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    Stephinae Howard reacted to Pam_2-06-2017 in IT'S OFFICIAL I'M TIRED OF CLEAR LIQUIDS   
    I would worry if you posted how happy you were on clear liquids[emoji12]. Sometimes the obvious must be said just to make us feel better. Here's to the puréed stage where it might not be pretty but oh so much more flavorful[emoji2]. You're almost there!!!

    Keep up the good work.

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    Stephinae Howard reacted to bobbie2004 in Frustrated and worried need help   
    I am with you also. Do Liquid Protein for 2werks if you can to reset your pouch. I know it is very hard I was only able to do it a week. Everyday is a struggle
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    Stephinae Howard reacted to geewalk in Frustrated and worried need help   
    Hi I'm 5 years out also.and have regained 40 pounds. I decided this week ENOUGH!!
    I'm using my fitbit-walking and logging what I eat
    I need all the help I can get[emoji17]

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    Stephinae Howard reacted to JerseyJules in Frustrated and worried need help   
    You kind of answered your own issue with your first post. You work nights and snack on chocolate. You know what your not supposed to be doing, yet your doing it.

    Working the night shift is the absolute worst thing for your metabolism and body. Combine that with eating Snacks instead of healthy meals and boom, 20lbs....
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    Stephinae Howard reacted to InspectorJensen in Any December 2016 sleevers???? How is your journey so far???   
    I'm in the same boat. Sleeved 12/19 and only down 40 lbs. I was at 367 before dieting for almost a year pre-op, surgery at 330 and 290 as of this morning. I guess as long as I'm not gaining, it will all work out in the end if I trust the process.
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    Stephinae Howard reacted to Gerri Anna Hedgepeth in Already cheating 5 months post op   
    Stamina and hard-truth reality!! That's what helps me. Remind him of what he has been through, the money he has spent, the time he has invested, how far he has come and the progress he has already made... I hope things work out!! Good luck
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    Stephinae Howard reacted to Waler in Weight Loss Reality   
    This journey is like many other in that you get out what you put into it. I am almost 2 years out and I lost over 150 pounds. Some may disagree with me but if you sit on the couch and only do the minimum work that needs to be done you get the minimum results. If you want to lose more than average you have to do things better than average. This is your journey make the best of it you possibly can.
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    Stephinae Howard reacted to Newme17 in Weight Loss Reality   
    I think the 60% is like the general minimum. But like the above poster said, it's your devotion to proper food and exercise that determines what you will do.
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    Stephinae Howard reacted to blizair09 in Weight Loss Reality   
    I am six months post-op today, and I have lost 85% of my excess weight so far (184 pounds). And I have no reason to believe I won't lose the rest (33 pounds). It is all about devotion to proper food intake and exercise.
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    Stephinae Howard reacted to katgb in Dealing with others issues   
    Thanks for all your guys advice but sadly it ended. My ex couldn't be supportive of me not just for my weight loss but because I'm a full time student and I work along with taking care of my son. My life is to busy for him and his wanting attention from me when I was able to give him that wasn't enough. I'm a strong woman who has be by myself for a long time and I will be my own support. You all have given great advice and hopefully it will come in handy for the next relationship (if that ever happens)

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    Stephinae Howard reacted to Navigating the Wilderness in Dealing with others issues   
    It sounds to me like you are "comfortable" but not "happy" being with this person. Maybe it's time to step out of the comfort zone in order to be truly happy?
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    Stephinae Howard reacted to mike_s in Dizzy & Light headed   
    I'm 3 years out and still get that way. It will get better but may not go away. I usually have it happen because I need to drink more Water or I need to eat.

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    Stephinae Howard reacted to snapy17 in Dizzy & Light headed   
    I'm 6 weeks post op. I get very dizzy & light headed when I stand up. Just started a week ago. Anyone else experience anything similar ?
    I have an appt to see my primary tomorrow but this forum has such wealth of answers I had to ask.
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    Stephinae Howard reacted to ymmv in Feeling sorry for myself   
    So I am sitting here on the 7th day of my pre-op 2 weeks liquid only diet feeling sorry for myself. I am almost asking myself why I am doing this to myself. I am glad I am doing it, I know I am doing it for my health and all the right reasons, but I am just exhausted watching everyone else enjoy food, and me sitting here, almost preferring no food to one more stupid shake.
    I know I cannot be the only one feeling this way right now. I am just so overwhelmed with everything.
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    Stephinae Howard reacted to James Marusek in Post Opperation 9years on/MALNOURISHED..   
    I am sorry that you went through these difficulties. But I am a little confused. Are you saying that you are following the daily requirements for Vitamins, Protein and fluids and ran into these problems?
    After RNY gastric bypass surgery, you are required to take many vitamins for the rest of your life. This is because you body no longer synthesizes vitamins from food. That part of your stomach has been cut away, so this daily requirement is extremely important. Vitamin chemistry is important for absorption. Calcium supplements should be calcium citrate. There are also different chemistries of B12. I use the sublingual B12 and was told to use methylcobalamin. You cannot use a time-release version of B12. If you are taking Iron supplements, it must be ferrous sulfate for the best absorption. gummy vitamins are not absorbed properly and should be avoided.
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    Stephinae Howard reacted to Ready4aNewStart in Waiting   
    I finally got ahold of the nurse at Hurley Bariatric after calling and leaving messages all day yesterday and this morning. They received everything, but now are requiring that I attend a support group on Monday. After this 1 time support group meeting they will submit to insurance for approval. Please pray that after I attend this support group meeting that insurance approves surgery. It has been one thing after another.
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    Stephinae Howard reacted to Ready4aNewStart in Waiting   
    Just an update....the pyschologist just called and said she faxed over my approval for surgery. So now I will call Monday to make sure the surgeon got it and to see when they are sending everything to insurance for approval. I feel like I've been waiting forever.
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    Stephinae Howard reacted to carrion in Has anyone kept it a secret?   
    Only my husband knows and I'm ok with that.
    Someone noticed my weight loss (45 pounds in 3 months so it's slow) and I just said I'm eating much better and exercising.
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    Stephinae Howard reacted to fruitandveggies in Has anyone kept it a secret?   
    I'm a private person and I didn't want to tell anyone. I've lost 120 pounds and gained 160, lost 100, and gained 170 over the last 15 years. I don't want to tell people about my eating disorder or food addiction or emotional issues, so I don't see why it's a bad thing to keep this to myself too. I told my mother because she's also had WLS and that was a mistake because she told my brothers, who told their wives, etc. I explicitly told her not to tell anyone and now I have no idea who knows and if they sit there judging me in silence. Some might say who cares what they think, but I care when people are always checking out my body to see how much weight I've lost.

    For people I'm sure that have no clue that ask me what I'm doing I tell them I'm eating healthy foods and watching portions. That's absolutely true!

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    Stephinae Howard reacted to Delta_35 in Has anyone kept it a secret?   
    I personally did not tell anyone but Mother and my best friend. Eventually I told two other friends, that it.
    People will ask, and that fine..but you are not obligated to tell them your personal life decision. I told people I was doing a liquid diet(which I was), and working out (which I do). It's up to you, but beware that people could be critical of your decision out of dumbness or pure jealous once you start to lose weight.
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    Stephinae Howard reacted to Big2Tiny in Celebrating a big thing without food   
    If my surgery will go as planned, it will be on june 13th. But 15.july my partner and I will have a 10year anniversary. Usually that would have meant, fancy dinner and drinks and something. Now I would only be 5 weeks out and I am totally clueless about how to Celebrate when dinner and drinks is out of the picture, especially romantically. Any ideas?
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    Stephinae Howard reacted to TaraKaye in Help!   
    Ended up in the ER, ran test and had to have all Fluid removed. Band and port are in great place I just need my stomach to heal.


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    Stephinae Howard reacted to pastbandedsleever in 14 days post op 6 wks Pregnant   
    Did they do a pregnancy test before surgery? I would just think back to remember because if they didn't..... you may have a legal issue to consider as well.
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    Stephinae Howard reacted to Marcella Restrepo in 14 days post op 6 wks Pregnant   
    Hi everyone, went to the ER today due to stomach pain because of non stop cough, turns out I have the flu and pneumonia AND pregnant, from the caluculations I had VSG done while I was pregnant. Now I'm scared anyone been in this situation before? Please share your experience. Since sx I've lost 36 pounds
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    Stephinae Howard reacted to shy1 in Anyone else with a surgery date of 4/20/17?   
    I just found out about 2 hours ago and I've gone from excited to scared to anxious in that short amount of time. LOL! It does not seem real yet. I am planning to get organized this week. I have to make a shopping list, get things in order at work and home with my kids. I'm hoping the distraction will help with my nerves. Can I ask why you are going from the Sleeve to bypass? I considered both but my dr thought the Sleeve was good for me.