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    Pearldrop reacted to sdcheesehead in Summer 2018 Surgery Buddies: POST-OP Discussion   
    Finally home sweet home. Just weighed myself and yay gas weight (not), but not worried about it. Add into that the Water weight from the IV. Gained 6 lbs, but sure it'll go down once I get rid of all this gas and water weight. Overall happy with everything. 
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    Pearldrop reacted to Lmcdooley in Summer 2018 Surgery Buddies: POST-OP Discussion   
    Bypass was on July 2... doing well but pretty uncomfortable was drinking to much to fast. So hopefully the adjustments will do the trick. Suffering from shoulder discomfort and headaches... but I am sure I will get through.
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    Pearldrop reacted to Ylime in Summer 2018 Surgery Buddies: POST-OP Discussion   
    A continuation of our Summer 2018 Check-In thread...
    Welcome all Summer 2018 Surgery Post-Op Patients! As we make our way into the Post-Op zone, let’s carry on the conversation and support.
    Everyone is welcome, if you had surgery in the summer of 2018 jump right in!
    The Ponies applaud your Post-Op Arrival!

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    Pearldrop reacted to ALFxRNY in June 2018 losers bench   
    I had gastric bypass surgery on June 28th and actually GAINED 10lbs post op. So I’ve been working on getting rid of the gas weight. Lost 5 of the 10lbs gained from surgery. I’ve been doing okay with liquids. Finally got 60g of Protein in today so I was proud of that. This is definitely a process but I think I’m doing great with it so far. Can’t wait to see myself getting healthier and fitter
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    Pearldrop reacted to sillykitty in SMH   
    The questions about stalls just absolutely kill me. Have they never been on a diet before? Is their expectation really to lose massive amounts every. single. day.? Have they not read the forum at all where every other post is about a stall?
    I get it, stalls are frustrating. In fact this week I managed to gain. But I can't deal with the level of panic.
    Why is the big picture so hard?
    Why focus on this?

    Instead of this?

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    Pearldrop reacted to AK37 in Cleared out my kitchen   
    Best of luck to you, newmebithebypass.
    For myself, I'm trying to commit to a lifestyle change. All my baking helped put me where I am today. Getting surgery is a one-shot deal and I want to give myself the best chance at success.
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    Pearldrop reacted to AK37 in Cleared out my kitchen   
    I have been an avid baker and cook my whole life. This morning I went through my kitchen a gathered all of my baking ingredients and sweets; tons of chocolate chips, sugars, lard, shortening, condensed milk, etc and put it all in a storage bin. I couldn't bring myself to get rid of it so I put it out of sight in the basement. Just now, I threw it all out. It was liberating. I remember years ago I burned my ex's love letters that I had held on to for years, after that I was able to finally move on. It felt good getting rid of that food myself, like an alcoholic clearing out their liquor cabinet on the path to a new start.
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    Pearldrop reacted to Creekimp13 in Cleared out my kitchen   
    It's funny how different people have different processes for this stuff.
    I take weird comfort looking at the chocolate chips in my pantry...knowing they're there and knowing I have the willpower not to eat them...makes me feel weirdly in control. I still have baking stuff. Baking stuff doesn't mess with my head. BUT....
    I GET where you're at with this, too.
    Just the other day I flushed an entire bag of cinnamon imperials down the toilet. (those weird little red-hot candies). Found them in my husband's pocket doing laundry. At first I tried to pretend they weren't in the house....but I had a couple, then a couple more...the third time I found myself staring at them I had the..."what in hell am I thinking?" moment. I flushed them before I ate all 6 ounces or pure sugar. LOL.
    Why do I like them so damned much? Who knows. But they're my kryponite. Chocolate chips I can resist. Cinnamon candies sing to me. So the little bastards had to go.
    We do what we must:)
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    Pearldrop reacted to sillykitty in Hair loss   
    I have kept up my Protein, Water, supplements, and I'm in the middle of some pretty extreme Hair loss right now at 4 1/2 months. So I'm not sure what else I could have done to prevent it.
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    Pearldrop reacted to sillykitty in Rate your recovery   
    Using a drain tube is uncommon in the states. Lots of us here had very successful surgeries without any complications without a drain tube. I'm glad I didn't have one, my incisions were glued shut and dry, and healed quickly. There shouldn't be any puss, if there is that is a far bigger problem.
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    Pearldrop reacted to Dawn Rae in Rate your recovery   
    Urgh, same! When I was given my surgery date last year I was hoping I wouldn't get one - me being in the states and all that. My fiance lifted up my gown when I asked how many incisions I had and I almost burst into tears when I was told I had a drain tube. Though I think that was mostly the pain medicine's doing lmao.
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    Pearldrop got a reaction from JamesGator in I really messed up on pre diet   
    Ok, take a deep breathe and forgive yourself as you would a friend.
    I think, regardless of when you have the surgery, you need to talk with a therapist to work through some of your triggers for post/long term success.
    Start your fluids and Protein and steer clear of your triggers. This phase is super hard, I’m so glad mine is over, I struggled really badly. cheese was my weakness.

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    Pearldrop reacted to Dawn Rae in Rate your recovery   
    This too. Only for me, instead of a pain it was more of an uncomfortable tugging on the inside. It was weird, man, and I was not a fan lmao. But if given the choice, I'd definitely have the surgery again - drain tube and all.
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    Pearldrop reacted to Dawn Rae in Rate your recovery   
    It's a small tube that suctions out what's left over from the surgery. It's usually hanging out of your stomach and is stitched to your side. After about a week they pull it out. Mine stayed in for a week, anyway.
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    Pearldrop got a reaction from magpie26 in What's your non-scale victory?   
    I’m down a bra size which is awesome. My new size feels so much better
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    Pearldrop reacted to Saddy in Not a kilo lost through Gastric Sleeve :(   
    Sleeved36. I take what you have said on board. I don’t really want to do this surgery however it’s how you feel in your skin. I’m trying again as we speak. Thank you for your feedback. I’m not taking it as a negative, I’m looking for responses with people who have had this surgery. :)
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    Pearldrop reacted to Saddy in Not a kilo lost through Gastric Sleeve :(   
    Bajansleeve, thank you. I think no matter what size one is at, there are those insecurities and you’re right, there is that aha moment. And I’m there. I have 13kg to lose and I just need to do it. The doctor believes I have a hormone imbalance. I think he did the surgery and thought, ‘hmm she’s not big enough’ and took less out. It’s left me with chronic GERD which I’ve never had. I don’t even have to eat anything to get it and it comes on strong when I don’t eat or feel hungry. That hunger comes back 20 mins after I’ve eaten a full meal and I try discipline myself but then cave in. Together with doing 14 hour shifts and I’m quite active at work, my habits will always change. And not for the better. So yes. That calorie allowance can go out the window. Oh. And I can eat a full meal like everyone else. Where’s my sleeve? Lol.
    I hope things are working the way you want them too. Again, thank you.
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    Pearldrop reacted to Oceanlove in Eating everything in moderation   
    Oh my, note to self avoid dumping at all costs. Yikes, that sounds horrifying.
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    Pearldrop reacted to Orchids&Dragons in Eating everything in moderation   
    I had Thai green curry (my absolute favorite) over the weekend. No rice, just ate it like a Soup. The one small bowl made 2 meals for me and they were DELISH!
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    Pearldrop reacted to TakingABreak in Eating everything in moderation   
    Some people might scold me, but I still sauce things, especially meats. I use sugar free BBQ Sauce, low fat ranch, low sodium gravy, A-1 sauce, ect. It helps get the meats down. I say as long as you measure and include it in your calorie/fat intake for the day, its worth a shot.
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    Pearldrop reacted to soph504 in Guess how much my surgeon's office wanted to charge my insurance?   
    This reminds me of the story about a hospital bill for giving birth where the husband was charged $20 to hold HIS baby 😂
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    Pearldrop reacted to Missouri-Lee's Summit in Fever, pain & vomiting . IM OVER it   
    @MN_Meg770. Be sure to let your mother know how much her support means to you. Your comment about your mother checking in on you -- as if she were still in the hospital with you -- was a sweet thing to say. Share that with your mother, too.
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    Pearldrop reacted to niaaBoogie in Fever, pain & vomiting . IM OVER it   
    Yess ! Omg you are spot on. I’m definitely glad i chose to go to emergency and stay there because there’s no telling what would’ve happened if I’d gone home like i wanted to. I only waited roughly 30- 45 mins to be seen in triage then i had to wait to be brought back Bc their ED was pretty full. I was honestly pretty afraid of what they would say considering i hadn’t thrown up in their presence until I’d been brought back to a room. I was happy to see that they were able to see what was going on with me via the blood tests and Urine test that were done . Even though i could barely produce any urine since i was so dehydrated. I always get paranoid when coming to ED Bc I’ve seen first hand working in a hospital how things can be brushed off , or because you aren’t physically ill in their faces that there isn’t anything wrong . You know ?
    As for my mom.. I am super thankful for her support. Unfortunately she has to work so i haven’t been able to see her too much since I’ve been admitted but she still checks on m as if she were still here.
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    Pearldrop reacted to Shalainna in Summer 2018 Surgery Buddies: POST-OP Discussion   
    To be honest I cheated today. I ate the noodles in the chicken noodle Soup, I know I shouldn’t have though and my body regretted it very soon after but I want to chew actual food too. I’m so dang tired of PROTEIN😩
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    Pearldrop reacted to Diva302 in Summer 2018 Surgery Buddies: POST-OP Discussion   
    I had a leak, at the anastomoses of esophagus and duodenum, everything I sipped or swallowed went into the abdominal cavity and I had to have a second surgery 3 days later to washout the abdomen and fix the leak, an exploratory laparotomy, and ended with 5 drains, 2 which drained abscesses and a NG tube, antibiotics for the infections... I did the research and understood DS may have great results at weight loss, but higher % of complications compared to other WLS...like the loose stools and gas..I’m still on antibiotics but feeing better each day!