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    Hello! I am Sam, Sam I am. I am doing RNY Gastric Bypass and am scheduled for Dec. 28th. I am currently in school majoring in psychology with minors in both art and literature. I am looking forward to my brand new start to life!
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    Psychology, music, drawing, photography, reading, walking, arts & crafts, learning
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  1. SaaxySam09

    How about some NSVs!?!?

    I just had surgery on Monday and came home today. I tried putting on a necklace that has been way too small for my neck and would feel like it was choking me. I decided to try it on today and IT ISN'T CHOKING ME! So that was neat
  2. I have my RNY tomorrow morning (12/28/2015) at 10:15 central time. IT IS REAL. I AM DOING THIS. And oh boy am I nervous!!
  3. I have also been told a huge no to anything resembling a straw. I use a basic Nalgene bottle. They are cheap and have the measurements on the side. I have had it for about a year and no leaks yet! And I keep it in my backpack all of the time.
  4. Poop warning. Today is my 8th day on the all-liquid diet and I seem to be having a lot of issues gastrointestinally. It seems exactly like how I prepared for my colonoscopy - but I am not taking laxatives or anything? Just a bunch'a liquid. Normal? Or should I be calling my bariatric clinic/nutritionist? Not having much fun!! Haha Thanks for input
  5. How long have your tubes been in/how long until the doctors take it out? Haven't heard too much about it.
  6. My surgery is on the 28th as well - it is TOTALLY a christmas present to myself!
  7. SaaxySam09

    Post op day 4

    It always depends on the surgeon - they all have different techniques and "styles" so I can only assume it is best to listen to their advice! They would know best right?
  8. SaaxySam09

    December 2015 surgery dates?

    Hello December-er's! (ha) How is everyone doing? Some have had surgery, and some are on their pre-surgery diet. I am super excited and ready to do this thing. People dealing with everything well? Would love to see more updates. So happy to have found BariatricPal, it has at least helped me a lot with the process I am going through. I have one week left until my big day!
  9. SaaxySam09

    December 2015 surgery dates?

    @@kversteeg - I have my surgery a week from today; December 28th! Nervous but eager to get it over with. Ie. Liquid diet and surgery.
  10. SaaxySam09

    psych meds with bypass

    For me I am just keeping in touch with my psychiatrist. I am told that I should be fine, and I know myself extremely well if something isn't right and will seek out the help I need. I am curious as to what "vets" have to say though. My big day is on the 28th!
  11. At the pre-op education class I went to (in MN), a pharmacist talked to us all and told us to use a pill splitter to make them the size of a pencil eraser or smaller. I would follow-up with your doctor/surgeon because some meds can't be split. I hope you find a solution! Good luck.
  12. Hey all! Wondering if anyone else has a 12/28 surgery date? Would you like to support one another -- and extending to whomever reads this. Super excited to be healthy for the first time in my life!!
  13. SaaxySam09


    Bloomington, MN!
  14. SaaxySam09

    Scheduled Surgery Date Feb 08,2016

    I have PCOS as well and am hoping to lose about 110-115 pounds post op. My surgery date is 12/28/15; excited and nervous. Feel free to add me! Congrats on your new life journey

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