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  1. @Healthy_life2 has the right of it! Cooking healthy, nutritional meals doesn't have to be time consuming. It does take a bit of preplanning. My husband and I struggled with this too. Both working long hours away from home, it was just so much easier to pick up a pizza instead of cooking at home. However years of this has taken it's toll, and my size 24s started getting real tight, and my husband was not far behind. Now we preplan. I am making sheet pan (roasted chicken + veggies for the family with plenty left over. However I roast 6 breasts, use 3 for dinner for my family of 4, and use the other 3 for different things. Like chopping up and putting in salad for the next day's lunch. Turning another one into chicken salad with greek yogurt and dried cranberries. And turning the last one into a caprese salad because mozzarella is amazing. There are so many shortcuts, so many easy ways to make prep quick and painless!
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    Exercise is very different for lots of folks. For example, as soon as I started running the weight literally MELTED right off me. A friend of mine ran and ran and ran, and nada. As soon as she added weights in, it kicked started her loss.
  3. Hi ladies, So I was hoping to start an open thread about how you feel as you lose the weight. I mean this to target how you personally feel about yourself and not necessarily health wise. I’ll preface this with the truth that my husband and I are going through a bit of a rough patch. I caught him texting inappropriate things to another woman and all of it has lead to me to really focus on my own feelings about what I think of myself. (She was thin and pretty and that shouldn’t be important but my brain just sort of locked in on that.) I feel great. I don’t feel like people are staring at me because of my size anymore (not that they probably ever were) and I don’t feel like I stick out like a sore thumb when standing next to my thin family. But when I think about what I am capable of since surgery, I should feel like the queen of the freaking world. I lift weights. I am a squat pro. I ran a 5k. I mean who am I?!? I tackle multiple flights of stairs in high heel shoes like it’s nothing. Scratch that, I WEAR high heel shoes which I haven’t been able to do in years. I feel healthier than I have in so so long. But despite all this, I still truly struggle when people compliment me. I get nervous and awkward, and honestly it’s not cute on a 31yr old mother of 2 as it was when you were a teen. I am still so uncertain of what’s appropriate for the new me. I had these aspirations to wear maybe a few form fitting clothes, but still won’t dare. Don’t get me wrong, I’m super conservative anyways but I was kind of hoping to retire the “flowy I might be pregnant” shirts LOL. I still look in the mirror and think “just a little more and you’ll be normal”. Despite how great I feel, I still struggle a little with thinking I look good. I almost feel bad thinking I look good, if that makes sense? Like instead of just saying “you look beautiful today” I think instead “you look so much less terrible than you did before” or even “you’ll look better if you just lost xx more”. So yeah I am working on that. Did any of you struggle with reevaluating your relationship with yourself? Do you view yourself as a project in the works? For those of you who hit goal or are maintaining, did you decide that because you felt like you hit it, or because you hit the number you set? How long did it take you to feel comfortable in your new skin? Maybe I wouldn’t be thinking this if my husband inspired this reflection, but here I am. I want to start appreciating my successes more and perhaps learn to just accept compliments. You know without the awkward laugh/giggle thing I do when someone says something LOL. Funny story: a (quite handsome) stranger asked to buy me a drink when I was with my boss a bar for a work even where I proceeded to gape like a fish, awkwardly point at myself and squeak (yes I really squeaked) “me?!”. It was all sorts of pathetic and then I proceeded to word vomit how I was married but how this never happened and I was super flattered and it was just a sad sad mess. I used to be so confident.... Anyways would love to hear your thoughts and maybe some funny stories of how you are acclimating to the new you!
  4. Hi everyone! I technically hit 6 months 2 days ago, but whatever Wednesdays suck so boo. Anyways, I am 6 months into my new life, and good lord is it a new life. I am a new person for sure. One year ago to the day I had been sobbing in my room because my size 24s would barely button. I know without a doubt that I was over 300lbs, but the sight of a scale had anxiety clogging my throat. I decided that day something would change. I went out and dropped 2k on an elliptical and resolved to "fix this ridiculousness immediately." Fast forward to February of 2018, and I was frustrated as all hell. Killing myself on the elliptical every freaking day and I was sitting at 292 and not moving. It wasn't enough. It was never enough, because this wasn't the first time I had gotten fed up and resolved to change. I went online and booked myself an appointment for March 15 for a WLS consultation. I think the stress and anxiety over that appointment helped me drop a few lbs, but I weighed in at just under 288 for my very first weigh in, and the first day of my new life. I reworked everything about my diet, cut out the crap and worked studiously with the nutritionist. I was scheduled for surgery on May 14th, weighing in at 260lbs. Fast forward six months later, and I am sitting here at 184 (Darn you sweet potato wedges and the 2lb gain this morning because of you! But you were so worth it). I am OVER 100lbs down from where I began 2018. I am 76lbs down from my surgery weight. But numbers are really not my major accomplishments. Or at least, not those numbers. What are my important numbers? 2.5: The number of miles I can run without stopping to walk. I will be running my second 5k Thanksgiving Morning. 12: The size freaking pants I am wearing! I am NOT plus size anymore. This is huge for me. I've been in plus size clothes for the majority of my children's (8 and 5) lives and now I am not. I am below average size for the american woman. 7: The number of sizes I have dropped. I don't know why, but I feel like that's a big deal. I dropped SEVEN sizes in less than a YEAR. Total Mind F**k. 3: The number of days per week I take my kids on a hike/walk in the neighborhood. Given this is weather permitting, but I am always out with my kids now, doing the things I couldn't before. Whether it's riding on the bike trail, doing laps around the pond, or mini-hikes through the state forest, or even exploring the small woods behind our house- We are doing it. Every weekend and many times during the week if we can. 1 Million: The percentage displaying how much better I feel about myself, and about my health. and lastly, 0: The number of regrets I have for deciding to have this surgery. So that aside, whats my day to day like? Well here it is! (Work week, weekends are less regimented but usually are where I focus my heavier workouts) 4:30am: I wake up and drink a cup of coffee (8oz) mixed with half a bottle of caramel or chocolate Premier Protein RTD drink. This is the start to my day, every day. I then go for my run or do my weight lifting/exercise regimen. During the week it's usually only a two mile run. I also go to OTF once a week, but that's usually on weekends. Wednesday is my OFF day because F**K Wednesdays. 6am: I make a shake and drink it during my 1.5 - 2 hour commute. Yes 6 months out I still drink a shake. I do this because I make my own shakes and they are super good and I ALWAYS feel way more energetic when I have them. I have a huge selection of shakes I make, but they typically will consist of greek yogurt or cottage cheese, almond milk, protein powder, and either sweet or more savory items. I pack as much nutritional punch as I can into that shake. I even have holiday ones (My peppermint mocha shake is delicious!) 10am: I will usually have a small snack. Honestly it really varies. Sometimes it will be a fruit, but it's usually something more cheese based. I love cheese. So a babybell cheese, string cheese, or even my newest obsession Sargento breaks. 12pm: Lunch always varies, but I am usually good for about 2.5oz of food. I know it sounds super small, and at times I can eat more but I usually try not to since I don't need it. I tend to eat smaller frequent meals. Again this varies, but one thing I eat a lot is turkey salad. Roast turkey with greek yogurt and a FEW dried cranberries, salt, pepper and paprika and I am good to go. 2pm: Coffee #2! Actually I drink so much coffee, but luckily it's almost all decaf. This coffee is a staple because well I have routine issues and just need it. It makes me happy. If I am having a rough day energy wise I'll add some PP in like my first coffee, but I seldom need the added protein. In fact I take in too much protein honestly. I'm working on it with my nutritionist. 3pm: This is usually my sweet snack. I make my own seven layer bars that I will sometimes eat, but if not it will be some sort of sweet. I will often eat some sort of fruit, yogurt, or whatever floats my boat. If I eat chocolate, I eat dark. It's my preference anyways. 6pm: Dinner time! This is my last meal of the day. I almost never eat anything after this since I go to bed around 9am because I am secretly an old person LOL. Dinners as you can imagine vary a ton as well, but I eat predominately white meat. Not that red meat is bad, but my husband had a heart attack back in April so we limit the amount of red meat in the house. Despite changing taste buds I hate fish just as much post surgery as I did before it. I was bummed by this but whatever. We eat lots of turkey and chicken. Because my diet is pretty healthy, I do tend to be a bit more lax about dinner but that is just me. I will still opt for a healthier option a majority, but I still make a mean homemade chicken pot pie so I splurge every now and then Overall my calories range from 1100-1400 depending on how heavy my workouts are, and the time of the month because YES that makes a difference. I get in about 85-100g of protein (too much I know, I'm sort of working on it sort of. I made routines post surgery when you had to focus focus focus on building protein and I sort of overdid it. I mean I STILL drink protein waters because I'm weird. I drink about 100oz of water/fluid (This includes the DECAF coffees, I don't count caffeinated coffee in my fluid intake and will drink a bit more water if I have caffeine). Honestly any less than that and I really really feel awful. Keeping hydrated literally means the difference between going for that run, or lying in the fetal position on my bed with a migraine. I don't respond well to my migraine meds post surgery. If I only got in say 70oz of water a day for 3 days straight, I'd be bedraggled with dark circles, and fighting a headache. My body likes water. A lot. I take my vitamins mostly daily. The BIG vitamins I do... it's the calcium ones I don't always take. I don't know why, but they always make me feel super super thirsty after taking them. My one a day does too, but not nearly as bad and they are more important. I LOVE my b12 I feel like it makes a huge difference so I always take that one. I'd say I take the calcium one 5 out of 7 days. I would say I'm working on that too... but I'm really not. NOT because I don't think it's important, but because I am a stubborn idiot and my teeth are probably paying for it :(. Maybe that will be my resolution for 2019... So that's me in a nutshell I think? Hair loss sucks but I have alopecia so that's not new. Saggy skin is definitely a thing. Mine isn't TOO bad, but it's definitely there. I mean I've had two kids and been fat so I wasn't expecting any less. My ass ran away though. That's kind of sad. I've tweaked my workouts a bit in hopes of coaxing it back but who knows if that will work LOL. Oh and lastly I wanted to talk stalls. Holy lord do I stall. My body is kind of ridiculous. Each month I kid you not I will not move at all, then bam I'll lose a ton of weight. My body likes to stall...gain... then wooooosh drop 5lbs overnight. So don't let stalls discourage you. It's a thing. They happen. And if your eating right and exercising the weight will continue to drop until you reach your happy place. Don't get discouraged. I personally treat each stall like a good friend. Because that stall always means my clothes are going to get a bit looser So I welcome good old Mr. Stall ❤️ P.S. Running makes your legs look fabulous. My thunder thighs no longer go BOOM. In fact they look kind of... sexy... in my running pants P.S.S. My feet AND head shrunk too! Went down a full size in shoes (may go down to a 9.5 too since my 10s feel a bit slippery) and all my pre-surgery wigs are sooooooo big. Who knew I had so much fat on my head... Okay Piccy time (I know 90% of newbies will skip straight to that because that's totally what I did LOL) June-September 2017: I was probably about 295-305 in these pictures (Kind of hurts to look at them now to be honest.) October 2018: I was at a conference and getting ready to run down to the gym. (The bulge in the sweater is a water bottle, I know it looks super weird haha! I was about 190lbs. And lastly, this is me TODAY at 184! So the summary of this post... Life is effing amazing, and you can achieve WONDERFUL results if you are committed. I attribute my success to the dedication to BE a better, healthier version of myself and also a STRONGER version of myself. I can lift weights at the gym with the fit folks and NOT look out of place Such a good feeling. I even get a little smug when I notice my lifting form is better than the pretty boy who likes to offer me "advice"
  5. Guys... Gals... after the LONGEST mother cracking stall ever... I hit my goal of 175. Exceeded it actually :) I weighed in this morning at 172.2!!!! Hellllll yeah! 2019 is going to be a good year I just know it! I’ll do a more in depth post later with my intake and what not but this is good for now 😊 Happy New Year folks!
  6. This is some seriously awesome feelings right here! GO YOU! Super happy for you. Give yourself a high five from me ❤️
  7. Kay07

    Tips Needed Please

    Hi there! So I struggled with this too. My family is kind of a jump in before it's gone type of family, and I kid you not everyone is usually done eating less than 10 minutes at the table. Crazy. I could never do the whole timer thing. I felt like it forced 30 minutes of my life to be dedicated solely and completely to food. So instead of practice mindful tactics. In between each bite, I PUT DOWN my utensil. That simple thing slowed my consumption down significantly. It also gave me time to chat and talk with the people at my table. When I'm alone, it gives me a moment to think about something else. It becomes a relaxing time instead of "Did I chew 32 times for optimal time allotment?" or "Is my pouch too full, what serving size will fill the space?" I guess it seems kind of simple, but it really worked for me.
  8. Kay07

    Confronting the "mean girls"

    I totally think you should take this as a compliment. Think of it this way: you are rocking it so hard that people are taking time out of their day to think and talk about you. And let's be honest there is probably a little bit of jealousy added in there 😜 Let that put a spring in your step and make you smile bigger!
  9. Kay07

    Hard to focus on positive

    Agreed with Margo! Each day gets easier. When it feels overwhelming, just remember that it's DOWNHILL from here on out. A few months from now you're going to look back and see the road you traveled and the progress you made, and feel a huge sense of achievement. You are one day closer to healthy ❤️
  10. Kay07

    Loving Life Again

    Thank you so much! Congrats on your recent surgery! I hope you are feeling well? And in a few months, people will be eyeing your stats wishing and praying to see the same success So keep going!
  11. I’ve noticed a bit of a morbid trend in the forums lately and wanted to pipe up. This decision is the best decision I have ever made for myself. I am happier in my own skin in a way I can’t remember ever being. I’ve lost about 125lb minimum since thanksgiving 2017 (too ashamed to step on a scale but easily over 300lbs). Now I’m 7 months out and god even at the most painful point in my recovery did I doubt my decision. This changed my life. I will forever be grateful I had the strength to go through with it. So newbies and pre-surgers.... make the decision if it’s right for you and don’t let fear dictate your choice! (Old Photos: December 21st and 23rd, 2017, new photos: December 15, 2018)
  12. Kay07

    Loving Life Again

    OMG you just made my night! I am super self conscious about them since I'm losing my hair and my eyebrows were really impacted the past year. I love you so much right now! Thanks for the support everyone! I am proud to be a member here, and hope that my story can help others make their decision. I want people to look in the mirror and smile because damn healthy and happy looks good on them! Stay strong during the holidays, and let's barge into 2019 looking great and FEELING even better
  13. Kay07

    I'm so COLD!

    I am the same!!! I am down pretty much close to 120-125lbs from where I was this time last year and I’m constantly freezing! My hands are like freaking icicles.
  14. Thank you! Yes I keep it buzzed to a 3. It provides a little bit of hair for the grips to stick to but not enough for it to bulk. It has made a tremendous difference in how I feel about myself. I surfed wig sites for a good year before I bit the bullet. I love it now but it took me a while to get used to it. I was so used to seeing myself with thin hair that going to the thickness of a wig or topper made me feel like a charlatan. But I’ve gotten over that 😉
  15. I am hoping to weigh in at 175 by Jan 1. Buuuuut considering I've been at 180 for every I don't know if thats going to happen but honestly I am soooo stoked I am where I am
  16. ❤️ ❤️ Scam away my friend!
  17. Kay07

    Surgery and Divorce - Advice!?

    NOT gonna lie... I was thinking along this line. F him and his horse. I'd use it as motivation to get even hotter and watch him choke on his tongue. And sleep with his friend. Cuz yeah.
  18. I did the same thing. Every type of supplement under the sun, creams and specials shampoos, was on rogaine for almost 2 years religiously (and only got facial hair to thank for it -_-) Weight loss amplified my alopecia so I ended up shaving it. My brand preference is definitely Jon Renau. Super realistic looking. I've attached a few pictures for reference. Jon Renau Marion (SUPER comfy) Gabor Radiant Beauty (SO much hair but looks cute in an updo) Jon Renau Rachel (My fav!) Jon Renau Allesandra Raquel Welch Upstage (Good if you have a big head, I can't wear it anymore because my noggin shrunk!) Jon Renau Mila (Because everyone ****** needs a platinum one!) I also ordered a cheaper one ($80 vs the JR's that usually run me upwards of $300 when you hit the sales). This one is off Etsy and is definitely a bit wiggier but I LOOOOOVE it. If your out and proud with your wigs like I am, it is so much fun to play around with different styles. I have more than is linked here too. I have various colors of multiple styles. It's an addiction....
  19. I got down to 260 for Surgery in May. I’m down 80lbs since surgery.
  20. Doing amazing here!!! I’ve stalled at 180 the past few weeks but I’ve not been keeping to a strict diet because cherry cordials are my weakness!!!!!! But still feeling great! Down 107lbs from March when I began this, and 80lbs from surgery . Best. Decision. EVER.
  21. Just over 7 months post op today feeling AMAZING! Old picture of me around 295ish and me today at 180 in a size LARGE shirt from the loft :)
  22. A word on toppers... they are GREAT if you have enough hair to clip into. However they DO damage your bio hair. If you don’t rotate the clips a bald spot will develop. I would have continued wearing toppers but my hairloss became too pronounced (alopecia) so I ended up with wigs (so much fun!)
  23. Kay07

    Water intake

    It sounds as if you are dehydrated. If you can’t drink, you need IV fluids to at least set you on the correct path. Dehydration itself can make it harder to tolerate fluids. Have you tried other liquids than just straight water?

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