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    shortgrl006 reacted to nursemary in anyone regret having WLS?   
    Sadly my friend passed away 28 days after her Vsg. She never got off life support and was declared brain dead. She was 46 years old.
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    shortgrl006 reacted to Michael Day in December Dates...Anyone?   
    I got my official approval letter on Saturday, I went on my insurance company's website earlier in the week and got my status. My surgery date is December 11, and I am on day 5 of my pre-op diet. I am having no problems with the diet, two shakes and 6 oz of lean Protein and a cup of veggies per day, I started a pre pre-op diet 3 weeks prior. That has helped me combat the hunger issues. I sampled different shakes on the pre diet to find one that I could tolerate. I am looking forward to my surgery so I can start a new chapter in my life.
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    shortgrl006 reacted to eglean2 in Juicy Caribbean Jerked Chicken   
    In response to the weekly challange, here is a new recipe we tried this weeked.
    1/2 cup sliced scallions
    1 TB grated ginger
    2 TB cilantro
    2 TSP hot pepper sauce
    juice of 1 lime
    1 1/2 TSP jerk seasoning
    1/2 cinnamon
    1 TB extra-virgin olive oil
    3 jalapeno peppers seeded and chopped
    1 TSP black peper
    1/2 TSP Kosher salt
    1/2 TSP red pepper flakes
    2 cloves garlic
    2 TB brown sugar substitute
    1 TB apple cider vinegar
    1 TB orange juice
    2 TSP worcestershire sauce
    4 4-ounce chicken breast
    4 4-ounce chicken thighs (no bones, no skin)
    Combine all the ingrediants (except the chicken) in a food processor and blend until almost smooth. Coat the chicken and place into slow cooker to marinate overnight for 12 hours. Cook on low for 5 or 6 hours. For more heat, leave in the seeds but i thought it was "warm" without them.
    Calories 146.52; Protein 19.67; Carbs 1.78; Total fats 6.14; Sat fats 1.37; Cholesterol 62.46; Sodium 322.21; Sugars 0.52; Fiber 0.3
    Be sure not to overcook (I did) The chicken was a little dry but still very tasty! I used some fresh herbs and some dried.
    My family and I have been trying about 1 new recipe a week and so far I haven't made 1 they didn't like!
    BTW, this is a regular texture food.< /p>
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    shortgrl006 reacted to douchewafflebear in Meatballs!   
    and - while this sounds dirty - it is true - don’t handle your meat too much - you want to gently and lightly hold the balls - (OK OK stop giggling) it is true...
    Lord knows I hate holding the other kind of balls - they make something else get all hard too.
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    shortgrl006 reacted to bekki03 in Taco Soup   
    I made this tonight to Celebrate my first dinner with pureed foods! Made it for my dad, sister and boyfriend. I used 3 cans of Rotel tomatos with peppers instead of corn, sauteed onions after cooking the 93% lean and used 2 cans black Beans. 2 packets of taco seasoning, 1 of powder ranch. Made brown rice for everyone else and cooked it on the stove (didn't have time to slow cook) I pureed a cup for myself after adding unflavored Protein powder....YUM!!!!! Added non fat cheddar cheese to 1/4 cup and had no dumping or anything. 3.9 grams of fat, 181 calories and 13.7 grams of protein for 1 cup sans Protein Powder.< /p>
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    shortgrl006 reacted to futuremrsparker in Pumpkin   
    My personal favorite is pumpkin dip!
    1/3 c. Canned pumpkin purée
    1 container sugar free cool whip
    1 brick low fat cream cheese
    Pumpkin pie spice to taste!
    Blend everything up and eat with sliced apples!
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    shortgrl006 reacted to aba9903 in Crockpot yummies!   
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    shortgrl006 reacted to Brighteyes in High Protein, Low Carb Recipe Site   
    Gamergirl - I check out your blog frequently and love it when you share your recipes! I am such a foodie at heart so it warms my soul to see someone have such an appreciation for good food that fits into our lifestyle.
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    shortgrl006 reacted to Jeepchick42 in Protein popcicles   
    1 cup Protein powder. I used body fortress chocolate
    1 cup milk of choice I used light unflavored soy milk
    1 teaspoon vanilla extract
    Blend really well and put in Popsicle molds. Freeze for 2-3 hours. I got a set of molds at ikea for I think $1. Makes 6 with a lil left over.
    Approx 20 grams Protein 121 cals 1.7 grams fat. These stats are with the milk I used. They will vary if u use a different kind
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    shortgrl006 reacted to moofish in Spaghetti And Meatballs   
    Zucchinni cut in the shape of noodles. Do a google image. I don't eat any grains, so I love them.
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    shortgrl006 reacted to Greenize42 in December post ops   
    Redstacy I was already on an anti anxiety medicine but I was driving my husband crazy! The hormonal thing has eased up a tad but not all! I have a thread if you look called moody on here!
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    shortgrl006 reacted to redstacey in December post ops   
    I live on Greek yogurts. Love them. I also like Tomato Soup. I find applesauce is a good snack. Split pea Soup, broccoli soup, and potato soup. My nut did say to only use red potatoes. Oh another one of my favorites is baked sweet potato. Sometimes I will treat myself to a smoothie from smoothie king called the gladiator. It has a killer amount of Protein in it and you can add two fruits to it and it has the least amount of calories of them all. I too was having a drinking problem with getting in too much air. So I talked to my doc and my nut and told them that I had been doing the big "no no". I started drinking through a straw. It made a world of difference for me. So they fuss at me all the time, but like I tell them it works so why bother fussing. I had my surgery on the 10th and I to am still having problems with energy. Also something that just started within the last few days is a little depression. Over silly things. I get really emotional really quick. Anyone having any issues with that?
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    shortgrl006 reacted to kraney in December post ops   
    There are great recipes on theworldaccordingtoeggface
    I believe she has one on there with ricotta cheese, some shredded cheese, Pasta sauce that I lived on for awhile
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    shortgrl006 reacted to I'm losing it! in December post ops   
    Hello all. I am 4 days Post op from RYGB. I am doing what I consider GREAT! I gained 14 pounds from surgery, all those gasses (laproscopic) and Water (tons of IV bags of fluid) really add up. Little by little I can tell that is exiting my body, then I should begin to lose the actual "weight". I am only sore in the abdomen area. I have had NO PAIN at at all. Just tenderness, soreness and when I first wake in the morning, I'd say my belly area is stiff. I did get a bit plugged up feeling yesterday and took some MOM (Milk of Magnesia sp?) and that worked like a charm. Everyone should keep that product on hand...just incase. I am doing my 2 oz of bariatric approved Protein shake every hour and hydrating with zero caloried Water and flavored drinkings in between. It's really hard to consume so much "food" (fluid) when you are NOT a bit hungry. I have had NO belly hunger and NO head hunger. It's been six days since I have "eaten" real food. I was thinking I'd be starving and dying for food and the hand to mouth function....I am not! So far, so good. Really looking forward to getting some of these extra surgery pounds offs, so the real LOSING can begin!!! Happy Saturday to all.
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    shortgrl006 reacted to DLCoggin in The dreaded STALL...   
    It is very difficult if not impossible to know if a stall ends because it had run it's course or because of something that you did. There's nothing wrong with trying some of the solutions that folks will offer you but consider an alternative - follow your plan. No matter what. Regardless of what your weight is doing, follow your plan. Rapid weight loss, follow your plan. Slow weight loss, follow your plan. No weight loss, follow your plan. If it helps, here's my plan:
    Stay positive. Stay patient. Stay focused on following the protocol as closely to the letter as you possibly can. Maintain a food log. I know it sounds simplistic but if you follow your plan, no matter what, you will find that the whole process is so much less stressful and the weight will take care of itself. Trust the process and let your body find its own way in its own time.
    You're gonna love the new you!!

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