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  1. AnnaMaria

    Period Question!

    The shock to your body after the surgery the new diet and exercise program might effect your PMS. Some woman night not get it for few months after the surgery. Others might become regular. Talk to your Dr if you have concerns.
  2. AnnaMaria

    Post Op June 2014 Sleevers

    July 4th makes a one month since my surgery! I feel great and I'm down 23 lbs since the surgery!
  3. AnnaMaria

    16 days post op

    I also had my surgery on June 4th. Also lost 17lbs :-) no complications, but I got that horrible feeling on the chest from eating one too many spoons. I'm on mashed foods but working my way to soft foods. Do you exercises?
  4. AnnaMaria

    One year surgiversary!

    :-) you look great! Congratulation
  5. AnnaMaria

    Post Op June 2014 Sleevers

    My surgery was on June 4th And I lost 14lbs so I guess we are doing it right.
  6. AnnaMaria

    Any 2014 June Sleevers

    I was fine with a bra on, no pain, the incisions are lower so it didn't bother me.
  7. AnnaMaria

    Post Op June 2014 Sleevers

    Hi, I had my surgery on June 4 . I'm much better now. Pain is gone, gas is gone, I only have pulling on my incisions when I change positions. Hiccups are killing me, all my life I had a a lot of hiccups. I'm still on all clear liquid diet, (just water, chicken broth and jello) my doctor won't let me do protein shacked till Friday.
  8. I'm 4 days out too! You need water! I know it's hard but try to drink more
  9. AnnaMaria

    Trip post op.. Yes or no?

    Today I'm 5 days post op and trust me I wouldn't go! I'm tired, cranky and it hurts, it's the pulling on incision that makes it hard to change positions from siting to standing and getting in and out of the bed is a torture. If I would be you, I wouldn't go.
  10. AnnaMaria

    Any 2014 June Sleevers

    Same here, I had my surgery on the 4th. I still have the pulling pain on my incisions when trying to change positions. Getting out off bed is a pain. Drinking is hard but it got little bit easier today. I guess this is the transition we have to go through.
  11. AnnaMaria

    Any 2014 June Sleevers

    I had to quite, I had to be 6 weeks smoke free before they did my surgery.
  12. AnnaMaria

    Surgery is today!

    I'm home now! Still in pain, but it's the pulling pain from the incisions. And I have a lot of hiccups and that hurts. Walking does help, but I do get tired fast. So one day at a time.
  13. Today is the day! I'm on a way to hospital, I have to be there at 6:15am surgery is scheduled for 8:15am, I'm not nervous, happy this day is here!
  14. AnnaMaria

    Surgery is today!

    Thank you do much! I'm better now. Yesterday was rough, nothing can prepare you for this. I had no pain in my shoulder just this pulling on a top of my belly. I let you know how am I progressing and thanks again
  15. AnnaMaria

    Any 2014 June Sleevers

    Tomorrow is the day I will change my life forever :-) My arrival time is 6:15am, surgery is scheduled for 8:15am. I need to pack now, I'm not scared, little bit nervous but very calm, and happy. What I'm scared about is being away from my kids, especially the youngest 2year old, for 3 days. I should be home Friday but they never been without me. My mom is looking after them, but it's still hard for me.
  16. AnnaMaria

    June 3rd Surgery Date!

    My numbers are the same as yours, I will send you a message
  17. AnnaMaria

    Any 2014 June Sleevers

    My surgery is on the 4th as well, And Yes I have moments When I can't think. I feel brain dead. This is my my 5th day of 10 day liquid diet, I'm have way there, I just wish my brain would wake up. As long as I'm moving I'm fine but when dinner time comes my brain do what ever it want. :-)
  18. AnnaMaria

    Any 2014 June Sleevers

    My surgery is on June 4 too. After the surgery I was told to take multivitamins but they have to be chewable as well as B12 after few weeks and calcium all chewable, People that take a lot of vitamins all there life is people who had bi-pass
  19. AnnaMaria

    Any 2014 June Sleevers

    Yes, I was told to take Centrum multivitamins every day till the surgery
  20. AnnaMaria

    Any 2014 June Sleevers

    I'm on a day 4 of 10 day liquid diet, lost 5lbs. I still cook for my family, I have to feed the kids :-) it's okay but it's the hardest at dinner time, but my surgery is in 7 days that's one week and that keeps me going.
  21. AnnaMaria

    Any 2014 June Sleevers

    I Started my clear liquids diet today, for next 10 day. My surgery date is June 4. Last 2 weeks I was on 1500 calories diet lost 5lbs. But today is where the fun starts- clear liquids and 3 protein shakes a day!
  22. AnnaMaria

    Any 2014 June Sleevers

    I'm June 4, my pre-admission testing is tomorrow
  23. My surgery is June 4 too. I have days when I'm scared and days I can't wait for it. But I know we can do this, and it will be worth it.
  24. AnnaMaria

    June 4

    It's got my surgery date, it's June 4

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