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    AnnaMaria reacted to livvsmum in GOAL! Flipogram of My Journey   
    Sorry for the crosspost in the success stories board also, but I wanted to post this here to encourage anyone just starting this journey. It's totally do-able, and if I can do it, believe me when I say, anyone can do it!!!
    So yesterday I reached my goal weight, losing 134 pounds in 10.5 months. I made a flipogram with all of my monthly progress pics to illustrate my journey to this point. It was pretty awesome to see and actually made both my husband and myself cry. It's been a LOT of work and I've grown tremendously in strength both inside and out on this journey.

    Ok, so I can't figure out how to embed it, so here is the link to the flipogram!
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    AnnaMaria reacted to Erica517 in Finally see results!   
    Hey everyone! I am 5 weeks post op tomorrow! I have a pic id like to post. I know I have lost weight but since I see myself everyday I don't really realize how much. I'm so proud of myself! I'm started off at 315 last oct. I lost weight before my surgery to 271. Now I'm 5 weeks post op and I'm 231.2!!

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    AnnaMaria got a reaction from stacielynntate in Post Op June 2014 Sleevers   
    July 4th makes a one month since my surgery! I feel great and I'm down 23 lbs since the surgery!
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    AnnaMaria got a reaction from msbarker2u in June 3rd Surgery Date!   
    I'm June 4
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    AnnaMaria reacted to JohnnyJackMac in Post Op June 2014 Sleevers   
    Hello all. My name is John. I was sleeved on June 18th, so I'm working on my second week on full liquids. Sure is a tough diet but I have a good support group helping me thru this. Good luck to everyone!!!
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    AnnaMaria reacted to PedsNurse92 in 1 year post op   
    I my name is Natalie and I had the Sleeve on 6/4/13 and it has changed my life (for the better)!! When I started I was 200 lbs and currently 124-125 most days. I had HTN and Thyroid issues and sleep apnea which I no longer have any health problems. I get called "thin" which has NEVER happened before, I still go to the "big girl" section of the store not even thinking about it. I'm wearing a size Small sometimes XS, my goal was to fit in a Small scrubs and I'm in XS.. It's still mind blowing to me that my life has changed so drastically. I have been this size for about 3 months. I'm able to eat everything except bread (I really choose not to) it makes me too full. So this Summer I'm attempting a 2piece, can't even remember the last time I bought a 2 piece! This was the best decision I have ever made before and would do it again in a heartbeat!

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    AnnaMaria reacted to Healthier2day1227 in One year surgiversary!   
    Yesterday was my one year surgiversary of the sleeve. I was so nervous about it, but it was one of the best decisions I've made. I've lost 131 pounds and counting. My foot pain is gone, I'm active and feel great. I've gone from a size 22 to an 8 and actually enjoy shopping now. I'm able to do any activities my kids ask of me. I couldn't be happier!

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    AnnaMaria reacted to pinksjo1 in What a nice group of people!   
    My co-workers sent me this Edible Arrangement today in honor of my 100 lb weight loss. They are the nicest people!

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    AnnaMaria reacted to emttina in 9 months out in a 2 piece swimsuit :)   
    After 18 years in a 2 piece

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    AnnaMaria reacted to mitchell aucoin in my journey   
    Its been one year since I have started the greatest journey of my life I was alwayd the fat kid an jus learned to deal with it well this surgery surely changed that prospective im am truely blessed to have had the finances to pay for this second chance at life although it wasnt a magic tool granite the first 40 lbs was gone without any hard work but the other 150 was earned threw good choices an lots of excersise it is not a magic tool you have to put fourth the effort an you will see great sucess I promise I work as a tug boat captian an am goin from home 240days a year the thing ppl do out here for fun is eat I had to learn that excersising was my new fun an had to come up with my own uses like running on a barge an jerking ropes for excersise if I did this any one can.
    Starting weight 417
    Current weight 227
    190lbs gone forever in one year

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    AnnaMaria reacted to jennyinky in Any 2014 June Sleevers   
    On way to surgery! Nervous and excited.
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    AnnaMaria reacted to Mimistar in 1 year ago!   
    1 year ago....
    as of May 17 and that big girl with the pretty face is gone. I'm so grateful and proud of how far I've come. I still can't believe it's me in the pictures or when I pass a store window. I've lost 102 lbs and now working on the last 10. Festival season in New Orleans is hard on my good eating habits...but I'm getting back on track. Have a awesome weekend everybody and good luck!!!! Hang in there.

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    AnnaMaria reacted to BabySheldon in Down 70lbs - finally!   
    A noble achievement finally!!!!!! I really wanted to lose at least 70lbs to convince my little brain that it has all been worth it. Today makes it official!
    I'm compiling a list of things I learned on this continuous journey and I will post it for the newbies any baby tummies that are just coming along. I appreciated all the support I received here and think it might be helpful to really let people know how different each journey is.
    70 lbs down...15 more to first goal.
    Height: 5'8
    Frame: petite bone structure
    My stats: Pre Surgery
    Wt: 236 ...very stable....sometimes jumped to 244, but 99% of the time I stayed at 235lbs.
    BMI: 35
    A1c: 10.9
    Size 18/20
    Smile size: extra small
    Today Stats:
    Wt: 165lbs
    BMI: 25
    A1c: 5.2
    Size 9/10
    Smile size: EXTRA LARGE :-)
    Sheldon & Felipe the Sleeve
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    AnnaMaria reacted to Gr8fulMiniMe in Surgery is today!   
    Yay!!!! Congratulations! Today is mine as well. My check in is at 9am. Haven't slept a wink but thank God the wait is over!!! Prayers of a full and speedy recovery and much success on this journey my friend! =)
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    AnnaMaria got a reaction from Gr8fulMiniMe in Surgery is today!   
    Today is the day! I'm on a way to hospital, I have to be there at 6:15am surgery is scheduled for 8:15am, I'm not nervous, happy this day is here!
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    AnnaMaria got a reaction from PRINCESSM in Surgery is today!   
    Thank you do much! I'm better now. Yesterday was rough, nothing can prepare you for this. I had no pain in my shoulder just this pulling on a top of my belly. I let you know how am I progressing and thanks again
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    AnnaMaria reacted to 630racoon in Surgery is today!   
    So happy for you!! Be well, this is the start of your new life!! I am almost there too. Good Luck.
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    AnnaMaria reacted to iamblessed1225 in Surgery is today!   
    Be blessed! Everything will be fine!
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    AnnaMaria reacted to Nyzira in Any 2014 June Sleevers   
    Much the same with me. Surgery is scheduled for 8:30 tomorrow and I'm about to start packing. I'm not really nervous. I have no second thoughts or anything but I am sad about being away from my girls (4y and 16m). They're staying with their father for the next week and 1/2 since I won't be able to lift the baby at all. I may try to Skype with them Thurs or Fri.
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    AnnaMaria reacted to BWaltD in 1st 5k   
    The wife and I did our 1st 5 k this weekend. We didnt run but we were out there. Pretty amazing how our lives have changed sinced being sleeved. The wife had her 1 yr surgiversary 2 wks ago and today marks 17 wks post op for me. She has lost ~120 lbs and I hit 119 lbs.
    FYI... all my treadmill work and neighborhood training prepping for this 5K was not enough for the rolling hills of Ann Arbor Michigan. LOL my butt is aching this morning .Hahahahahahaha

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    AnnaMaria reacted to bagonian74 in 8 months op   
    8 months post op 103 pounds lighter

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    AnnaMaria reacted to KrissySMD in Any 2014 June Sleevers   
    Tomorrow at noon my life changes for the better. I'm so excited (& a bit nervous).
    Thanks for your kinds thoughts and prayers of encouragement. I'll be doing the same for all of you!
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    AnnaMaria reacted to Bethzy143 in Almost 9 months out WoW!   
    Well here i am again my last update was at 6 months and i can't believe i am 2 weeks shy of being 9 months post-op. What can i say i feel AWESOME i finally reached "my goal" a few weeks ago and will post my stats and pics at the end of this post. I hope everyone is doing good Congrats to all the new "loosers" and those soon to be, and i just want to say it has been by far one of the BEST desicions EVER for me i feel like a completely NEW person i have had my ups and downs through this journey but it has all been sooooo worth it i've had Amazing support from my husband and kids, i've cried i've laughed and i just wouldn't change it for the world, New Life, New Opportunity, and Loving it
    HW 250 SW 237 CW 135





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    AnnaMaria reacted to TonyaMac in I'm going to be in a commercial!   
    University of Missouri - where I had my surgery done- called me today to ask if they could interview me!! They want to do a spotlight on the bariatric section of MU Hospital and my surgeon told them to call me because I am a success story!! Me!!! A success story!! And I'm not even at my goal weight!
    So I'm going to do an interview on June 12th, then they are going to take some footage of me running etc.
    The Bariatric center wants to do a new commercial and they are going to use some of the footage in the commercial!
    I'm so excited!! It is just so surreal that I am success story!! I just never thought I would be here. I know I have putting in the work but to be considered a success is an amazing feeling!!
    When it is final I will post a link here if I can
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    AnnaMaria got a reaction from Beautiful28 in Any 2014 June Sleevers   
    I Started my Clear Liquids diet today, for next 10 day. My surgery date is June 4. Last 2 weeks I was on 1500 calories diet lost 5lbs. But today is where the fun starts- clear liquids and 3 Protein Shakes a day!

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