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  1. Haven't been on for awhile..seemed that the website had a lot of kinks to work out. In new news...Since i posted in last Oct. I'm now married and 6 months pregnant :)

    1. aroundhky


      Welcome back stranger....missed ya! Congrats on the great news! Yeah, I mostly bailed for a month or two myself back in the winter.

    2. nicden17


      Thanks :) yeah just doesn't seem the same on here now that they have changed everything..


  2. nicden17

    Post op FIRST time pregnancies

    I had my sleeve Surgery in Jan 2011 and am currently 6 months pregnant. It's still kind of new to me... It may sound crazy but I guess from being soo..big for soo long..I just really never pictured myself pregnant or having kids. Blessings in disguise.
  3. nicden17

    My 600 lb life

    Just curious to who has watched it and/or not . I just started watching it on tlc last night and could very much relate. It showed the struggles of someone that heavy through 7 years and the ups and downs and everything revolving around bariatric surgery. So if you haven't watched it I suggest it.
  4. In need of some serious gym time..

  5. Happy Thursday ! Hope everyone has a great day! ;)

  6. you know you haven't been on in a while when you have 86 notifications. Ain't nobody got time for that . ;)

  7. I was 29 when I had mine. I've lost 200lbs. I would rather have a little sagging skin that clothes can cover up then be stuck in my previous shape. And honestly my little problem areas are not that bad. Just follow what they say...lots of protein, water, and being active.
  8. first coffee then gym... Need to reset my pedometer got 15,000 + steps the other day!

  9. nicden17

    Bras? HELP

    I used to use the lane Bryant bras when I was heavier. Now I wear Victoria secret.( Someone told me they were both made by the same company) I would go there they have lots of varieties and can custom fit you. Well worth the money spent
  10. Trying to wake up ..then hopefully i can get in some gym and tan time before work.

  11. nicden17

    Is 2 weeks reasonable?

    When I had my surgery I took 2 weeks off and went back to work . Which was good because I was starting to get cabin fever. It was just a little hard to get used to being on my feet 8 hours a day because I hadn't been in soo long.
  12. nicden17

    Caramel Banana Protein Shake

    sounds good..but how much sugar is in that caramel syrup?
  13. nicden17

    Isopure or Unjury

    I personally prefer the isopure...i still drink them on and off 2 years po if i feel like i'm not getting in enough protein. I LOVE THE NEW COCONUT flavor...they have it at the vitamin shoppe aswell
  14. work at work ...work at home...and working on getting promoted.

  15. There is always going to be someone who has that mind set. I had my fair share. But when we come to this decision it's typically been well thought out . I know me for example I tried EVERYTHING under the sun with multiple doctors, to b-12 shots, to water pills, to medical supervised diets. Nothing worked...it wasn't my thyroid... Food was killing me.. and I can either let it continue to steal my life away from me or do something that would be permanent. Something that would MAKE me change my ways. Something that when I wanted to give up and binge...I couldn't because it won't allow me to. A tool that I need in my life to save me from myself. So let them say what they need say. But remind them that this is your choice and you are choosing to do what you feel is best. People are quick to judge us and tell us what they think is best for us. Hard to have a fulfilling life when you feel trapped and limited to your body. Carrying all that weight on your body is not a better alternative because that leads to just as scary stuff if not worse. Good luck and stay strong and focused on your choices

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