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  1. scarletwitch19

    People Understanding

    People mean well, but I definitely can come across wrong. I've had that with alot of friends. I've also found that just because someone's overweight doesn't mean they're going to understand this process or be supportive. It sucks, but through wls you really need to be your own advocate. Try not to worry what others think, and don't forget its none of their business, you don't need to share anything you don't want to. Surround yourselves with people who do understand, like everyone on here. We've all gone through it or will be going through it. Unfortunately through this process alot of us have learned that all friends don't stay friends. This year is about you, you need to be selfish and do whatever it takes to be successful.
  2. I've heard about so many 'friends' who've gained all the weight back. It's aggregating. My fiancé says the same thing. It drives me nuts. My weight has nothing to do with my love for him. Why do they always think those are related.
  3. I had a physical with my primary for the first time since surgery. She was super impressed with my weightloss. The two things that made me want to strangle her: 1. "You must be so happy to not have to shop in special fat people stores now, that had to be so embarrassing" 2. Your boyfriend must be so happy you're getting skinny Wanted to slap the woman.
  4. scarletwitch19

    My 600 Pound Life: 2016 Season

    My only grievance with my 600 pound life: I feel like sometimes they emphasize the 'bad' so much, it's hard to see the good. Shower scenes are horrible. Showing them struggling to get out of bed, or how they can't walk down the stairs to get food. Showing the poor food choices post-surgery is tough. I appreciate that they are trying to show what it's truly like, because these are struggles that we all face. However, I have overheard many conversations where people make fun of the show. I think it propagates the 'this is the easy way out' mentality. I understand it's television and it's trying to get ratings. But I think at times it blurs the lines of is it showing someone working hard facing daily challenges after surgery, or is it making fun of someone who has such a food addiction that they gorge on fast food post surgery? I think the show could really help educate on wls, especially since it's becoming such a popular choice these days. But unfortunately seeing how they portray people in some of the episodes, it makes me more cautious discussing my surgery with people. Again, just an opinion. I really love the show. I think it's a great wakeup call and reminder to why I made the choice to get surgery. I'm so happy for all the people on the show getting the help the need and deciding to better themselves. I would hate if the show sends the wrong message. People can be very cruel, we don't need to give them more fuel.
  5. scarletwitch19

    The truth is, I failed

    SCARLETWITCH, which protein powder do you use in coffee? Like OP, I hate the drinks, and I have to really work to get my protein. All the powders I've tried clump up or taste weird in coffee. I'd love to find one I could use daily. I use carbthin zero carb vanilla soy protein. Its 98 calories and 24g of protein. It clumps a bit if you stir it into hot coffee. I mix it with room temperature coffee so that it doesn't clump, then heat the coffee. More of a process, I know. But I really like it. Sometimes I do it as ice coffee too.
  6. scarletwitch19

    The truth is, I failed

    Another thing to consider, you don't need to drink the shakes if you can get all your protein in from food. I know lots of people who don't like the shakes and do just fine. You could also look into adding protein powder into other foods. I use it as a creamer in decaf coffee. I also add it into sugar free pudding
  7. scarletwitch19

    The truth is, I failed

    What type of Protein Shakes are you doing? If they are too chalky or heavy maybe try plain powder in crystal light. It's not as heavy.
  8. scarletwitch19

    Weight loss history?

    Mine required documentation of 2 previous attempts to lose weight. Wanted to know when I tried to lose weight, for how long I did the program and how much weight I lost. But every insurance company can be different. You might want to call them and ask
  9. I'm a little over 7 months out, and 112 pounds down. I've gone down to a lower BMI class, and about 5 pants sizes. I go to the gym 3-5 times a week and work by butt off, literally. I try not to make mistakes, and when I do, I've worked hard to not beat myself up about them. But I've found some of the hardest stuff to not beat myself up about, are the things I have absolutely no control over. I didn't know that I would be gossiped about by literally EVERYONE at work. I didn't know that they would gossip instead of openly ask me how I lost the weight. I'm apparently super naive. I didn't know that people would comment about how great I look, and then when someone tells them how I lost the weight, they would immediately change their opinion about how I look. I didn't know that overweight people would be the LEAST likely to support me. But it was true! Jealousy is pretty common apparently. I made the terrible mistake of telling a coworker about my surgery 3 months out when they commented on how good I look. I then proceeded to get lectured for a half hour about how dangerous it is and what a terrible decision I made. I didn't know that even after your success is becoming OBVIOUS, people would still feel negative. I just thought once I lost a lot of weight, they woudl come around and see it was a good decision. Sorry everyone, but the answer is no. 7 months out, that horrible coworker still makes horrible comments. Today eyes were rolled and a sarcastic "yeah right" was stated when I said 'yes I go to the gym 3-5x a week'. Apparently I'm lying. And apparently it doesn't matter that I've lost a ton of weight, you should still judge me and consider it a bad decision. I didn't know that healthy, fit, thin people would actually be VERY supportive of my decision. I guess it makes sense though. They know how important health and fitness is, and they are happy to see someone else striving to better themself. I've actually found a great support system to discuss recipes, Protein shakes, new Snacks and workout ideas! My fiance tells me all the time about some of his friends who ask about my success and comment how great I look when they see pictures. I was terrified for those people to learn about my surgery, and I'm so thankful I finally told them. I didn't know that I would have trouble seeing my own success. But I do, ALL the time. How does someone NOT see a 100+ pound loss? How is it possible that I look in the mirror and still see the old me sometimes? Maybe I need to get my eyes checked. I never thought that would be possible. But it happens everytime I go to the gym. Doesn't matter what I wear or what I'm doing. I look and don't see the curves, or the thin legs. I don't see that I actually have a shape other than round. I see what I used to be. I feel like a jerk talking about this too. No one wants to hear 'oh I've lost over 100 pounds but I don't see it myself'. It sounds like I'm fishing for compliments, but I'm not! It makes me sad. I know I should be thrilled, I know I should see it, but it's really challenging sometimes. I didn't know that I would be so ashamed of my loose skin. I hate seeing my own body. I avoid the mirror all the time. I'm so embarrassed. Thank God its winter so I can wear long sleeves. How am I ever going to wear shorts!? Or a swim suit. I feel like people must see the skin and think its gross. I feel like I'm waving a flag to the world, 'Hey! Look at me! I was really overweight'. I don't want to hide my past, but I don't want it to be a neon sign in someones eyes before they get to know me. I get married this October and my dress is sleeveless. I really don't want to be stressing about my arms, but I already think about it all the time. I didn't know that I had so many triggers that made me want to eat. I don't handle stress well, and I know that about myself. That's not new, I'm working on it. But I didn't realize how much it made me want to eat. I've been able to focus that stress and use it at the gym, and its been really successful. But its a struggle every single day. When I get really upset, I still think about wanting junk food. I don't think that struggle will ever go away. I didn't know how lucky I was having a great support system. I've always been really independent, and don't like relying on people. This process has shown my how wrong I was to feel that way. I would never have been so successful without my amazing fiance and friends. Having people to talk to has been so important to me. Even if they can't always understand what I'm going through, it makes such a difference getting things off my chest. I look forward to the support group meetings at my Bariatric Center every month. There's something about seeing people in person going through exactly what you are going through that gives such relief. Knowing I'm not alone has been so important to me.
  10. scarletwitch19

    Fall Comfort Foods

    I made chili for the first time today. All wls friendly: tomatoes, onion ,peppers, beans and ground turkey
  11. scarletwitch19

    Fitbit pals

    I'd love friends on fitbit. My email is alyssakbrown19@gmail.com
  12. scarletwitch19

    New Member

    I just wanted to tell you that I love reading your posts. You are always so positive and super inspirational to everyone new to this site. It's amazing to see all your previous comorbitities that are gone due to your decision to have surgery. That you for always being so positive.
  13. scarletwitch19

    How did you deal with hair loss?

    the vitamins help, if y9ure malnourished that certainly makes it worse, but it happens to most people. You're body is in shock from the rapid weightloss. It uses all the protein and nutrients we get from our vitamins for daily functions. So hair, skin and nails get the short straw. I just went and got my hair cut short today. 9 inches cut off.
  14. scarletwitch19

    Looking for Bypass buddies in NY

    Rochester NY. Had surgery 6/8/15
  15. scarletwitch19

    23 days til my surgery

    I had rny 6/8/15. I'm from Rochester NY. Feel free to reach out with any questions. We're all here to support you! congrats on getting a date!!

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