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    Lynnlovesthebeach got a reaction from catwoman7 in Regrets ?   
    Regrets about having had WLS? Absolutely none!
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    Lynnlovesthebeach got a reaction from catwoman7 in Regrets ?   
    Regrets about having had WLS? Absolutely none!
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    Lynnlovesthebeach got a reaction from catwoman7 in Regrets ?   
    Regrets about having had WLS? Absolutely none!
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    Lynnlovesthebeach got a reaction from catwoman7 in Regrets ?   
    Regrets about having had WLS? Absolutely none!
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    Lynnlovesthebeach got a reaction from LaTiaV in Just not feeling it   
    I'm 3 1/2 + yrs post gastric bypass and I don't have much interest in food. I don't care about cooking it or eating it most days. I live alone so boring stuff like salads or yogurt or Soup work just fine for me. When I go out to restaurants I usually order so I have leftovers for another day. I'm so glad Whole Foods reopened their hot food bars. I go there and shop for a couple days at a time and then I don't have to cook.
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    Lynnlovesthebeach got a reaction from lizonaplane in Regrets...anyone?   
    I'm 3 1/2 yrs post gastric bypass. Lost more than I ever dreamed I'd lose. I'm maintaining at 105 lbs. I wear a size 2P. I've had 5 surgeries in the last 3 1/2 yrs-gastric bypass, hip replacement and 3 plastic surgeries for skin removal. No complications. I'd do it all again today! Absolutely no regrets!
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    Lynnlovesthebeach reacted to ms.sss in Weirdest None-Scale-Victory - I'll go first   
    I got a new one: not feeling that sense of dread stepping on the scale, which i realized this morning.
    I have been remiss on my daily weigh-ins lately and each time i get on after a bit of a sabbatical, the number has been pretty much the same as its always been.
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    Lynnlovesthebeach reacted to ms.sss in Regrets...anyone?   
    Im gonna go out on a limb here and respectfully disagree. In my lowly opinion, WLS is NOT the cure to mental health problems (in fact, i’d go so far to say it’s probably better to get a handle - or have a plan in place - to deal with one’s mental issues before starting the road to WLS. WLS is a tool for weight loss, nothing more…
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    Lynnlovesthebeach got a reaction from liveaboard15 in Post Op Stomach Injections   
    Not everyone has to take injections at home. My doctor prescribed Eliquis which is taken by mouth. Even in the hospital, once I was up walking around, they stopped the injections and gave me the oral meds.
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    Lynnlovesthebeach got a reaction from SleeveDiva2022 in Protein shake   
    And the vanilla tastes like a milkshake! These are my favorite! I have one every morning!
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    Lynnlovesthebeach got a reaction from Mariann812 in RNY peeps weightloss   
    I didn't really have an exact goal when I started. At my first surgeon visit he told me he thought I could get to 140. He asked me what my goal was and I told him I wasn't sure but once I got to 140 then we'd figure it out. It had been so long since I weighed that and it seemed so far away. At my first post op visit he said he thought I could get to 130. I said ok, I'll shoot for that and we'll reassess then. I reached that in 9 months. I told him since I only needed 7 more pounds to be a normal BMI, I was going to shoot for that. I told him I didn't come that far just to still be "overweight." He told me not to lose too much or I'd look sick. A friend of mine that had WLS told me "your body will figure it out. You'll stop losing when you body is done." It took me 2 more months to reach 123 but apparently my body wasn't done. I finally stopped losing at 108 lbs. And that is an appropriate weight for me because I'm only 4'11." I don't know why but this week I'm weighing in the106 range. I'm not trying to lose more. I think as long as I'm 110 or less I'm good. I'll be 3 yrs post op next month and I don't look sick...I look normal.
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    Lynnlovesthebeach reacted to pssk in My tummy tuck experience   
    Tummy Tuck (included muscle repair no lipo) on 1/19/22
    I am 2 weeks PO tomorrow

    The good:
    I felt the pain was less than I imagined. I felt sore (and still do slightly) of course but it was far less than I anticipated.
    The horrible pouch, AKA Joey, is GONE! What a relief! Good riddance to Joey!
    At my appointment yesterday I was told I am healing VERY fast and ahead of the curve. They said I look more like 4+ weeks. Everything looks good!
    I’m pleased already with my results even with the above the suture line swelling mid line.

    The bad:
    Constipation experience 2-3 days post op (I’ve blocked it out). I won’t get graphic but dear lord this was not good! The pain of this while being sore and stitched up was horrible! Yes, I took all the stuff yo prevent this. However, each time I get surgery this happens to me! I’d rather give birth!
    The drains…. I knew I would hate them and I did. One drain leaked from the site for 7 days. Once that was removed it helped a lot. The second drain (non leaker) was just removed yesterday so I am feeling like a human!
    Indigestion and gas have been an issue. It is quite unpleasant to be bloated with when you are stitched up.

    You need a person to help the first few days for sure. Changing dressings, emptying drains initially would have been impossible for me if I didn’t have my husband. Don’t try this alone!
    Get a recliner. We already had an electric one so it helped me a lot. I sleep in it and don’t think I could possibly sleep anywhere else as I am NOT normally a back sleeper. The recliner helps adjust your position so you can find the sweet spot where you don’t hurt.
    Drink lots of fluids and eat foods that do not create gas.
    Be kind to yourself. If you are like me, you have wanted this surgery for a long time. Don’t try to do too much so that you cause a complication.
    Have a firm pillow at hand so you can press on your tummy when trying to get up in the beginning or sneezing/coughing (ugh).

    I hope this helps someone. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

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    Lynnlovesthebeach reacted to Sophie7713 in Food Before and After Photos   
    Really value and appreciate what each of you have said here. Thank you for your perspectives! I balance and evaluate the nutrition, how clothing fits/the mirror and how I feel. I, too, could not maintain the lowest weight at 113. Unrealistic. I was too gaunt. Then, it was 118. Then, 122. I feel my best at 125 pounds. Very realistic. However, when it began to creep up to 130 this winter (adjusting to a new climate) - that was unacceptable! Sooooo a combination of re-grouping my strategy, getting back to a regular routine after many major life changes along with intermittent fasting - this week, I'm at 128. I do look forward to working on the remaining 3 pounds by the end of the month. I know this is not the fashion post - but I believe it is good to remind ourselves, like Silly Kitty said - the mirror speaks volumes. Another very important tool to our health and well being. We all know some fluctuations are normal. But aren't you glad our conversation with ourselves has changed? And, we do care now. Not obsess, just vigilant. I went for years before my sleeve tool - once allowing my weight to pile on and upwards to 298! I am so proud of all of us that we can dialogue and have this honest conversation. This week at 128. I never dreamed I'd ever wear stretch pants, wear tall slender boots and a belted jacket... It just spurs me on to reach my 125 goal in a healthful and satisfying manner. Red cabbage and date salad tonight.

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    Lynnlovesthebeach reacted to GreenTealael in Food Before and After Photos   
    My surgeon and Smoking hot PA also warned about years 3-5 where weight gain usually start. They just wanted me to know to be prepared. It helped to know what could happen so I could try to limit the amount. But they also warned me that almost no one stays at their lowest weight after WLS so not to chase it. That help much more.
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    Lynnlovesthebeach reacted to sillykitty in Food Before and After Photos   
    Hi! 😀 Long time no see everyone!
    I don't post much, but I had to chime in and agree with this. I'm up 20 lbs from my lowest weight. At first I was scared. I mean, we've all lost weight, just to gain it all back again, right? But then, as @ms.sss said, I realized that I'm in control of this. I could IF, count my calories, and drop weight, it was totally within my power.
    Then I had a second realization. Not all weight gain is bad! I objectively look better at the top of a healthy BMI, at the bottom of an overweight BMI. My face looks my youthful. My arms and inner thighs lost most of their crepey-ness. My breast are bigger. I have thicker thighs and hips, and a juicier butt.
    Long story short, I'm glad I didn't panic at my weight gain. I loved seeing that low 120's number on the scale. But I'm glad I got over that, because it's more important what I see in the mirror.
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    Lynnlovesthebeach reacted to ms.sss in Food Before and After Photos   
    Ladies, you probably already know this, but i’ll say it anyway for the benefit of anyone else reading this: being afraid does nothing for you, especially for something you have some sort of control over. You are prime examples of weight loss success and YOU did this yourselves.
    As we all know, weight doesn’t come back on by itself. Its the result of lifestyle choices given your current situation. Yeah, it may be a little more difficult to maintain a certain weight and require more effort than previously expensed as time goes on, but you already know how to do it (and are doing it presently). Don’t be afraid of doing what you’ve already been doing!

    P.S. further, you may find that any further weight gained or lost is just fine with you and not worth the effort to change.
    P.P.S. Or you may just stay they same with no changes at all!
    Bottom line…being scared is a waste of time and energy that could be better utilized for funner stuff lol. But yeah, i know, easier said.
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    Lynnlovesthebeach reacted to Sophie7713 in Food Before and After Photos   
    I seem to have the opposite problem lately. When I am home - I feel like I'm in a more controlled environment. All the drinks are prepared and made a head of time, Vitamins on the counter, healthy choices in the refrigerator. It's when I go out that I can get in trouble... Very little I eat out satisfies me anymore (just too much oil, butter, salt, sugar, fried, powder sugar dusted even on chicken - over embellished dishes even when you ask them to leave off the salt!) So easily detected, now that I have been pretty clean for three years now - So, I end up not eating anything and crave a dessert or treat on the menu to compensate. Florida dining definitely had better choices out than here in South Carolina. We have really scaled back on eating out here. ;[

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    Lynnlovesthebeach reacted to GreenTealael in Food Before and After Photos   
    Teriyaki (turkey) meatballs 😍
    I had a serving or 1/3 the amount tracked (6 pieces: ~206 cal, 15g Protein, 12g of net carbs)

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    Lynnlovesthebeach reacted to GreenTealael in Food Before and After Photos   
    I made two last week!

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    Lynnlovesthebeach reacted to ms.sss in Food Before and After Photos   
    Spent the morning making homemade Empanadas (54 of them to be exact!)…and now am enjoying the fruits of my labour
    Ate one (so yum if I say so myself): 144 calories

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    Lynnlovesthebeach reacted to Kris77 in Food Before and After Photos   
    Hey!! It looks yummy! Do you work outside your home? If you don’t work or work from home maybe set an alarm on your phone to remind you it’s time to eat something.
    For me, I work in a hospital so we have to go to lunch(by law) so it’s hard to forget when you go to a breakroom w everyone eating.
    But anyways maybe setting an alarm will help you remember😊
    I 💛salads! I eat one everyday for lunch and sometimes dinner too!!
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    Lynnlovesthebeach got a reaction from GreenTealael in Food Before and After Photos   
    Yogurt is always a thing for me...I eat it every day>
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    Lynnlovesthebeach reacted to pssk in TT next month. Faja recommendations needed please.   
    Day 2 post Tummy Tuck. I’m sore but honestly feel better than I expected. Can’t wait for the drains to be out and then I’m sure I will feel normal. The results look good so far. No more folded roll hanging! Yeah!!
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    Lynnlovesthebeach reacted to GreenTealael in Food Before and After Photos   
    Is yogurt still a thing? Are we still doing yogurt?

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    Lynnlovesthebeach got a reaction from ClareLynn in Thigh Lift   
    Sorry it took me so long to answer you. I ended up having thighs, gluteal fold excision and revision of bilateral brachioplasty. I came home on Saturday. I’ve basically been laying on the couch, flat with my legs elevated. My incisions go from the front of my groin, all the way down past the lady parts and across the gluteal fold and then vertically down the middle of my thigh and 1/2 way across my knee- that was to help pull up the skin on my lower leg. He asked me if I wanted him to go that far and I said yes. I have 2 drains, one in each leg. Hope I get them out on Friday. I’m glad I did this when it’s cold because I have compression garments from wait to ankles and full length arms. I can’t believe I forgot to take a before picture. I know the doctor has some, I’ll ask him if I can have copies at some point. Pain has been well controlled. I’m impressed with how my thighs look but they are pretty bruised and swollen. I thought my arms looked ok before but they look even better now.

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