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    tdguill reacted to gelen's_change in Post op march sleevers   
    Long time i havent been on but heres my progress

    Durgery date 3/5/13
    Sw 266lbs
    Cw 155lbs
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    tdguill got a reaction from Marivdb in Anyone wishing they would have had gastric bypass instead of sleeve?   
    I have no regrets since having the sleeve done. I am 7 months post op and have lost about 150 pounds, and that is without exercising about 3 months.
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    tdguill reacted to Fiddleman in Almost 9 months out. Opinions on going back on a full protein shake diet for a few weeks?   
    I drink at least 1 shake a day. My hard earned muscle would cannabalize itself (known as catabolic state) if I did not due to not meeting Protein requirement of ideal weight (lb) * .92. Sometimes i try to eat 1 g of Protein per ideal weight. my weight is currently 172 and my ideal weight is 180. Used to be a fan of Protein Bars because they tasted good and seemed like an easy way to up daily protein. You want your body to be in an anabolic state for muscle growth so do eat as much protein as you are able to. Protect those muscles!
    My preferred bar was pure protein because high protein and low carb. The only problem is that they are slider for me and have recently been tasting really bland and overly processed. After tastes stick out like a sore thumb. So I do not eat them any longer (except in emergency) and instead eat a good quality source of protein and a small serving of veggie. For example, at snack time today (10 am), I had 3 ounces of bbq pulled pork (fairly lean) and an ounce steamed broccoli. Filled me up just fine.
    On most days, I do eat most of my meals now from real food and have a casein shake before I go to bed. Casein shakes are awesome at night because i always wake up feeling lean. On training days (5 days a week), 40 g of Protein Shake is mixed in with a serving of 1/2 cup steel oats 2x a day (once for Breakfast and once 1.5 hours before training is to begin). Not sure if you want to count these as "shakes", but I guess you can, placing my daily shake count at 3 on those training days. Sometimes I have a shake after training, but not so much any longer. Instead I eat an AMRAP bar which is higher in carbs (17 g) and a little lower in protein (14 g). Just what i need after a hard WOD. as an aside, Most doctors will recommend eating high protein and low carb to lose weight regardless of WLS.
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    tdguill got a reaction from endless80 in I know most people or carb crazy but will I ever be able to eat a sandwich again?   
    I am 6 months post op and I can eat about 3/4 of a piece of toast. I know that a 6 inch sub would be too much, but maybe a 3 inch would be do- able. Occasionally I will do 1/8 to 1/4 cup of rice or potato. I eat a few crackers from time to time. Personally, I wish that I waited longer before eating rice, potatoes, bread and etc. I feel like I am more hungry and eat more when I started eating those items. I may cut those carbs out and go back to just Protein and veggies.
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    tdguill reacted to TwinsMama in Quick question....   
    I had sex at 3 weeks. I can say, being on my hands & knees hurt so maybe try missionary. I thought that would hurt more...nope.
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    tdguill got a reaction from princesstia in 6 months post op ** NEW PICS**   
    You look absolutely amazing!
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    tdguill reacted to NeverBeTheSameAgain in regreting this whole thing   
    Girl, put ur big girl panties on & dont worry about lil stuff like this. A stall? We been in a stall for as long as we been fat. U worried about the way ur body look after 3weeks? Dont do that 2 urself. When u feel like that please think about me...I started at 526lbs, so imagine what this body is going 2 look like in 6 months 2 a yr....but I DONT CARE!!!!!!! Im going 2 put on a GOOD girdle & my Sunday bra & keep it moving. THIS journey is about being healthy. If u dont like certain things believe me its some doctor somewhere that can fix it...from now on put all ur change left from $20 in a jar & call it my NEW body collection & by the time u lose all that weight, u will be ready 2 fix whatever u like. Think positive about this, u just added YEARS 2 ur life!
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    tdguill reacted to NeverBeTheSameAgain in TOTAL DISBELIEF   
    This week I am starting 2 have my follow up appointments & I went to the 1 of the doctors 2day. Now when I 1st went I couldnt be weighed on their scale because it only went up to 500lbs & as all of u know I was 526lbs. Well 2day, when he called my name I was thinking omg, Im still not going 2 be able 2 give my weight. So the nurse said just put all of ur things dwn & lets see. So I did & I got on that scale WITH MY SHOES ON & it read 497lbs smh. Yall have no idea, how that made me feel. I know EVERY scale dont go up 2 (500lbs) but I can actually get weighed like a normal person...all I could do is cry. Most ppl dont have 2 worry about that kinda stuff but I do & it made my day 2 see my weight come accross that screen EVEN THO its still alot it came accross that screen & thats ALL that matters 2 me.
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    tdguill reacted to Lawrence Washington in Before and after with pictures/ almost one month out!   
    WOW... I used to see these a month ago and say I cant wait to do that... well.. here it is... I was sleeved May 17th!!! the before pic was May 15th... Maybe around 320lbs... and the after pic was taken June 13th, around 299 lbs... I say around because I didnt need no scale before to tell me my weight and i dont need one now... I refuse to be a slave to the scale... because if i had one i would be... Ill let my doctor do the weighing in!!!!!! I see him on tuesday... i hope to be around 295 by then... My highest weight was 344 around March... so i think im on track well!!

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    tdguill reacted to thetattooedlady in Before and after with pictures/ almost one month out!   
    I LOVE your attitude! I tell women all the time...stop weighing yourself every single day! They worry so much about stalls and one pound fluctuations..but in the grand scheme of things, the weight will come off and there are so many other things to stress about... you look awesome! Good job!
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    Ok just for giggles why don't you educate us as to how a BMI of 30 can be obese for certain heights and not for others....
    I will wait in case you need to pull up supporting documentation or take a smoke break..
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    tdguill reacted to soocalchic in Just ate a Wendy's cheeseburger!   
    It's a friggin burger! I love how the food nazis always come out to shake their bony finger.. One day at a time tomorrow you'll be good right? That's how I see it..
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    tdguill reacted to AussieLady in Just ate a Wendy's cheeseburger!   
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    tdguill reacted to Babysteppin in Just ate a Wendy's cheeseburger!   
    This seems harsh and passive agressive to me. (Not what VST is supposed to be about.) In my opinion, why post at all if it's not constructive? Better to just leave it alone and move on to a different topic that you can add value to.
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    tdguill reacted to BigDaddyJoe in Any March Sleevers?   
    Are you a March sleever? If not, I'm sorry but the decision has been made that too many non-March sleevers have gotten into the group and that goes against the original intent of the group. There are other Facebook groups for people not sleeved in March.
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    tdguill reacted to luckysmomma in Manners Matter...   
    ...I am a little over a month out from surgery. I joined this site a couple of weeks prior to my surgery. I've seen lots of positive; I've seen lots of negative. I'd be the first one to admit that when typing a text, an email, or a post on a site such as this...miscommunication happens. However, words are very powerful - words need to be chosen carefully especially when you don't even truly know a person..I was slammed a couple of weeks ago about regret...I am still here. I am NOT going anywhere...I am more determined than everto share my story...whether you are in the majority here who love their sleeve, or you are in the minority who regret their sleeve - you are important, your journey is yours, and this should be a place where you should be able to feel comfortable....but I just read a very mean reply to someone's post...it was totally uncalled for...it was simply rude....cold, callous, in my personal opinion. I am MAD!
    I strongly feel that many on this site need to ask themselves after reading a post...can I say anything supportive to this person? If your answer is no, or you have so much disagreement with the poster's thoughts/questions ... that you just want to beat someone down with your words...don't post a reply to the person, period.
    I think most would agree we are here for support, to gain knowledge, to gain confidence in our journey, to hear from kindred spirits in this journey...this should be a safe place to ask questions, to express our thoughts, to share stories...so, please, please from the bottom of my heart...I am asking people to remember what I tell middle school kids every day ..."Manners matter! If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all!"
    ...can I get an Amen???
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    tdguill reacted to brandy88 in Wow are we adults?   
    I'm not shocked there is hateful judgmental people but I do believe everyone is human. We all will eat/ drink things we shouldn't and when someone takes the time to post questions I don't think it's our place to judge. We all got fat from not making the right choices, and no one will make me feel bad about that more than myself. And making fun of them is childish. I researched and looked at forums for a year before I was sleeved. But questions come up, and we are here to support those who get sleeved after us. That is all...let the hating start!!!
    Ps no one was rude or hateful to me and I have had nothing but good experiences personally but just hate seeing others being treated poorly. Like my mother always said if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all.
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    tdguill reacted to Ms skinniness in Need positivity from post op peeps!   
    This is one of the hardest journeys we have all chose to take and the majority of us would do it again in a heart beat....
    This will take work on learning to change your eating habits but you will be so thankful and ready for these changes.....
    Hang in there, you will go to sleep and a wonderful deep sleep to wake up to a new life style. Yep, you will be on your way to a skinny body and better health. Can't wait for you to join us on the BIG LOSER'S BENCH!
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    tdguill reacted to SerendipityHappens in Need positivity from post op peeps!   
    Sending you lots and LOTS of positive and happy thoughts!
    I am 7 weeks out and am SO HAPPY with my decision to be sleeved. I was sleeved on 3/13/13 in Tijuana, Mexico. I had a beautifully easy recovery and transitioned through all stages of my post op diet with ease. The month of April I had a slow loss of only 3 pounds.. but that was because I lost SOOOOO much in March.. AND I had been on 800 calories since December! My body was ready for a stall!.. And already in May I've lost two pounds.. You just have to be patient and trust the process.
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    tdguill reacted to Laura V in Need positivity from post op peeps!   
    Attitude is everything! this is a major change in lifestyle but that's what we signed up for! I'm not skipping for joy 24 hours a day. But it's the best thing I could of done for myself. I am off of high blood pressure meds and I walked through life lighter in body and in mood.
    It's really different being in public now... It's easy, and conversation comes easier there is no longer this big anti social suit of fat barring me from being part of normal life..
    It will be a bit painful and there will be baby tantrums (at least there was in my case)
    But there will be health and happiness with yourself waiting on the other side
    Good luck to you this week!
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    tdguill reacted to enigmachik in Best peanut butter?   
    I work in Human Resources for Whole Foods Market and I can tell you that many of the stores also have the grinding options for almond butter and cashew butter. All of the fresh ground nut butters are amazing! If you choose the plain ones, the only ingredient is the nut itself (no added sugar/salt/oil) so it's also the healthiest option. Another hint, try drizzling a tiny amount over kale or other leafy greens. It gives it a wonderful nutty flavor and adds a little Protein punch.
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    tdguill got a reaction from ooffa511 in Yesterday was a year since my surgery!   
    You look beautiful! Congrats!!
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    tdguill reacted to O.T.R. sleever in Egg white protein   
    Egg Proteins are a very good alternative. Jay Robb makes a good egg Protein powder.
    BTW, what in Whey Are you allergic to?
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    tdguill reacted to omtaylor in Egg white protein   
    A lot of the protien shakes are whey or soy based which I'm allergic to. Has any one tried egg white Protein Shakes? They taste a lot better and have up to 26g of Protein. I think this could be a good thing!!

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