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    Lovechunks reacted to laners777 in 11 weeks post op...   
    140....I have also followed everything the DR said. My thinking is I have a small window to get all my weight off and then learn how to maintain it. Why would I waste time experimenting with how to get around my sleeve when I can use this time to learn how to live a healthy life with my sleeve and be at goal !!! pizza, bread, Pasta and carbs that fill my sleeve and gives me no room for Protein are just not in my life anymore...I divorced them. They were bringing me DOWN and they had to go forever. I know we all have to do the things that work for us and I am not slamming those people who can work those things into their life but for me, I can't and don't know how to integrate those things into my life and still get to goal. 140 hang in there and let's keep our eye on the prize.....smaller, healthier and happier lives that are filled with the ability to do things, not defined by what we are going to eat next. OK I'm done...sorry if this was too long and soap boxish.
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    Lovechunks reacted to LipstickLady in this may start a riot.   
    Hugs, Chicky. I was VERY lucky to have the type of tumor I had. It was a BIG one, but it was a "good" one. They found it, opened my head, took it out, put my head back together, and now we look for a new one once a year. It's unlikely to come back since it hasn't by now, and next year I go to every other year MRIs.
    I will hold your hand telepathically next time you have yours.
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    Lovechunks reacted to Butterthebean in this may start a riot.   
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    Lovechunks got a reaction from linda305 in 2 months postop before and after pictures   
    Can I just say---you look sassy!
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    Lovechunks reacted to Butterthebean in this may start a riot.   
    Yes we are all just bullies....or "likers" of bullies.
    This thread was such a testament to WLS genius before all the nose candy talk.
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    Lovechunks reacted to MindiJean in this may start a riot.   
    Good Morning!!!
    How many nose pickers do we have out there on this fine Sunday morning?
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    Lovechunks reacted to back2barb78 in this may start a riot.   
    Had to chime in again. Some of the newer people on this site choose not to post because the vets are a bit abrasive under the veil of being or trying to be sarcastically funny with one another. They really crack themselves up don't they? I've attributed it to the hormone shift once you get closer to your goal weight. We will be there one day as well. What I will do if I'm still posting on this site in one to two years is be mindful of where I was at that point in time and if I can't control myself and feel the need to be pushy with people on a support site is find something else productive to do with my time and log off. Or maybe start a private group somewhere else where I dont have to try to resist being overly aggressive with nervous preop/freshly postop fat people. There's a difference between tough love and being snide, but just like in our real lives when we have to deal with dumb a@ comments- some people just don't know any better. {)i(} Sent from my iPhone using VST {)i(}
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    Lovechunks reacted to CowgirlJane in this may start a riot.   
    I used to avoid posting much on VST because I thought too many of the people were mean. The exception was the band to sleeve forum where I found much inspiration.
    After awhile I started noticing people werent mean, it was more that my tender heart couldnt take some of the more "in your face" style people here. Over time as I became confident and less emotionally fragile I realized that I learned a lot more on VST and now seldom read/post on the "gentler" forum.
    I apologiZe if i hurt feelings but I am 2 years into this, researched it long before that and was well educated by a center of excellence team and have paid attention to trends of forum posters who gets to goal and who doesnt. Guess what - the ones who follow the silly rules seem to be on to something. I do agree that misinfo abounds so pick a good surgeon with a great track record and follow his/her advice.
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    Lovechunks reacted to back2barb78 in this may start a riot.   
    She is right though- some people make some dumb ass comments and silly statements/questions on here- I choose to scroll past those threads though. Everyone doesn't have the same level of intellect and it's each of our choices to hit the button to respond- you don't have to. At the same time the thread title was a bit punchy, but I still think everyone needs to relax a bit- and realize too you're dealing with people who can't eat for comfort anymore! A bit touchy to say the least. I know I am at times.
    {)i(} Sent from my iPhone using VST {)i(}
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    Lovechunks reacted to AmandaRaeLeo in this may start a riot.   
    C'mon. You titled your thread, "This may start a riot"...
    That just screams provocation. I'm not throwing the book or getting mad... Just keeping it real.
    You were poking the lion(s) with a stick and now you're shocked some of the lion(s) swiped at you? I think that is kind of silly.
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    Lovechunks reacted to Macy6 in this may start a riot.   
    I love this! It is so true!
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    Lovechunks reacted to Butterthebean in this may start a riot.   
    Someone once told me...."only take advice from someone who is where you want to be." So what cowgirljane said is true....I see so many newly sleeved and even presleeved people here telling folks how to do things...and how it's going to go for them forever. Really? How do they know?
    The surgeons all have many different opinions on what works and what doesn't work. The truth is, there is more than one way to skin a cat. The best way is the way that works....and that you can stick with forever.
    And btw....it's not the Protein bars and shakes that bind you up...it's the lack of Fiber. When you're newly sleeved it's very difficult to get in enough Fiber. Most don't because they're too busy getting in their Protein and simply don't have the room for much else.
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    Lovechunks reacted to macman in Men, pre-op weight of 300-330lbs   
    I am still pre op as well. My start weight was 362. I am now at 330. I still have a couple things to complete but hoping to have surgery in December. I have set a personal goal of 230 lbs. (I probably have not been at that weight for almost 30 years). But it is a very good question about setting expectations. At this time I would just like to make a great effort and end up at whatever the number is
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    Lovechunks reacted to JessicaAnn in 4 month surgiversary!   
    HW 299
    SW 289
    CW 221
    I'm so happy I made the decision to have this surgery! Other then the birth of my kids, this was the best thing that has ever happened to me!
    Don't mind the severely messy hair.. Daylight savings doesn't work on kids and I've been up since 4:30am :/, but look!! I have collar bones!!

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    Lovechunks reacted to erp in Self Sabotage   
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    Lovechunks reacted to 1SuperBonBon in Self Sabotage   
    I can relate to this. Sometimes I feel like I am afraid of succeeding. I think I fear the perceived expectations people will have of me when I lose weight. Like everyone is watching me and judging me. I just want to crawl back into my safe zone.
    About 8 years ago I went on a diet and exercise plan and lost 90 pounds. I looked fabulous. I had so much trouble with haters. I even got talked to by my manager about "toning" it down. She told me that I should want people in my meetings to remember what I have to say not what I look like. WTF?
    This time around I am not going to let anything discourage me. Haters can go pound sand.
    You can do this!
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    Lovechunks reacted to Rootman in Thinner Face Shows Age!   
    Mixed bag here, skin is clearer and my eczema is gone and most all the acne too, although I have a bit of a turkey neck and look a little haggard sometimes. It's hard to tell what is from the weight loss, natural process of age - as it's been 2 years since I've had the operation, and exposure to the sun as I've been outdoors more post-op then I have EVERY been in my entire life, started bicycling in earnest this past spring.
    Regardless, I'd rather look like I do now and be thin then still be fat and laying around on a couch a pasty faced acne ridden slob covered in eczema
    As far a beauty secrets, I have none. See a cosmetologist and treat yourself to a makeover. And if they can't help see a plastic surgeon and treat yourself to a face lift for a job well done on the weight loss.
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    Lovechunks reacted to Sleevie J in at the airport!   
    now i see it! the two arms coming up and the hands meeting at the top making the heart. that's so sweet and innocent. please forgive me!
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    Lovechunks got a reaction from linda305 in 2 months postop before and after pictures   
    Can I just say---you look sassy!
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    Lovechunks reacted to linda305 in 2 months postop before and after pictures   
    Congrats. Love the jack Daniels picture. Can't wait for my turn.
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    Lovechunks reacted to Band07 in Loving life !   
    I was banded in 07 and unlike many others on here I didn't hate my band, it changed my life and I will always credit it for that and never regret it. I lost 90 lbs and kept it off for 6 years with the exception of about 20 lbs that i fluctuated up and down. I decided to revise to sleeve for more consistency and I really just wanted a change and honestly I hated that feeling of being stuck !!! I was sleeved on 9/20 and I have to say I am loving life !!! I'm doing it right this time as far as Vitamins and Protein first and even though the 4 weeks of liquids post op was the hardest thing Iv ever had to do now that I'm on softer foods I couldn't be happier with my decision!!! I feel full !!! I haven't felt stuck, I haven't thrown up... Nothing !! Recovery was a breeze and I went back to work after 3 days off, I do get very sick from eating sweets which is a big change for me having had a huge sweet tooth prior to all this but I'm okay with that. I'm 10 lbs from my goal and I feel better than I have in years as far as health goes ... Anyway I just wanted to share for anyone who may be struggling with the decision to revise. I may have liked my band, but I LOVE my sleeve !!!!
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    Lovechunks got a reaction from gamergirl in Clothing expenses after surgery   
    To make your shoes tighter, use a foam insole. You can cut them any shape you like, depending on the style.
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    Lovechunks got a reaction from sonya139 in Will you lie about the surgery?   
    "Female problems". I am a female- I have problems.
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    Lovechunks reacted to cindymg in Scared of Long Term Affects   
    I like to think that many of us who have had no complications, no pain, no nausea, no vomiting, don't post as often because we're too busy out there living our new lives!
    While I really feel for VSG'ers who had some rather dramatic complications, statistically the rate of complications is very, very small. I always tell people that I sailed through my procedure and recovery. If I didn't have 5 funny little scars on my tummy and the inability to eat very much, I might think the whole thing never happened.
    But it did happen. I am 5 months post op, co morbidities gone, 58 lbs gone, and I have my life back!
    Good luck on your journey. It's going to be amazing!
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    Lovechunks reacted to luvzpitbullz in Will you lie about the surgery?   
    Jkg I don't understand a word of what you are saying? Sorry

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