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  1. Check out Isopure, it comes in a variety of flavors.
  2. tdguill

    Hair Grow Back?

    That is something I would like to know. I am 7 months post op and started losing my hair at about 5 months out.
  3. I have no regrets since having the sleeve done. I am 7 months post op and have lost about 150 pounds, and that is without exercising about 3 months.
  4. It is common, I was like that in the beginning. Do your best to get your protein and water in!
  5. tdguill

    whats the deal with sugar free post op?

    I was told by the nurse to only use Stevia, not sure why. I use to use sweet n low. I don't think any of them are healthy.
  6. tdguill

    Cauliflower pizza dough?

    Sounds and looks great! I will definitely have to try it!
  7. I am 6 months post op and I can eat about 3/4 of a piece of toast. I know that a 6 inch sub would be too much, but maybe a 3 inch would be do- able. Occasionally I will do 1/8 to 1/4 cup of rice or potato. I eat a few crackers from time to time. Personally, I wish that I waited longer before eating rice, potatoes, bread and etc. I feel like I am more hungry and eat more when I started eating those items. I may cut those carbs out and go back to just protein and veggies.
  8. tdguill

    2 free Quest Bars.

    I haven't received mine yet
  9. tdguill

    2 free Quest Bars.

    Thanks for the link
  10. tdguill


    I use Jay Robb egg protein in Chocolate flavor. I haven't had any problems with it, it has been the only one that I have been able to tolerate. I hope you find one that works for you.
  11. tdguill

    Having regrets

    It really does get better, just hang in there.
  12. tdguill


    I couldn't handle whey protein, so I switched to egg protein and tolerate it well.
  13. tdguill

    me and protein don't mix

    I buy it at The Vitamin Shoppe.
  14. tdguill

    me and protein don't mix

    I had a lot of problems post surgery with protein drinks. My NUT recommended trying an egg protein, so I did Jay Robb egg protein powder and it changed everything. It taste good and I tolerate it fine. chocolate is my preferred flavor, I do not like the strawberry. The vanilla is ok, I just add different flavors of Torani sugar free syrup. Before Jay Robb I had tried numerous protein drinks, they just didn't agree with me. Such as, premier protein, Nectar, isopure, pure protein and probably more.
  15. You look absolutely amazing!
  16. tdguill

    post op soda

    I go for my 3 month post op appointment this Friday and I will be asking about drinking POP I tried a sip of diet coke about a month ago and wasn't impressed with the taste. A couple of weeks ago I tried diet 7 up, and liked it. This week I tried diet A&W diet root beer and liked it. But, I don't want to drink POP if it will harm my sleeve, so I will talk to my doc and NUT.
  17. I took and still take numerous medications. I didn't have any problem swallowing, my problem was with being nauseous. Especially in the beginning, when you aren't eating food. I also had to spread the mess out, so not to take too many at once. I never had any problems with not being able to sip enough water. I am almost 3 months post surgery and I can actually take some big "gulps" now.
  18. Feel free to add me too tdguill on there also
  19. tdguill

    California? Anyone...ツ

    Los Angeles here. LAX area.
  20. tdguill

    Suggestions on what to eat?

    I had surgery on 3-18-13. I have eaten baked tilapia, and did fine. Ground turkey, chicken, pork tenderloin. I had bacon the other day. I do numerous types of cheese, Greek yogurt, eggs and egg beaters. I tried beef once, but I think it was too soon. I also use jay Robb egg protein powder in chocolate . I take lactaid before dairy products. Hope this helps
  21. You look beautiful! Congrats!!
  22. tdguill

    MyFitnessPal.com Members

    tdguill is my name on fitness pal
  23. I did ok with the protein drinks pre op, but had a really hard time post op. I can not stand Isopure, just thinking of it makes me gag. I can't stand nectar powders, premier protein. I tried the Jay Robb egg protein powder and I can tolerate it, but only the chocolate flavored. This has made all the difference in the world!
  24. tdguill

    4 mos out with Pics

    You look great!
  25. tdguill

    Calcium chews ?

    I ordered bariatric advantage chewable. I thought I was getting the chewy ones, caramel is really good, but what I got was chocolate flavored chewables, which taste chalky.

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