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  1. @Healthy_life2 has the right of it! Cooking healthy, nutritional meals doesn't have to be time consuming. It does take a bit of preplanning. My husband and I struggled with this too. Both working long hours away from home, it was just so much easier to pick up a pizza instead of cooking at home. However years of this has taken it's toll, and my size 24s started getting real tight, and my husband was not far behind. Now we preplan. I am making sheet pan (roasted chicken + veggies for the family with plenty left over. However I roast 6 breasts, use 3 for dinner for my family of 4, and use the other 3 for different things. Like chopping up and putting in salad for the next day's lunch. Turning another one into chicken salad with greek yogurt and dried cranberries. And turning the last one into a caprese salad because mozzarella is amazing. There are so many shortcuts, so many easy ways to make prep quick and painless!
  2. Kay07


    Exercise is very different for lots of folks. For example, as soon as I started running the weight literally MELTED right off me. A friend of mine ran and ran and ran, and nada. As soon as she added weights in, it kicked started her loss.
  3. Guys... Gals... after the LONGEST mother cracking stall ever... I hit my goal of 175. Exceeded it actually :) I weighed in this morning at 172.2!!!! Hellllll yeah! 2019 is going to be a good year I just know it! I’ll do a more in depth post later with my intake and what not but this is good for now 😊 Happy New Year folks!
  4. The last time I bought something from Express, the sales clerk said "Here is your gift receipt" because clearly I couldn't fit into their clothes. (And no, I didn't ask for one.)

    Today, I bought 2 shirts in a size large and got a "This color is going to look amazing on you."

    Why hello cloud 9, how are you?

    1. FluffyChix


      See I would think you'd be in a Medium. You look TINY!!!! Congrats girlie!!! Living well=best revenge. :D

  5. This is some seriously awesome feelings right here! GO YOU! Super happy for you. Give yourself a high five from me ❤️
  6. Kay07

    Tips Needed Please

    Hi there! So I struggled with this too. My family is kind of a jump in before it's gone type of family, and I kid you not everyone is usually done eating less than 10 minutes at the table. Crazy. I could never do the whole timer thing. I felt like it forced 30 minutes of my life to be dedicated solely and completely to food. So instead of practice mindful tactics. In between each bite, I PUT DOWN my utensil. That simple thing slowed my consumption down significantly. It also gave me time to chat and talk with the people at my table. When I'm alone, it gives me a moment to think about something else. It becomes a relaxing time instead of "Did I chew 32 times for optimal time allotment?" or "Is my pouch too full, what serving size will fill the space?" I guess it seems kind of simple, but it really worked for me.
  7. Kay07

    Confronting the "mean girls"

    I totally think you should take this as a compliment. Think of it this way: you are rocking it so hard that people are taking time out of their day to think and talk about you. And let's be honest there is probably a little bit of jealousy added in there 😜 Let that put a spring in your step and make you smile bigger!
  8. Kay07

    Hard to focus on positive

    Agreed with Margo! Each day gets easier. When it feels overwhelming, just remember that it's DOWNHILL from here on out. A few months from now you're going to look back and see the road you traveled and the progress you made, and feel a huge sense of achievement. You are one day closer to healthy ❤️
  9. Kay07

    Loving Life Again

    Thank you so much! Congrats on your recent surgery! I hope you are feeling well? And in a few months, people will be eyeing your stats wishing and praying to see the same success So keep going!
  10. Kay07

    Loving Life Again

    OMG you just made my night! I am super self conscious about them since I'm losing my hair and my eyebrows were really impacted the past year. I love you so much right now! Thanks for the support everyone! I am proud to be a member here, and hope that my story can help others make their decision. I want people to look in the mirror and smile because damn healthy and happy looks good on them! Stay strong during the holidays, and let's barge into 2019 looking great and FEELING even better
  11. I’ve noticed a bit of a morbid trend in the forums lately and wanted to pipe up. This decision is the best decision I have ever made for myself. I am happier in my own skin in a way I can’t remember ever being. I’ve lost about 125lb minimum since thanksgiving 2017 (too ashamed to step on a scale but easily over 300lbs). Now I’m 7 months out and god even at the most painful point in my recovery did I doubt my decision. This changed my life. I will forever be grateful I had the strength to go through with it. So newbies and pre-surgers.... make the decision if it’s right for you and don’t let fear dictate your choice! (Old Photos: December 21st and 23rd, 2017, new photos: December 15, 2018)
  12. Kay07

    I'm so COLD!

    I am the same!!! I am down pretty much close to 120-125lbs from where I was this time last year and I’m constantly freezing! My hands are like freaking icicles.
  13. Thank you! Yes I keep it buzzed to a 3. It provides a little bit of hair for the grips to stick to but not enough for it to bulk. It has made a tremendous difference in how I feel about myself. I surfed wig sites for a good year before I bit the bullet. I love it now but it took me a while to get used to it. I was so used to seeing myself with thin hair that going to the thickness of a wig or topper made me feel like a charlatan. But I’ve gotten over that 😉