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    Wendums reacted to JessLess in Has surgery 10 days ago, I was so excited Now Iam so depressed   
    This is extremely common. When you can start eating blended food you will probably feel a lot better. If you can go to a support meeting at your hospital, talk to a therapist, or just post on here, I think it would help a lot. Good luck and feel better!
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    Wendums reacted to rs in Has surgery 10 days ago, I was so excited Now Iam so depressed   
    Ditto what JessLess said. It's common to feel that way. And it will get better. Keep reaching out for support. Hang in there.
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    Wendums reacted to kygirl68 in Has surgery 10 days ago, I was so excited Now Iam so depressed   
    You are not alone! I had surgery Jan 9th and went through the same thing! It will pass. The first 2 weeks were rough just being on liquids and feeling so bloated, like I was 10 months pregnant, the gas pains , "growling" (gurgling) stomach, the second guessing my decision and fear of failure...yep...pretty common! Keep coming to this forum and read others testimonies so you know you are not alone!
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    Wendums got a reaction from lgredvig in Counting down & preparing a bag.   
    Oh wow i just noticed your countdown.. Congrats and good luck on a smooth surgery & recovery. I remember I was so excited the night before. Hope your day tomorrow is full of positive energy, you got this. 😄
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    Wendums got a reaction from lgredvig in Counting down & preparing a bag.   
    Same ^^^ and my cpap machine. I just showered when I got home.
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    Wendums got a reaction from mmounir in Vaping   
    I quit smoking cigarettes many years ago. Then a couple years later picked up vaping. I vaped with nicotine for at least two years and then went to vape w/o nicotine for almost a year. I quit vape to have surgery. Now that I've put the vape down, I don't want to go back. My lungs are clearer, and I feel healthier without it.

    My advise is, if you've already stopped smoking or vaping, don't go back to it. It really is a crutch in any form and something that your body doesn't need. I thought non nicotine vape would be easy to give up, but it was ruff, you get in the habit of having it. 😕
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    Wendums reacted to Beachladee3 in Certain Foods   
    I have realized there are certain foods i can not have in the house. pizza and ice cream. I will eat it, if its there.
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    Wendums reacted to James Marusek in Sleep study question   
    Since I snored for several years before surgery, I was required to undergo an exam by a neurologist. I arranged an interview, he examine me and came to the determination that I probably had sleep apnea. He requested that I undergo a sleep study to make sure. I declined. I said my reasoning was that in many cases, gastric bypass places this condition into remission. So why undergo the study if the sleep apnea condition will go away after surgery. I told him that if I still snore a few months after surgery, I will undergo the sleep study. He agreed and that gave me the green light to have the surgery.
    A few months after surgery, I would wake up in the middle of the night and find my wife hovering over me. I asked her what she was doing. She said I was breathing so quietly, she thought I had died in the night and she was checking to see if I was still alive.
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    Wendums reacted to LW101 in Sleep study question   
    I have completed all of my insurance appointments...but they called me today and said that I need to complete a sleep study because of the way I answered my questions at first appt. Will I have to get a cpap before surgery if it comes back that I have sleep apnea???
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    Wendums reacted to Jazzy1125 in Vaping   
    I quit smoking to get this surgery! I had to be smoke free for 30 days for my surgeon to even allow me to participate. 3 days after I decided to get the surgery I quit and never looked back. There is no way I am going back now! I am 4 months smoke free and almost 3 months post op!
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    Wendums reacted to BigViffer in Why no iceberg lettuce?   
    Iceberg lettuce literally has so little nutritional value that it is a waste of space. They only time that eating it is a good idea is when you are constipated. For some reason, iceberg lettuce goes through most of us like fat through a goose.
    If you really miss salads, learn to love kale, spinach and other dark hearty greens. Even then they will be in very small portions. They are very fibrous and can be difficult to digest in the beginning. But they are at least nutritionally dense and worth the space they take up.
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    Wendums reacted to _JohnTaylot in Post OP diet   
    I had the gastric bypass 2 and a half weeks ago and I am able to eat canned chicken and fish now, but i was wondering if i am ok to eat cold cuts/deli meat as long as its chicken
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    Wendums got a reaction from Myhorseisfattoo in No fresh fruits/veggies, but.....   
    Wow, I was never warned about pickles from my team. Hmmm.. I have been drinking pickle pops since I got home. It's suppose to be a popsicle, but I like to just fridge them and pour into a cup for sipping. I get so tired of sweet and this has been great for satisfying my sour impulses. Also in week 3 I have blended up sour kraut to the consistency of applesauce and warmed that up. It's great. I've had no bad reaction to this so far.
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    Wendums got a reaction from sillykitty in A week post op & I’m 2 steps from sucking the juice out of a hamburger   
    I struggle with this often. I have to prepare my son food and sometimes it gets to me. Tonight it was frozen pepperoni bread sticks hot out of the oven. yikes. I grazed on a couple cherry tomatoes and it curbed the beast. Truth is were always gonna have to deal with triggers. Just take it day by day and once you are able to eat some sort of real food, have something handy that you can pop in your mouth when it hits, this really helps me.
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    Wendums got a reaction from Frustr8 in Seems I always push the envelope, but......   
    This sounds so good, my mom made this when I was a kid. Seeing is how I can already eat apple chewed up real good (no peel of coarse) and tomatoes, I bet I could handle this. I think I'll add it to my next shopping list for my next stage of food that starts soon (I'm on stage 3 right now). The other day I tried a scrambled egg, and it didn't sit well at all, it's the only time since surgery that I vomited, yuck. I wont be trying eggs again for a while... lol
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    Wendums reacted to TheGoodLyfe in CPAP & Aerophagia - Why was I never warned of this!   
    Wow, I appreciate you sharing about this. I’m facing the likelihood of needing a CPAP very soon and am just beginning the 6 month wait.

    I feel like the insurance company should save themselves some money and just approve the surgery now. I have a bunch of costly new health issues that will probably be reversed after surgery! Ha!
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    Wendums reacted to Jazzy1125 in CPAP & Aerophagia - Why was I never warned of this!   
    I hope you feel better soon. As GreenTea said you are relatively new to the surgery process. You can make it through this. Do not allow this to change your mentality and put you in a place that you think you have failed so soon as it may lead you back to bad eating habits. Keep trucking along! You got this!
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    Wendums reacted to Frustr8 in CPAP & Aerophagia - Why was I never warned of this!   
    Nose Mask, I am high functioning Autie as well, full mask is too restricting, we have, many of us, sensory issues. I had lymphedema of both legs about a year or so back, they decided to wrap both legs in elastic bandages, liked to die,went into full- blown panic attack mode, oh those things were NOT GOOD. We are wired a little differently, I tell people we have a different but fully functioning MotherBoard, and we do brighten life in our differences.
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    Wendums reacted to Austin22 in CPAP & Aerophagia - Why was I never warned of this!   
    Can I ask do you use a full face mask or just a nose mask? I am hoping to have surgery this summer and was thinking of training myself to use the nose mask for this very reason.
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    Wendums reacted to GradyCat in CPAP & Aerophagia - Why was I never warned of this!   
    This is good information for me to have as I too use a CPAP and seem to have a lot of air in my belly at times. I am due to see the Pulmonologist in early March and I will ask them then about adjusting the machine. Thanks.
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    Wendums reacted to GreenTealael in CPAP & Aerophagia - Why was I never warned of this!   
    You are so new that you can totally go back... Space out your meals timings longer, eat 2oz no matter what you think you want, drink/eat slower.
    Some of us way further out experiment with retraining and it works still.
    Safe Journey 🎈
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    Wendums reacted to Frustr8 in CPAP & Aerophagia - Why was I never warned of this!   
    And I think this is something to check out, like Missouri- Lee's summit, I haven't been complian with Uncle Snuffly the C-Pap. You know, I have lost 60 pounds since surgery, maybe it doesn't fit as well at this weight?
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    Wendums reacted to Missouri-Lee's Summit in CPAP & Aerophagia - Why was I never warned of this!   
    This is a timely post for me. I also use a CPAP, but I haven't been compliant since my bypass. Now I'm starting to wonder if I should contact my doctor about recalculating my pressure before I try using it again.
    I'm sorry you had to experience what you did, but your rant possibly helped out someone else from going through something similar. THANK YOU!!!
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    Wendums got a reaction from Frustr8 in What's for dinner?   
    I'm still not able to have any meat yet, I think it starts in the next stage for me, things like tuna. But the other day I made the best veggie dish. Maybe I was so deprived of home cooking that it felt like the best veggie dish I ever tasted, but it was good
    3 med zucchini's - sliced med thin
    2 med tomatoes - wedges about 8-12 per tomato
    olive oil cooking spray

    Place zucchini in pan and lightly spray with olive oil. Then add Tomato wedges, add salt and pepper to taste (I like it heavy on the pepper). Cover and simmer until desired tenderness.
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    Wendums got a reaction from rs in Trust (potentially) Broken   
    "She has mentioned before about how this is a short cut or that i have an advantage to being able to lose weight etc"

    This is exactly how I looked at WLS before I considered it. Yah, I was dumb! It amazes me how often it's thought of as some sort of cheat! Haha like it's all one big competition. Well hopefully she will come to the realization that this surgery is a good thing for you and is helping you change your life.

    Always remember that this surgery was right for you, and don't let anyone EVER take your success away from you.

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