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    Kapoorvilla got a reaction from byebyedarkpassenger in Scar treatment - My results - Photos included   
    I am wondering if people who have very visible scars with slow heal outside their body are more prone to scar tissue inside their body?
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    Kapoorvilla reacted to Fiddleman in Slow loser requesting exercise review   
    Clearly you are not short of dedication, drive and willingness to succeed. Your exercise program is impressive.
    I am no expert when it comes to the fine anatomical details that contribute to a highly functional metabolism. However, I can succinctly enumerate some ideas that might help you as they have worked for me in achieving and maintaining an athletic build at my ideal weight.
    1. Nutrition and diet: They say 80% or more success of weight loss comes from the kitchen, outside of the gym. Eating at the right time, the right types of food in the right quantities to match your body type are going to make a difference.
    Let us break those items down:
    1. The right time: The body needs a constant source of the macros every 2-3 hours to keep the insulin response consistent in the blood stream. Ideally, one should eat a small meal of 200-300 calories when waking up, every 3 hours, until going to bed. This is especially important if you are very active to prevent the body from going into starvation mode due to a net negative of calories from working out the amount you do. The first meal at rise will " wake up your metabolism" and the last meal at bedtime will keep the metabolism burning throughout the night. However, it is important that these two meals be of the right food.
    I do not fast. Period. I have read a lot of good things about IF and 5:2, but it is just something I have no practical experience with for maintaining a healthy body weight with an athletic body fat percentage. For this reason, I cannot offer any advice on it.
    2. The right food: the first meal should.be a fast digesting Protein such as whey because your body has gone all night without food. The last meal should be a slow digesting Protein such as casein (shake, pudding, etc). The casein molecule are larger than whey molecules and take longer to absorb. This will keep your metabolism burning during the night. The meals during the day should be protein first. Try and target about 30 g of protein every meal. All meals should be low carbohydrate except for before and after working out. Before working out, your meal should target a 2:1 ratio of carbohydrate to protein. Keep the carbohydrate one that is low on the glycemic index so it does not burn up too quickly. The carbohydrates consumed after a workout should be the faster burning variety in order to assist in transporting nutrients to your muscles faster.
    3. The right quantities: each meal should be about 200-300 calories. It is enough to satisfy hunger and fill you up, but not too much. We want to prevent insulin spikes that result in storage of fat.
    4. Body type: Each body type is going to respond differently to food types. This is true if you are a pear, an apple or a box body type. Look up what foods are best for your body type.
    Now that we have stressed the importance of nutrition, let us look at exercise.
    2: Exercise: you have quite a comprehensive exercise program, but I cannot help but wonder if your body has become too efficient at it. Your body needs a constantly changing set of intensity in order to respond. For me, cross fit workouts fit the bill because every workout is different and very intense. They are short too. Most workouts fall between 10-20 minutes with some on the shorter side and some on the longer side. However, I am not in a workout for longer than 30 minutes. All the lifts are compound (both power and Olympic lifts) and all the cardio falls under what is called metabolic conditioning. Metabolic conditioning is designed to push you every single time.
    Here are some example workouts I did this last week:
    95/65 lb Thrusters x 20 reps
    5 Muscle-Ups
    Thrusters x 15 reps
    4 Muscle-Ups
    Thrusters x 10 reps
    3 Muscle-Ups
    Thrusters x 5 reps
    2 Muscle-Ups
    Thursday February 6th, 2014:
    (Compare Results to January 3rd WOD)
    EMOM for 12 Minutes:
    Full Squat Snatch x 1 with 3 second hold at bottom of OH squat
    Seven sets of (total of 28 minutes):
    30 seconds of Rowing (for max meters)
    Rest 30 seconds
    30 seconds of Handstand Push-Ups
    Rest 30 seconds
    30 seconds of 24″/20″ Box Jump
    Rest 30 seconds
    30 seconds of Push-ups
    Rest 30 seconds
    Wednesday February 5th, 2014:
    EMOM for 8 minutes:
    3 Front Squats @ 75-80%
    For Time:
    1000m Row
    50 Wall Balls 20#/14#
    30 Thrusters 95#/65#
    Tuesday February 3rd, 2014:
    "Open WOD 11.1"
    10 min AMRAP:
    30 Double Unders
    15 Power Snatches 75#/55#
    The Power snatch loads are as follows:
    Men and Masters Men 45-49, 50-54: 75lbs/35kg
    Women and Masters Women 45-54: 55lbs/25kg
    Masters Men 55-59, 60+: 65lbs/30kg
    Masters Women 55-59, 60+: 45lbs/20kg
    Rest Exactly 5 Minutes then...
    "Open WOD 12.1"
    7 min AMRAP of:
    This workout begins from the standing position. The Athlete will move from flat on the ground to touching an object with both hands that is 6 inches above their max reach. Score is total reps completed in 7 minutes.
    Monday February 2nd, 2014:
    15 minutes to find heavy Push Press
    7 Minute AMRAP:
    10 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups
    10 Alternating Pistols
    10 Handstand Push-Ups
    Rest exactly 2 minutes, and then…
    7 Minute AMRAP:
    10 Burpee Box Jumps 24"/20"
    10 Shoulder to Overhead 115#/75#
    The lifting portions of the workouts are done at a weight that makes sense for me.
    Consider moving away from the machines for your weight lifting and into free weights where more emphasis uis placed on correct for and correct muscle activation. Free weights also require a bigger emphasis on balance and agility then machines. I know this is a big step and may not be right for you at this time, but I offer it for your consideration.
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    Kapoorvilla got a reaction from supbanana in Questions after near death experiance in operating room?   
    Thank you 14 weeks out I am recovered. I do have constant diareaha and think I need to address that with my surgeon but other than I am well.
    I am really glad if someone reads my story they then go back and talk to a surgeon about their possible scar tissue.
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    Kapoorvilla reacted to Bos123 in Anyone return to liquid?   
    My sd was dec 3/12... I lost like 2 pds over two mos so now I'm trying to switch things up a bit I guess, maybe try liquids... I have 15 pds till goal and its going slooow lol. Good on the four pds!
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    Kapoorvilla reacted to leeann71 in Anyone return to liquid?   
    Congratulations on loosing those 14lbs! I was sleeved 12/4/12. I was in a stall for 7 weeks. Finaly I lost 4lbs yesterday. I just might have to try the liquids and see if it will work for me.
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    Kapoorvilla got a reaction from Bos123 in Anyone return to liquid?   
    Woot! Woot, another 2lbs gone,! Total of 14 down since I began liquids!!! Today is day 8 of liquids!
    Canadianchic, bascott73, Bos123
    Slow Losers unite!!! No one who has not experienced doing all the right things to no avail can understand this! I think it needs to be called more than a stall. This experience needs its own title! It is not simply being the same weight for a couple weeks, for me the last one at 236lbs lasted eight weeks while following the NUT's way. I definitely say give liquids a try see if it works for you. It will be same as pre op: first 3 day is hardest but after that their is only the mental hunger to deal with.
    Karenb4729: I think it is all about finding what works for you. One thing I have learned that it is truly different per person. I can actually eat a lot more calories than 900 calories of healthy foods and stay at same weight. I am very thankful for that because 800 to 900 are extremely low maintenance levels from what I have seen on here. You are doing a great job staying at those levels congrats!
    I agree exercise is important but it is not my favorite. This is about getting healthy. I track in MFP to be sure I get all my nutrition. I am very active in yard work, house work, and walk tons helping my husband in his distribution business. You should have seen the look on the faces when I share my readings from the pedometer at my surgeon's office. I do need to get back to the gym to speed things along. My husband and daughter are traveling to India to see his family and we have VBS and Church wide Camping trip when they return. So, I will wait until July to star my gym routine back up. I have been thinking I would challenge my self not to miss a day in July and then settle into a routine of 3 to 4 days a week in August. I have no desire to be a gym rat and I would rather be active doing something that accomplishes something else (ie yard work, or helping hubby) than stuck in doors on a machine so we will see how that goes.
    I will log on this thread each day so anyone interested can see how this goes for me. My sister who had the sleeve the same month as me is watching my results as well. She too is stuck and thinks this may work for her.
    It really is about what works for you and what you goals are. I have no desire to wear a size zero and go to the gym everyday for the rest of my life. For those of you who do that is a fine goal for you but do not try to tell everyone else that should be their goal. What works for me may not work for you and our goals may not be the same.
    My goal is to be an average size person instead of the biggest person in the room ! A size 12/14 would be fine with me. I did not have this surgery so I could spend the rest of my life weighing and measuring food and pushing for harder and harder work outs. Once again for those of you who have that goal: Go for it!! For those of you like me who just desire to be average size Go for it! This is our personal journey!
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    Kapoorvilla reacted to Bos123 in Anyone return to liquid?   
    Let me know how it works girls. I often wonder if I should try this to speed things up or try to be more patient and let it come
    Off slow... It's tough. I have a friend on ww who is loosing 1-2 pds a week..hmmm
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    Kapoorvilla reacted to bascott73 in Anyone return to liquid?   
    THANK YOU! Finally, someone who gets what I am going thru! I was sleeved Nov 12 and have lost 42 pounds, more than half of that in the fist 6 weeks. I was wondering the same thing about going back to the Protein Shakes instead of Breakfast and lunch and then trying to eat a healthy dinner, but my NUT said it wouldn't work. Well, just for kicks, I thought I'd try a day of it like that, and what do you know, I dropped a pound. Seriously has me wondering if it would work for me if I tried it for a week.
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    Kapoorvilla reacted to canadianchick in Anyone return to liquid?   
    Hi Kapoorvilla. I have been stalled for about 3 months now... I was sleeved Jan 21st this year. I lost about 21lbs pre op and about 14 lbs post op. I am thinking about trying a liqued diet again as well.
    I have tried upping my Protein, no change. I have tried cutting back on my protein...no change. I don't think alot of people on here understand the frustration of getting on the scale and it not changing at all !!! I mean if I lost a pound a week at least that would be something.. but nothing ?!? how can that even be possible !!?
    I totally understand your frustration. I'll be doing the liqued diet again too
    It really sucks that there is no help for people like us !
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    Kapoorvilla got a reaction from mariamitani in Anyone return to liquid?   
    Stall is broke I lost 12 pounds in the last week. The premier drink is 30grams of protien each. My hair is not falling out anymore! Usually when you run into a stall upping protien is the solution
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    Kapoorvilla got a reaction from amytug in My precious premier protein drinks :(   
    I love them too but sometimes they have that effect on me too. I have one a day now where I would do two to three a day pre op. My NUT use to say I was on the liquid diet way before I needed to be but I love premier! am 14 weeks post op. now and stick to one in the am because more mean tummy trouble. I have found drinking them slow helps a bit so I tend to have a long Breakfast with one.
    Yesterday I did do a premier and Danon Light Greek Yogurt strawberry flavor in the blender. I was not going to be home for the am snack so was trying to get it in because I sometimes come in to low on calories. My Doc wants 1100-1200 I struggle to stay above 800 because I eat low carb/low fat and high Protein healthy that type of food fills the sleeve and you do not want as much. So any way that was like a chocolate strawberry milkshake and was delicious. I wanted every drop but couldn't quite finish it. Delicious!
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    Kapoorvilla got a reaction from deedeemuffin in A thread for people who dont argue, name call, dictate or generally just be nasty.   
    I think there are two line of thought on VST those who have decided after having this surgery they will never eat another unhealthy food ever and they will become the fitness Queens and Kings. Then there are those who just wanted to stop the ever expanding body and hopefully see loss while having a normal relationship with food. It is like the Dems and Republicans in the USA each side wants it their own way and views the other side as trying to sabatoge and destroy. We even had a conspiracy theory played out when a sister opted about her sisters near death experiance.
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    Kapoorvilla reacted to iggychic in Low BMI of 38 would you do the surgery or have you done the sleeve?   
    I guess I never made it back Life has been crazy lately.
    So I guess I just want to say this. Read Sannah's story (Leak is the thread title I believe). Her heart has been damaged because of complications. Yup she's lost weight, and lost a well functioning heart, her gallbladder may have to be removed and she's still having other issues.
    My lungs are damaged which will take years to repair themselves. And as it turns out the leak damaged my stomach tissue so much that I may never get over being able to eat half a cup of food at a time. This means that I will have to take medically approved supplements to my calorie basis or I won't stop losing weight ever. I may never have the capacity to take in a balanced diet.
    I didn't die, but was close. I had a full life, socially active, good friends, etc, I was just overweight. For this stupid surgery I nearly threw it all away. My son almost lost his mom. My husband his wife. Half a million in medical bills...no comorbidities, no risk factors, this was to be easy peasy.....I would not do this if you have no other issues. The risks are not worth the reward of wearing smaller jeans. Get off your butt and start moving. Think of what the options are....that's an easy fix in comparison to what others have to go through to live through this surgery.
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    Kapoorvilla got a reaction from indian in 7 weeks out   
    Guys loose so much faster. They must work hard too but they get bigger pay outs for their hard work.
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    Kapoorvilla got a reaction from b4rry in I cant face any more blended food   
    Remember about the blended food: this to shall pass. I only had to do two weeks and I was sick of it too!
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    Kapoorvilla got a reaction from nikki82 in What a 150 lb weight loss looks like...   
    Wow! Those pics look like mother daughter pictures! You have done an amazing job. You should be a poster child for the sleeve! Wow! Just Wow!
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    Kapoorvilla got a reaction from deedeemuffin in A thread for people who dont argue, name call, dictate or generally just be nasty.   
    I think there are two line of thought on VST those who have decided after having this surgery they will never eat another unhealthy food ever and they will become the fitness Queens and Kings. Then there are those who just wanted to stop the ever expanding body and hopefully see loss while having a normal relationship with food. It is like the Dems and Republicans in the USA each side wants it their own way and views the other side as trying to sabatoge and destroy. We even had a conspiracy theory played out when a sister opted about her sisters near death experiance.
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    Kapoorvilla got a reaction from MichiganChic in Stalls in weight loss   
    Stalls are very common and even more frustrating. My Advice keep doing the right thing it will pass! I have tried a few things:
    Lift calorie and fat for two days the drop it down again.
    Increase Water and exercise
    Eat smaller meals more often, like every two hours.
    Decrease carbs to below 50
    The dangerous thought pattern during a stall for me is no matter what I do I don't lose. That will lead to eatting bad and gaining. Some on here encouraged me that if I keeping doing right the stall will pass and after 4 weeks it did. From Jan 3rd to Feb 21st (last dr visit) have lost 16lbs. That is much slower than I want but after loosing nothing for the 4 weeks prior to that I will take it.
    Day of surgery 277
    Two weeks later 255
    Two weeks more I went up to 261 (I did not over eat or eat anything bad. I was doing the same thing I had been during lost)
    4 week STALL
    Finally things begin to decrease and I see movement from 261 to 244( today's weight)
    33 lbs at 3 months out. That is averaging 11lbs a month which is about right but not outstanding as some report losing much more. My PCP reminded me I had already made many lifestyle changes before surgery. My highest weight was 386. This means the reduced intake caused by the sleeve was not as dramatic in me as it would be for some. I have also been taking off Metformin and a Fluid pill so that hampers weight loss while our bodies adjust.
    My surgeon's favorite saying is it is a marathon not a race. I totally understand and know the feeling of a stall but the only way to be successful is to stay loyal to the rules and know eventually you will see those scales move even if it is so slow it defies logic they will move. I am going to have to read this post and remind my self all of this when I hit the next stall or get frustrated I am losing only 2 or 3 lbs a week eventhough I am working so hard! LOL !!
    I really understand how it feels wish it were not a part of the journey but I have not talk to a single sleever who has not hit a stall.
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    Kapoorvilla got a reaction from smblalock5 in and it is true! Protein   
    Premier Protein in chocolate is awesome and approved by my sugeons office/ NUT. I googled for info on the score and found whey Protein and whey protein concentrate have the same pdcaaas score.
    I think the poster who called was surprise to hear 1 but the scoring system used in the link puts 1 as the highest possible score so I believe there is a confusion in the scoring system. Premier would score a 100 on the poster system not a 1 out of 100.
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    Kapoorvilla reacted to Butterthebean in Low Carb Snack   
    One of my favorites is put some turkey pepperoni slices in the microwave for 30-60 seconds until they are like little meat flavored chips. Then dip in hummus. Or make your own high Protein ranch dip with fat free Greek yogurt, skim milk and ranch dressing mix.
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    Kapoorvilla reacted to Losing weight in starvation mode?   
    It's scary to know how much we can eat
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    Kapoorvilla got a reaction from SleeveNZ in Metabolic rate and stalls   
    That can be a dangerous path of thought. Your weight loss and success or failure are effected by your actions. If you feel helpless to effect the out come your own your way to making excuses for less than desirable results.
    What you do or do not do will effect your loss and stalls!
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    Kapoorvilla reacted to VSGKirk in Low Carb Snack   
    String cheese is always a go to for Protein, Calcium and low-carb.
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    Kapoorvilla reacted to msdebb04 in have any one regret getting sleeve   
    I had surgery done one year ago 2-15, 2012. The day of surgery I was 220 today I am at 148! This past year has been challenging, confusing, frustrating but also quite successful for me. It can be very tough those first 3 months, but after that everything starts coming together. A year later I can eat just about anything, but don't really have the same need or desires to do so. I go out to dinner with my husband and friends, order steak or grilled shrimp, eat about 1/4 of it, take it home and make 2 more meals from it! My point is - I have given up nothing but obesity since my sleeve. (On Valentines Day, I had a piece of chocolate! But I literally nibbled on that one piece most of day instead of eating whole box!!) I can run, chase the grandkids, ride the 4-wheeler EVERYTHING is easier! No depression about the impending dieting that starts every Monday. Life is better I promise! Also want to mention that I had NO dramatic weight loss. 50 lbs first 4 months, 25 lbs in the last 6 mos. went from sz 24 to a 7/8! Hang in there!!
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    Kapoorvilla reacted to olestevebone in starvation mode?   
    Does anyone else find it funny that every nutritionist and dietition in the world will tell you to lose weight you have to eat and to avoid starvation but this surgery puts your body in starvation mode?