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    pet195959 reacted to slvarltx in Major regret.   
    The first week post op is no fun....then things get easier, but truthfully, i didnt feel fully energetic and just normal until around 6 months post op
    Concentrate on sipping and walking and if u are like the majority of folks here u will be ok
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    pet195959 reacted to LipstickLady in Major regret.   
    Because it's not a pouch. RNYers have pouches. Your stomach was cut into a banana' shaped sleeve.

    Pouches can stretch, sleeves, if done properly will relax but will not stretch.

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    pet195959 got a reaction from Rokumok4 in Crystal light caffeine   
    I didn't have any restrictions to caffeine either. You are right to be safe if you have restrictions and best to contact your MD it is better to be safe in making the right decisions.
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    pet195959 reacted to mmlucas in Hair loss   
    I am almost 4 months post op and have had a lot of Hair loss. My.hair has been falling out in clumps and becoming very noticable.. I have been taking Biotin and making sure I get I enough Protein, but no matter what I do it keeps coming out. I fear if it doesn't subside soon I won't have any hair left. Is anyone else experiencing this. My surgery was April 25.
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    pet195959 got a reaction from sweesee in Alcohol.   
    I have the occasional glass of wine (personal preference). I had my first glass of wine about 3 months post op. The wine did not make me sick. Everyone is different, though.
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    pet195959 got a reaction from sweesee in Alcohol.   
    I have the occasional glass of wine (personal preference). I had my first glass of wine about 3 months post op. The wine did not make me sick. Everyone is different, though.
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    pet195959 reacted to RobertD16 in I love this surgery   
    I went for my 1 month check up last week....She discouraged me slightly by suggesting I get the duodenal switch already...I told her I just had surgery....My weight lost did slow down a lot...I also was not working out...Not taking Vitamins and not drinking enough...I don't want another surgery I already can't eat as it is...So I decided to actually use the surgery as a tool and been working out mostly cardio and strength training....Taking all vitamins and protein...It is amazing the difference...It is working great...When people say this surgery is the easy way out it gets me mad....We don't have choice we just can't really eat...I am getting use to it though....My surgeon thanks I have a stomach ulcer so I have endoscopy monday which sucks...I have sharp stomach pain after I eat and drink...
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    pet195959 reacted to Dub in Today. Was. Rough.   
    I hope he appreciated what you endured for him.
    I've always enjoyed cooking/grilling.
    I simply ceased all that for a two months of time bracketing my pre-op 14 day liquid diet and the 6 weeks after surgery. Staying out of the kitchen made things easier for me.
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    pet195959 reacted to madisunshine1 in Today. Was. Rough.   
    Today was my husbands 30th birthday. I made New York strip steaks, potatoes, and fresh green Beans followed by german chocolate cake. And I didn't have one bite. Obviously. I'm 11 days post op. It was hard. Really hard. I've realized how much celebrations are surrounded by food. Then I took him to a movie. It was the first I think I've ever been to a movie and didn't get popcorn. That was hard too. I know I'll eat steak and pop corn again. But it's seriously like mourning a loss of a friend. Food was a friend. Anyway, hope you can all relate. I know this is worth it. There are just really hard times.
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    pet195959 reacted to Tweety Bird in 2 weeks post-op/ vomiting   
    I found taking tiny bits of food to be helpful. If you take too big of a bite, your food might not be chewed small enough. And eating really slow is very important. And drinking in between meal so you don't fill with gas. I don't know if this will help or if you are doing all this already. Just trying to help Sent from my SM-S902L using the BariatricPal App
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    pet195959 reacted to isa209 in 4 months out   
    Little by little im slowly changing and my progress is showing im totally happy with my results????????????61 lbs down
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    pet195959 reacted to awillaweigh328 in Best Protein Powder Post Op   
    I was wondering what all you vsg pals use as Protein supplements. I'm wanting something less volume than Protein shakes, but same value. I would prefer unflavored, and something that isn't ridiculously expensive.
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    pet195959 got a reaction from madadams in Who's taking fiber? TMI   
    I have heard if you take a tablespoon of flaxseed with yogurt every day this will keep you regular. I have bought the flaxseed but have not started using it yet. Will leave feedback to let you know if it works. I believe it can be added to other food items as well. I have gone through ordeals with irregularity since surgery and did not have this problem prior to surgery.
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    pet195959 reacted to Ryan TN in Who's taking fiber? TMI   
    a little side note on flax seed, our body cant process the whole seed, so either grind it our get the ground. i eat flax seed and chia seeds in my yogurt.
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    pet195959 reacted to SusieT in Who's taking fiber? TMI   
    Protein shakes bind you up bad! I add three heaping Tablespoons of colorless, tasteless Benefiber. Or you can add to coffee, etc. This helps me, but if I go 2 days without a movement, I take a stool softener that night. Back to normal next day. Others farther along than me have said that once they could have fresh veggies again, they didn't need any of these treatments. However., everyone is different.
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    pet195959 got a reaction from Christinamo7 in Let's talk incision healing & scars fading!   
    I am 3 months post op and they are still visible. The 2 largest scares by the navel are more raised but healed very well. I think in time they will fade considerably. I use coconut oil and I've tried other scar creams and cocoa butter.
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    pet195959 got a reaction from OKCPirate in What are these new hiccup/burp things?   
    I am 3 months post op as of July 7, 2016. I had hiccups during the first couple of months several times a day which was totally out of the ordinary for me. I have read that many people that have had the sleeve surgery have had this issue also. I still have hiccups on occasion but it is improved tremendously.
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    pet195959 reacted to Barry W in Honeymoon Phase   
    I am 4 months out and I can eat about 3/4 of a plate at dinner. That's still less than half of what I could eat before. I do think that *some* ability to eat more returns, but when they remove 80% or more of your stomach including just about all of the fundus, which is the part that was really elastic, there is no way that we will return to anything like our previous eating capacity. So I wouldn't worry, and I think you're doing the right thing by stopping when you begin to feel full - if you don't, you will feel nauseous.
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    pet195959 reacted to Zsazsaamor in Me   
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    pet195959 reacted to AlexandraStJames in Honey in Tea? Clear Liquid Phase?   
    I'm quite certain that this forum is for questions and a community of people who are looking to uplift and support people, rather than act like they are some sort of physician and make demands of what people should do. What I meant by sugary drinks was things like Gatorade, Snapple, Iced Teas that MY DOCTOR instructed I could have as long as they were diluted with Water. Every doctor has different instructions and rules, so your instructions may be much different from the ones I received. The point of my posted question was to receive friendly ADVICE from other about their experience with honey in tea on the clear liquid phase, not to be reprimanded. If you were going to waste your time leaving such a nasty comment and end with " if tea burns then stop drinking it" you shouldn't have even commented at all. HAVE A NICE DAY
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    pet195959 reacted to heart4god22 in Can I have them 2 months post op?   
    Try Isopure protein....the unflavored one is actually tasteless!!! They have a ton of flavors I'm excited to try
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    pet195959 reacted to cindyw41 in Can I have them 2 months post op?   
    The rule of thumb my Nut told me is that a gram of Protein shouldn't "cost" you more than 10 cal. So a bar that has 20 grams of Protein shouldn't be more than 200 cals.
    A lot of protein bars are junk, be careful. Some are even worse than candy bars.
    Try adding flavors to the RTD shakes, like powdered Peanut Butter like PB2 or sugar free syrups. I have a raspberry sf Syrup that I add to the chocolate Premiere Protein shake.. chocolate Raspberry, yum!
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    pet195959 reacted to scampbell33 in Can I have them 2 months post op?   
    Ok, thanks! Yea I'm still trying to find protien powders that I love! Lol... I just bought boost high protien powder today so I'll try that, along w your suggestions! Thanks again! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using the BariatricPal App
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    pet195959 reacted to erp in Weight gain   
    I have kept the weight off. My hunger returned but it take less food to satisfy it. Yes, I think the surgery is worth it.
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    pet195959 got a reaction from scampbell33 in Can I have them 2 months post op?   
    I will be 3 months post op on 07/07/16, I have been eating Premiere Protein bars 30 grams and Power bars 20 grams. The Premiere Protein Bars has more calories and carbohydrates than the Power bar but the Power bars has fewer carbohydrates and calories. These bars are tolerable but don't taste all that great to me but I eat them for the high Protein. I also have tried many protein powders and shakes, I haven't found anything I actually like but I drink the Premiere Protein vanilla 30 grams drink it is 11 ounces and has other Vitamins in it also. I have tried Premiere Protein strawberry and will drink what I bought but I personally like the vanilla the best. I still have a hard time digesting meat of any kind so I have to supplement with bars and shakes to get my protein in.

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