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  1. Aerophagia is what it's called. When air enters the esophagus and goes into the belly during sleep from too high of a pressure from a CPAP machine. My Bariatric Dr. knew I used a CPAP, and my sleep Dr. knew that I was having Bariatric surgery. Neither of them ever mentioned to me that this is a thing. Well about 2 weeks post-op, after I had lost about 40lbs total, my body getting leaner, the high pressure of my machine started pushing air into my new tiny belly while I slept. After a couple of days waking up to a full belly of air, I started looking online for answers, It was on a Saturday, so I would have to wait till Monday to call the dr. and find out what could be done. They lowered my pressure and it stopped doing this, but I fear it messed up my new stomach a little. And I think the amount it takes to satisfy me is a direct result of this. There's no going back from this now, so I'm just leaving my rant here, and moving on with my plan, and knowing that even though I may be able to eat a bit more than the suggested 4oz max at a meal right now, It's by far less than the overfilled plates that I could put away prior to surgery. 😕
  2. Wendums

    Crystal Light Rustrations

    I ❤️ Crystal Light with caffeine . Livin on the edge!
  3. Wendums

    Questions for all of you that are post-op!!!

    Haha that's funny you said that. Today was my 3 month post-op appointment, and guess what they wanted.. blood!
  4. I bought a loaf from Mama Jeans health food store, because I was craving a sandwich. On my first try eating it I was disgusted. It had this kind of explainable tang to it. Then I did some poking around online and found out that it should be toasted first for best results. OMG! I have a new favorite food item. It's so much better toasted. So far I've made it with "peanut butter & banana" and "avocado, tomato, sprouts, & mustard". I'm in love after almost trashing it. And it has a crazy shelf life if you keep it zip-locked in the fridge. I was wondering if anyone else has tried it yet? If you like it? And what you top it with? (open face and only half a slice of course). <<< it's too big to eat a whole slice, I use only half a slice.
  5. Wendums

    Questions for all of you that are post-op!!!

    Congrats on your approval! 1) I started taking pills right away. Never had any problems with them. Your physician should be able to tell you when to start taking them. They do tend to fill you up, be prepared for that. 2) Once I was approved for surgery, I had one last office visit, they took my blood for something, can't remember what for. Then gave me a surgery date at that appointment. Everything else that was required was done before insurance approval. 3) It's a struggle at first after surgery, especially having such a strange diet compared to everyone else in the house. But hang in there, it gets so much easier to manage after month two. It starts becoming second nature, and you don't have to think about every little thing about your diet so closely. The real change comes when the weight starts dropping. You'll be able to do everyday things again that the weight has made a struggle. I've only come down 75lbs so far, and I'm already feeling like a new person..
  6. Sorry for not responding sooner. I actually was new to the cpap and just contacted my sleep doctor. I think the pcp can help you get referred to one. They didn't do another study, just lowered the pressure and it stopped. But due to the amount of weight I'm losing she said I may need to have another study done if it starts happening again.. Hope you figured it all out, my post is late. Yikes, that's a scary thought. I hope not.
  7. My two week pre-op liquid diet started Christmas eve last year. That was hard... lol
  8. Wendums

    Hair loss

    My hair started falling out years ago. I think my hormones have been so imbalanced from the weight, I would find my hair everywhere but on my head. I don't see it all over anymore and my hair has actually gotten a little thicker since I started losing weight pre-surgery, I even have baby hairs standing where my part is now. But reading this post I'm getting a bit freaked out, I hope I don't start losing it again, I'm 3 mos post op right now. 😧
  9. Just the thought of eggs makes me nauseous. I had a bad experience in month 2 with them and don't know if I'll ever get myself to try again. I get my protein from about half shakes and half food now. I hate protein shakes, but I manage one every morning, I've made it a routine. Wish I could just gulp it down and be done with it, but nope, gotta sip sip sip it.. ew
  10. Wendums

    OK to be OK?

    HaHA... I had the same issue, I was even wondering if maybe they didn't make my pouch small enough because I couldn't feel it very well when I had enough. Ive noticed the softer the food, the less I feel it and the more of it I can eat, I think it slides through easier. The denser the food the less I can eat and the longer it just sits there in my pouch. Hang in there and just follow your plan, it's doing it's job even though it may not feel like it sometimes.
  11. Wendums

    Hardest part

    I'm 3 mos post op, and still struggle to reach water and protein goals. I just forget to drink, and I'm so sick of protein shakes at this point it's not even funny (although I do manage a premier shake each morning). I also miss being able to eat all I want. Not that I want to go back to doing it, I just miss it sometimes. Like I went to a Mexican restaurant the other day. I nibbled on the chips and salsa, trying not to overdo it for my main coarse, when it came (pork smothered in green sauce/chili verde, beans & rice) I couldn't even get through 2oz. of the plate before I was stuffed. Meat is so dense I can't eat very much of it. The guy kept coming over and asking me if my food was good, if it was ok, because I didn't eat much of it. OMG I wanted to tear into it sooo bad. Those are the moments I miss eating like a fat girl. And then I come back to my senses and realize I'm one of the lucky ones that has received this gift of living my best life. ❤️
  12. Wendums

    Fitness Bread... Yea or Nay?

    I'll have to see what other flavors they have. I haven't had pumpernickel bread since I was a kid. As far as the flavor, its just overwhelming, kind of vinegary if it's not toasted. But toasting it took care of that issue, and it's pretty good.
  13. Wendums

    3 months in and first dumping

    I thought the same thing. I eat soy sauce and sriracha in my broth sometimes and never had it trigger. But you never know what's gonna effect people in different ways..
  14. I think just cutting back to a 1000 calorie diet sounds harder than the 2 week liquid pre op I was made to do (I'm kinda all or nothing). Your diet seems like it would need a lot of will power while limiting real food intake. What kept me on point pre op was the fear of doing anything to mess up my surgery from happening. Do your best, wish I had some tips for you, but I would be struggling just like you. Just know that after surgery you'll be lucky to take in 600 cal a day, that includes protein shakes. Something to look forward to. Stay strong, you can do this.
  15. Wendums

    Surgery date

    Congrats on your date! 🌟🎉
  16. Wendums


    Click on your "name" at top> then mysurgery> then progress (on left side of page)> then update the field for current weight. If you do this your ticker will update too. It took me a while to figure this out the other day... lol
  17. Wendums

    Food Stuck ~help

    I'm in week 6 and I still cannot handle eggs or chicken. Maybe it's what you're trying to eat right now.. Hope it gets better for you.
  18. I just wore the same sweats to and from. But I wish that I would have packed a robe, You'll be expected to walk around the hallway after surgery. Cell phone charger, wound up using that. They supplied me with socks even though I packed some. I packed fresh undergarments and a tank top for the trip home. I wore my hair in a ponytail the whole time and didn't shower until I got home the next day. I took my cpap machine and used it. Forgot my pillow, but the hospital let me use as many as I wanted, I had them behind me and on both sides of me. I basically went into low maintenance for my stay, I just wanted to rest and recover and go home.
  19. Wendums

    Liver shrink

    One of the tuffest things you'll ever do, hang in there and keep to it, you can do this
  20. Wendums

    Portion Sizes

    For me it wasn't until the more solid stage that I started to feel my stomach signs of fullness. The more solid the food, the more I feel it. I had never gotten that omg I may have eaten too much feeling until the food was pretty solid and dense. When I eat things like soup and yogurt and cottage cheese, etc I just don't feel full when I have the recommended 4oz. That is what my plan portion is so I serve myself that. My nutritionist said it's ok to have a snack between meals so I'll have an orange or an apple or a pickle or something an hour or so later, I can usually feel that and it helps my head hunger a bit. Hang in there, if the soft food doesn't do much for you like me, the more solid food almost certainly will. Right now you're training your stomach to eat again, and it sucks that some of us don't feel it as easy as others do, but as you progress in stages you will feel it a little more. The important thing is to 1> get in your protein. 2> stick to recommended portion size and allowed foods the best you can. You'll be glad that you did.
  21. Wendums

    Portion Sizes

    Hello... I'm 6 weeks post op, and I've noticed some people struggle with portions while others don't. Some can eat 2 bites and be done, wish that were my case, but I have to watch how many ounces I eat at a setting so that I don't overdo it. The softer the food it seems, the more I can eat. Soups I can eat 6oz easy, while meat only about 2oz. The best thing that you can do for yourself is to try and limit your servings, and stay within the guidelines that you were given. Best of luck, it gets easier with time, I struggled a lot with this at first while introducing solids back into my diet.
  22. Wendums

    Iron Deficient?

    Is there a public health clinic in your area, you may want to see if you can get your iron checked if you're worried it's low. Some of them let you pay for labs on a sliding fee. I am susceptible to low Iron and am required to take a supplement of 65mg Iron on top of what my bariatric vitamins have. If you you decide to just try this on your own, make sure that you take Calcium Citrate also to help the Iron absorb, this needs to be taken at least an hour apart from the Iron or it cancels it out. Good Luck and I hope you feel better.
  23. Wendums

    Pre Op Diet

    I was tired the first week too on my pre op diet. It gets better, I think your body has to adjust to running on less calories maybe. That's what I told myself anyways lol