said all I needed to do was have 6 appointments with the nutritionist- I know requirements may vary state by state though. Have you called your surgeon's office to discuss your concerns yet?
  16. Just got off the phone with an old friend whom I haven't seen in years (since I was normal weight), and he was telling me about his current life plans/ projects (quitting drinking and smoking). I should have listened to myself and not mentioned my surgical plans, but I did. Silly me. He had a lot of opinions about it and how I should just do the diet and exercise thing again (knowing I have debilitating back issues that preclude me from doing a lot of exercises, though I do try.) I didn't tell him just how much I have to lose because I'm rather sensitive about it in my in person life. (I live away from my "home" area now and don't have too many in person friends anymore, so I just haven't posted any pics of myself publicly in a while.) He was well-meaning, but he claimed that regular slow diet and exercise means you won't have loose skin.... he has NO IDEA wtf he's talking about. He has a super fast metabolism and has NEVER been a BMI over 24.9 in his entire life. He recently lost 30lbs going from 24.9 to like a 22 and thinks that the reason he doesn't have loose skin is because he did it by being active... I tried explaining that 30lbs doesn't really cause loose skin, but he was insistent. I even explained that I was already saving $ for my PS surgery after but he was insistent that if I did it HIS way I wouldn't need it- even after I reminded him about when I lost 95lbs THAT way (working out about 2 hours per day) and still had loose skin anyway! Thankfully, he picked up on my frustration and changed the subject, but UGH!!! THIS is why I don't tell people- SO. DAMN. FRUSTRATING. Also, mansplaining, wtf?
  17. Suzi_the_Q

    Normal people just don't get it!!!

    Thank you, I really appreciate all of you folks. I feel very connected and supported on this journey thanks to the great people on this forum. ❤️
  18. Suzi_the_Q

    Feeling Guilty(as I should)

    Your surgeon's office probably has a support system in place for you when you need it, if not, a therapist may be the way to go. The head game is real! I'm not looking forward to the liquid pre-op diet either, a lot of people say it's the hardest part of the process- so don't feel bad! Guilt doesn't serve anyone, just move on and do better. One day at a time as they say. You can do this!
  19. Suzi_the_Q

    Diabetes + 2 week pre-surgery diet

    Can you try substituting beans or lentils for your current carbs? They are nutrient-rich slow-chain carbs. My dietician is cool with it for my program.
  20. Suzi_the_Q

    PS Costs

    Try looking abroad. I've been doing a lot of homework on this and I found a name of a Dr. in a forum here from a couple of years ago, Dr. Kelvin Esubio in the Dominican Republic. I've been cyber stalking his IG and reviews for months and after I lose it all I'm def going to him! The lady on the forum said she got her skin removal and BBL done (possibly boobs too, idk) for around 6k, but you have to consider travel expenses etc. too. https://www.instagram.com/kelvineusebiomd/?hl=en He's certified by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery which you can read about here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Society_for_Aesthetic_Plastic_Surgery Dunno how you feel about medical tourism, but it's worth considering IMO.
  21. This thread brought me some comfort. Hope it helps.
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    I know at least a couple of people here take good ol Flintstones (with iron). Apparently, they are nutritionally pretty close to bariatric ones. Compare the stats and adjust accordingly? Good luck!
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    Just me

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    Just me

    From the album: Just me

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    Normal people just don't get it!!!

    Yeah, I have an entire person's worth of weight to lose, that doesn't just bounce back. (I already have a PS surgeon in mind even!) I should have kept it to myself, but I like being open with people I'm close to and we used to be close and recently reconnected. Thanks for the support and letting me vent. ❤️