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    irockedthe80s got a reaction from wannaBthinsoon in Kansas city area?   
    Hi! I'm not in KC but did travel there for sleeve on February 6 with Dr Hoehn at KC Bariatric. You will not regret it. Dr, his staff and surgical staff are beyond great!! The care I received after surgery at the surgery center was really amazing!! I can't say enough about what a great experience it was for me. I'm excited for you!!
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    irockedthe80s reacted to RJ'S/beginning in Stop the Whining Over A Few Miserable Days!   
    What gets me is that patients on here who are timid and do not know what is exactly happening to them and their nerves give in to fear. Because that happens to all of us during these changes in our lives. If we belittle their comments and fears why would they ever want to come back on here and get the help they need from those who have experienced what they are going through. Going through this a lone is a horrible thing and that is what this forum is for to help.....guide and encourage. Doing it by your own examples of your experience...
    Who on here can not say that even in the beginnings of this hike through this change that we were not a little scared or frightened that we may not have second guessed ourselves and hoped that some one would just say it's okay...Your on track..Work through it. It happened to me.
    Repeated questions are part of this forum...I just worry about the ones that are scared off by a harsh opinion of their feelings...I know I would not want to experience it..I would want help. that's what we are here for. I understand the OP reasons for posting this thread I just don't agree with it..
    So I will agree to disagree and go on. I have said my 2 cents worth and that is that!
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    irockedthe80s reacted to LipstickLady in Stop the Whining Over A Few Miserable Days!   
    In turn, if one doesn't want to be supportive on a forum *that is here as a means of support*, maybe one should skip the threads that consist of said "whining".
    It's called having compassion. You (general plural) don't know everyone's story. We are all unique individuals leading very different lives with different experiences and different journeys. No one has the right to make someone feel bad for coming here and sharing how they feel.
    I've been around long enough that those who come here to "whine" about their regrets usually come back in a few weeks and give wonderful updates. Thank goodness they had this safe place to share their feelings. That is the purpose of this board, isn't it?
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    irockedthe80s reacted to enjoythetime in Protein bars ?   
    You only eat 400 cal per day?? Wow!!!!! How do you have any energy?
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    irockedthe80s got a reaction from Pretty_In_Purple in Can I Do This?   
    You can do this!!! In my experience, the pre-op diet (specifically the first 3 days) was way more difficult than post op has been. Try to stay busy and drink, drink, drink!! It will be over before you know it and you'll be so happy that you stuck it out! Best of luck to you!!
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    irockedthe80s got a reaction from Pretty_In_Purple in Can I Do This?   
    You can do this!!! In my experience, the pre-op diet (specifically the first 3 days) was way more difficult than post op has been. Try to stay busy and drink, drink, drink!! It will be over before you know it and you'll be so happy that you stuck it out! Best of luck to you!!
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    irockedthe80s reacted to truck8595 in February Sleevers.... Check in!   
    Hi all!

    Feb 19th sleever here! Best thing I have ever done!

    I'm currently on soft protiens and am doing well with most foods I have had but have had a handful of ugly incidents after eating either just a bite too much or a tad too quickly. Puking post-sleeve is just WEIRD, amirite?

    Looking forward to getting more solid foods in down the line, but with small meals filling me up so well, I'm very satisfied with what I do have. Soups are still my favorite meals-- so many options!

    Pre-op weight (Jan 10): 377
    Day of Surgery (Feb 19): 339
    Today (Mar 13): 310

    I am so proud of all of you for taking the big step. We're taking our lives back, people! Do you realize just how COOL that is!

    Much love,
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    irockedthe80s reacted to kcgirl2001 in Kansas city area?   
    Hi! I'm Mel! I am scheduled for the sleeve on May 12th with Dr. Hoehn. I am excited & nervous!
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    irockedthe80s got a reaction from DLCoggin in Dance Walking   
    I love this!! Thanks for sharing!
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    irockedthe80s reacted to CowgirlJane in Weight will stop redue after six months ? Is that true   
    I was told the honeymoon period was the first year. I knew there was no way i was losing 150+ in a year so I asked my NUT what that really meant to me. Did it mean I was destined to remaining "overweight"?
    She told me that I could keep losing and maintaining as long as I keep "working that sleeve" - there was no expiration date on that. She was RIGHT. Yes, weight loss slows down... thank goodness really! I got to my initial goal in 14 months and have lost another 10# since then. I am 2 years and 3+ months post op now and I know I could lose even more weight if I were so inclined (which I am not). It is really about working the sleeve. I am not saying it is easy, and I do agree that you are well served to be as diligent as possible that first year (or 6 months or whatever) as it does get harder, but the only limits exist in our own minds.
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    irockedthe80s reacted to Frederic in Specific friend advice needed! Pic included   
    There is a middle ground between gushing about WLS and keeping it a secret. I only mention my WLS if somebody asks. I have nothing to be ashamed of I worked hard before the surgery and I still work hard after the surgery the difference is my hard work actually generates results now. I just hate the idea of WLS being this thing only whispered about in secret and treated like something to be ashamed of. People don't keep tonsillectomies a secret or kidney stones. I believe WLS should be no different.
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    irockedthe80s reacted to Seela in Specific friend advice needed! Pic included   
    A different take... some of my closest friends, when we've discussed it, have said that even though I've gone from a size 20 to a 12 that they just simply don't notice it. They certainly do if we look at pictures but the comment I hear over and over is that they just see me. Maybe your friend isn't being rude, maybe she just really loves you and doesn't care about what you look like and is just happy to be with you.
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    irockedthe80s reacted to cprince1975 in I rarely use the bathroom anymore?   
    Switched coffee to Decaf, have drank Water til I wanna puke, and finally found smooth moves tea! Fixing to drink my first cup. Here goes!!
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    irockedthe80s reacted to lnelson796 in Missouri sleevers   
    I'm from Independence. Sleeved by Dr. Hoehn June 4, 2013. Down 109 pounds and not regetting a thing!
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    irockedthe80s reacted to rebecca61885 in 6 weeks next tuesday b4 and after. So far   
    I am just noticing a difference.

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    irockedthe80s reacted to Sleeveless in seattle in I rarely use the bathroom anymore?   
    FYI, I found the smooth moves tea at my Walmart in the regular tea section
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    irockedthe80s got a reaction from cprince1975 in I rarely use the bathroom anymore?   
    The smooth moves tea? I found it at Walgreens.
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    irockedthe80s reacted to Seela in Disappointing show, everyone still fat!   
    I've kept quiet but there's something I feel the need to say. First, I come here for support and perspective. I'm not always in a sunshine-y mood when I need this support. I thought this would be a good place to get the perspective I was after and the honest and serious comments from (almost) everybody truly helped me wrap my head around an experience that threw me for a loop. It helped me see things differently, which was exactly what I needed and what I asked for. However. .. to those of you that are SO angry and ready to beat me with a stick all I can say is I'm sorry for you - that you can't see things from someone else's view and have some understanding, even days later. My op truly wasn't meant to hurt anybody, I was hurting from my personal journey and experience and as others have done, they have given their point of view without the nastiness. I sincerely pray that you find enough peace within yourself to get over your grudge for somebody that posted something in an online support forum. I hope that you never inadvertently say something that offends someone else and they act the way you do. I'm not sorry for my post. I do regret some of the words I used and I regret that they hurt people on here in any way. But support isn't always pretty. Sometimes what we need isn't politically correct or polite. Sometimes it hurts. But hurting back is NOT what I teach my children. That's all. Have a nice day
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    irockedthe80s reacted to gmanbat in Disappointing show, everyone still fat!   
    Maybe a small factor and maybe not: this forum.
    Do not underestimate the support, information, and feedback that many of us get on a daily basis here. People in a physical support group do not always hit the computer for help and the monthly meetings may be it for them.
    I can tell you this forum is a big factor in my success.
    As for the original post....not malicious. Maybe insensitive... I don't know...I'm a man.
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    irockedthe80s reacted to Christian Zaccone in Newbie needs help!   
    HMMMM.. ID check on that.. They actually pump you with gas and you have to get rid of the gas by walking. In the first 2 weeks i lost like 28lbs ish. I would just ask your dietician/nurse. I agree with IROCKEDTHE80s re the trauma and you are swollen, Hey im still rocking the 80's in the 2010's.. M3 ROCK Festival coming up in a few weeks!!
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    irockedthe80s reacted to sophie'sChoice in Feeling discouraged   
    I used to drink the premiere prior to surgery and really liked them. Now, in my first week out when I was going to rely on them I can't hardly stomach them. Sorry, no pun intended! I think I am going to take the advice of the chicken flavored Unjury. I have read lots of good things about it on this forum. Hang in there! You got this!
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    irockedthe80s reacted to Kay York in Feeling discouraged   
    chicken Unjury is the only one I like!!! Drink it everyday!!
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    irockedthe80s reacted to #sdontdefineme# in Feeling discouraged   
    I'll be 6 weeks on Thursday as well. The premiere Protein Shakes were way too sweet for me. I drink the EAS brand from Wal-Mart has 17 grams Protein. I also picked up a canister of whey protein, chocolate Peanut Butter flavor for like $15 at Wal-Mart too. It has 30 grams of protein per scoop. I eat laughing cow cheese wedges, string cheese, scrambled egg whites, Soups, cottage cheese, greek yogurts, pink salmon, tuna, hummus and tilapia. I have no problems getting my protein in, just my Water.< /p>
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    irockedthe80s reacted to Torias mom in Feeling discouraged   
    Have you tried unjury chicken Soup? Thats pretty good and a good change of pace from all the regular sweet flavors. Try adding the unflavored to chicken or beef broth, just can't add it to really hot Water, over 120 degrees I think, or it gets clumpy. Swanson also has some flavor infused broths, I haven't tried them yet, but seems like it may be an alternative to plain chicken or beef broth. Good luck to you.
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    irockedthe80s reacted to CoffeeGrinDR in Feeling discouraged   
    I had the same problem so I switched to unflavored Protein. Finally got going by masking it by making shakes in my blender at home. Can't stand the sweet of the artificial sweeteners. I still struggle to get my protein and calories in (at 8 weeks out) and it is probably what is slowing my weight loss. Hang in there -- it gets better as you heal.

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