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  1. Lynnlovesthebeach

    Regrets ?

    Regrets about having had WLS? Absolutely none!
  2. Lynnlovesthebeach

    Fairlife Core Power 42 grams

    Walmart sells the single Core Power shakes. They are pretty expensive though. To me they taste sweeter than the Nutrition Plan shakes. I prefer the Nutrition Plan and have one almost every day.
  3. Lynnlovesthebeach

    Just not feeling it

    I'm 3 1/2 + yrs post gastric bypass and I don't have much interest in food. I don't care about cooking it or eating it most days. I live alone so boring stuff like salads or yogurt or soup work just fine for me. When I go out to restaurants I usually order so I have leftovers for another day. I'm so glad Whole Foods reopened their hot food bars. I go there and shop for a couple days at a time and then I don't have to cook.
  4. Lynnlovesthebeach


    I'm 3 1/2 yrs post gastric bypass. Lost more than I ever dreamed I'd lose. I'm maintaining at 105 lbs. I wear a size 2P. I've had 5 surgeries in the last 3 1/2 yrs-gastric bypass, hip replacement and 3 plastic surgeries for skin removal. No complications. I'd do it all again today! Absolutely no regrets!
  5. Lynnlovesthebeach

    Post Op Stomach Injections

    Not everyone has to take injections at home. My doctor prescribed Eliquis which is taken by mouth. Even in the hospital, once I was up walking around, they stopped the injections and gave me the oral meds.
  6. When I had my TT I had the 360 so I had 4 drains, 2 came out at 3 weeks and the other 2 at 4 weeks. It is a pain in the butt but worth it because all that stuff that comes out would either come out your incision or make more swelling. Sounds like you are doing well. Isn't plastic surgery amazing?
  7. Lynnlovesthebeach

    Thigh Lift

    Right now they are so bruised and swollen, not sure you want to see that.
  8. Lynnlovesthebeach

    Food Before and After Photos

    Yogurt is always a thing for me...I eat it every day>
  9. Lynnlovesthebeach

    Thigh Lift

    Sorry it took me so long to answer you. I ended up having thighs, gluteal fold excision and revision of bilateral brachioplasty. I came home on Saturday. I’ve basically been laying on the couch, flat with my legs elevated. My incisions go from the front of my groin, all the way down past the lady parts and across the gluteal fold and then vertically down the middle of my thigh and 1/2 way across my knee- that was to help pull up the skin on my lower leg. He asked me if I wanted him to go that far and I said yes. I have 2 drains, one in each leg. Hope I get them out on Friday. I’m glad I did this when it’s cold because I have compression garments from wait to ankles and full length arms. I can’t believe I forgot to take a before picture. I know the doctor has some, I’ll ask him if I can have copies at some point. Pain has been well controlled. I’m impressed with how my thighs look but they are pretty bruised and swollen. I thought my arms looked ok before but they look even better now.
  10. Lynnlovesthebeach

    Thigh Lift

    Yes, it looks like they can lift and tuck almost everything if you don't mind a scar! I'm not sure why but they don't do lower legs. I think I'll offer myself as a "practice" body for my surgeon if he wants to develop a procedure for that! My surgeon is Fellowship trained in body contouring after massive weight loss...surely he can come up with something new!
  11. Lynnlovesthebeach

    Home Care Aide after Brachioplasty

    When I had my brachioplasty a year ago I also had a lower body lift at the same time. Before I went to the hospital I set my kitchen up so I wouldn't have to reach up or bend over. I borrowed my brother's countertop microwave because mine is over the stove. I also live alone. I got straws for my drinks because you can't bend your arms very much for the first couple of weeks. (My incisions went below the elbow, midway between the elbow and my wrist.) My brother came by daily for the first couple of weeks and brought me food, otherwise I ate easy stuff like yogurt, protein shakes, soup or stuff that didn't require anything other than the microwave. I really didn't feel the need for a full-time caretaker. The one thing that was uncomfortable for a long time though was driving, but I did it anyway! I didn't have drains in my arms but I did have 4 for my lower body lift and was able to manage those alone. Good luck with your surgery. I'm having my 3rd (and hopefully last) plastic surgery on Thursday. I'm getting my thighs done.
  12. Lynnlovesthebeach

    Thigh Lift

    It will be an incision down the inside of the thigh and the front of my leg in the fold and I'm also having a second procedure with an incision in the gluteal fold to remove excess skin in the lower butt. I'm taking 6 weeks off work for recovery, whether I need that long or not. I'm a nurse, walk several miles a day, and want to make sure I can do that before I go back.
  13. Lynnlovesthebeach

    Thigh Lift

    I'm scheduled to have my thigh lift on Jan 20. I'll let you know how it goes.
  14. I had 360 lower body lift in Aug 2020 along with brachioplasty. I used products from Marena for both areas. They are medical grade compression garments and recommended by my PS. They were expensive but worth it to me. I wasn't sure what size to order so I waited until after my surgery to figure that out. That worked out fine because I had drains on the lower half for a while and used "ACE" type bandages on my arms until I got my garments. Good luck with your surgery. I'll be having my 3rd and final round of plastics on Jan 20. I'll be having thigh lift and revision of a couple of scars from the previous surgeries.
  15. Lynnlovesthebeach

    Knee surgery

    Not knee surgery but I did have a total hip replacement 8 months after my gastric bypass. The ortho doc wouldn't do it until my BMI was less than 30. He said surgery would be safer and my recovery would be much easier. He was right! He was also impressed with my weight loss!
  16. Lynnlovesthebeach

    How spicy do you eat?

    When I was in the full liquids stage I told my doctor I was bored with eating soup all the time so I added some hot sauce to make it taste better. He yelled at me like I was a little kid and told me to hold off on the hot sauce until 3 months out because it could cause ulcers to my healing stomach. Now, I seem to be very sensitive to spicy foods, not my stomach but my tongue. Things I used to eat before are just too "hot" for me now.
  17. Lynnlovesthebeach


    My program allows coffee, up to 2 cups per day. Even though I'm a coffee addict I didn't want it the first 2 weeks post op.
  18. Lynnlovesthebeach

    For those who had skin removal surgery

    I've had 2 skin removal surgeries and I didn't ask if they had actually weighed the skin. It's really not that much, weight wise. We even discussed that while my doctor was marking me preop. He told me the people that lose several pounds of skin are the "My 600 lb life" people. My first surgery was a lower body lift and arms. My second was upper body lift. I'm having my 3rd surgery Jan 27, doing my thighs...that's the only place where there may actually be some fat to remove along with the skin.
  19. Lynnlovesthebeach


    Not after my gastric bypass but I did have 4 after my first plastic surgery and 2 after my second plastics.
  20. Lynnlovesthebeach

    Headaches after Bypass Surgery

    Dehydration can cause headaches. How is your fluid intake?
  21. Lynnlovesthebeach

    Will the cold ever end?

    If it were 70 degrees in my house I'd be freezing! I keep mine at 77. I definitely have lost my insulation! I have to wear extra clothing at work or I'd freeze. I'm 3 yrs post op so I don't expect itl to get better.
  22. Lynnlovesthebeach

    Weirdest None-Scale-Victory - I'll go first

    Although I've been sewing since I was in 8th grade, I signed up for a class at a local sewing shop. We are all making the same top. We are using a "multi-size" pattern. It was interesting hearing others discuss what size they needed to cut their pattern even if it was a large size because I know 3 years ago I never would of told anyone what size I was! This time I was the smallest person in the room and had no problem discussing my size! That was definitely a NSV for me!
  23. You should call local hospitals and ask them. The one I went to before Covid had people that had surgery elsewhere. Now it's been virtual for a while.
  24. Lynnlovesthebeach

    What do you consider "Starting Weight"?

    I use the weight I was on my first surgeon visit as my starting weight but my actual highest recorded weight was 13 lbs higher a couple of years earlier.
  25. Lynnlovesthebeach


    I'd definitely round up to 5'5"! Every little bit helps! I think I may be the shortest person here at 4"11"!

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