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    Slow loser requesting exercise review

    Fiddleman I have had an instructor invite me to a body pump class that sounds a lot like what you are describing. Trying to get myself to take that big leap of joining group workout! Thank you all for your responses, you have given me a lot to think on!
  2. Hello I began my journey in 2006 @ 386lbs. I have lost 172 lbs throught mostly diet with inconsistent spruts of excercise consisting of mostly walking and small amounts of strength training on the line of life fitness machines at the local Y ( they have a line of machines set up to give the whole body a work out) . I lost the first 100 pre gastric sleeve and have been disappointed 13 months after the sleeve I am still over 200. In the last few days of October I reentered the gym. I want to get under that 200 mark and it just seems like I am going to have to fight for it! October thru December I built myself up to doing more than I have ever been able to do before and consistently going six days a week. I have a slower than average metabolism according to my Bariatric center so I am keeping my calories around 1200 and have found raising them means I gain. Here is what I have worked up to and held at since end of December. I would like to know how this ranks with others work out as I have no one I can really compare to here. 5 days A week I do: 5 sets of 24 reps on machines 2000 meters on indoor rower (14 min) 3 Miles Pro bike crosstrainer (15 mins) 30 min elliptical 1 day a week I do: (I walk a lot at work this day step meter says 3 miles so I have to cut my time short. I only work this job one day a week) 3 sets of 24 reps 2000 meters on indoor rower (14 min) 3 Miles Pro bike crosstrainer (15 mins) 30 min elliptical The machines I do the sets of 24 reps on: Triceps extension 40lb Lat pull down 70lbs Shoulder Press 25lbs Chess Press 50lbs Vertical Row 70lbs Bicep curls 40lbs Leg Press 85lbs Leg extension 40lbs Leg curl 70lbs Abductor (inner thigh) 70 lbs Adductor (outer thigh) 80lbs ( I actually do 5 reps of 36 on this machine instead of the 24 reps I do on all the others) Rotary Torso 40lbs (this gets double the sets because I work each side) I also do on all 6 days Ab Cruncher 80 lbs 21 sets of 12 broke up through out the work out. The work out takes me 3 hours to complete but I am feeling stronger. I wonder is this going to burn fat? Is it the best mix of cardio and strength training? The calculators say I am burning 900 calories doing this, could that be true? I think It would definitely be lower due to having a slower metabolism anyway. I have been a size 18 pants for six months and I think I am finally starting to move toward 16 pants although still a way to go. I hate the scale, but yes it too has started to inch down. Just wanting to hear other opinions ( other than eat more calories because that will not work for me it has been tested and proven I eat/ I gain)
  3. I have accepted I am a slow loser. I was sleeved Dec 5th weighing in 280 a few days prior to surgery. I now weigh 224lbs so that is 56 lbs. None of my weight has come at a constant steady loss. I started with a 22 drop in the first few weeks of liquid dieting. A week ago I decide to return to liquid because I was tired of see 236 on the scales. The scales have responded with 12 lbs. down. I know some is Fluid and I know this is not a diet change that will be a way of eating for life. I have learned plenty during the year before surgery and the six months past surgery about what eatting habits should be and I feel looking back over my MFP I think I have done well sticking to those guidelines. I have heard plenty of losing slower is better but I simply want to see results! I am wondering if anyone else has resorted to returning to liquid dieting to lose pounds more quickly. I am still tracking my liquids to be sure all nutrients are fulfilled. I usually have 4 or more premier drinks. I throw a Greek yogurt in once or twice a day to change up flavor. All said I am usually 700 - 900 cals. 120- 150 grams of protien and all nutrient goals met when I count Vitamin supplements I do good getting Water in as well. Not sure how long I can keep going but not finding much data on folks who have been sleeved and do long term liquid diets. Any thoughts?
  4. Kapoorvilla

    Anyone return to liquid?

    Well I got hubby and daughter off to India. The last two days have been slow lost 222.2 and then 222.0. But I will take it as long as it is moving down. I know I have not got enough water because of running around like crazy. I will focus on water today,
  5. Kapoorvilla

    Anyone return to liquid?

    Woot! Woot, another 2lbs gone,! Total of 14 down since I began liquids!!! Today is day 8 of liquids! Canadianchic, bascott73, Bos123 Slow Losers unite!!! No one who has not experienced doing all the right things to no avail can understand this! I think it needs to be called more than a stall. This experience needs its own title! It is not simply being the same weight for a couple weeks, for me the last one at 236lbs lasted eight weeks while following the NUT's way. I definitely say give liquids a try see if it works for you. It will be same as pre op: first 3 day is hardest but after that their is only the mental hunger to deal with. Karenb4729: I think it is all about finding what works for you. One thing I have learned that it is truly different per person. I can actually eat a lot more calories than 900 calories of healthy foods and stay at same weight. I am very thankful for that because 800 to 900 are extremely low maintenance levels from what I have seen on here. You are doing a great job staying at those levels congrats! I agree exercise is important but it is not my favorite. This is about getting healthy. I track in MFP to be sure I get all my nutrition. I am very active in yard work, house work, and walk tons helping my husband in his distribution business. You should have seen the look on the faces when I share my readings from the pedometer at my surgeon's office. I do need to get back to the gym to speed things along. My husband and daughter are traveling to India to see his family and we have VBS and Church wide Camping trip when they return. So, I will wait until July to star my gym routine back up. I have been thinking I would challenge my self not to miss a day in July and then settle into a routine of 3 to 4 days a week in August. I have no desire to be a gym rat and I would rather be active doing something that accomplishes something else (ie yard work, or helping hubby) than stuck in doors on a machine so we will see how that goes. I will log on this thread each day so anyone interested can see how this goes for me. My sister who had the sleeve the same month as me is watching my results as well. She too is stuck and thinks this may work for her. It really is about what works for you and what you goals are. I have no desire to wear a size zero and go to the gym everyday for the rest of my life. For those of you who do that is a fine goal for you but do not try to tell everyone else that should be their goal. What works for me may not work for you and our goals may not be the same. My goal is to be an average size person instead of the biggest person in the room ! A size 12/14 would be fine with me. I did not have this surgery so I could spend the rest of my life weighing and measuring food and pushing for harder and harder work outs. Once again for those of you who have that goal: Go for it!! For those of you like me who just desire to be average size Go for it! This is our personal journey!
  6. Kapoorvilla

    Anyone return to liquid?

    Stall is broke I lost 12 pounds in the last week. The premier drink is 30grams of protien each. My hair is not falling out anymore! Usually when you run into a stall upping protien is the solution
  7. Kapoorvilla

    Anyone return to liquid?

    The problem with that theory is the weight I have lost come from my three week pre diet, one other short term return to liquid and this current liquid. I am such an all or nothing person when it comes to losing weight. Maybe a cycle type diet is what I should do.
  8. Kapoorvilla

    I am shocked!

    Unfortunately I have deal with a lot of diareaha since surgery. My PCP thinks I may have gallbladder problems. However since I got put on prescription Iron that is no longer and issue :-p. Enjoying a healthy salad tonight. This may sound crazy but I almost wish I had DS or some other bad effect so I would have a strong reminder not to do that again.
  9. Today I catered a luncheon for a group I work with. Many of these do not know I was sleeved and are not at a level I would share this info with. So when I went through the line I placed one fried chicken thigh, 1/2 a tortilla wrap (made with cold cuts, lett, tomato) a small scoop of potato salad and a small slice of cake. I had no intention of eatting it all but I did with no feeling of restriction. I even went back for another small serving of dessert! I know I blew my diet and one day is one day so I fell down and I get up and keep going but I am shocked I ate it all with no restriction! I am almost 20 weeks out and have lost 43.6lbs. I do not usually eat this way but I am very concerned about the lack of restriction when I did put my pouch to the test! That is a heck of a lot of food compared to my usual. Most days I do Protein shake twice a day and one meal protein and veggies. Only Snacks I do is either Greek yogurt, string cheese, or sugarfree pudding and no more than two snacks per day, so that I stay low carb and low cal. I can't believe the amount I could eat today! What happen to my restriction?
  10. Kapoorvilla

    I am shocked!

    I don't usually eat fried food or sweets so I guess I am just in shock that I don't feel the restriction! I feel full off my regular menu and just never push my self to feel restricted so I thought I had a safety net I obviously don't
  11. Many of you have read of me as my sister and I have posted about my surgery but for those who have not let me give a brief history. I weighed in at 271 the day of surgery. I have diabetes and high blood pressure but both were and are well under control with meds. I have family members who are doctors in other medical fields and all seem to feel I would smoothly go through while their was slight bit more concern for my sister whose health issues where more pronounced. I am active for someone my size and can phyisically do all I need to prior to surgery this was not the case with my sister who had to result to wheel chair and walker assistance due to weight. Everyone was quite wrong she went through operation without any problems. I on the other hand almost lost my life, this is something that is taking time to sink in and leaving me with many questions. The day I arrived at the hospital my surgery was sechduled at 1pm. Every hospital employee along the check in process shared the same encouraging words along the vitals check in and the preop and meeting the Anesthesiologist all assured I would be a breeze and there were no worries. Around 1pm I was told my surgery would be delayed one hour due to a complication with the patient before me. This was upsetting because I had hope to get back in to my room quick enough to send my husband off to the Wednesday night church meeting where he is in charge of 1st through 6th grade classes. I thought maybe there would still be a chance if things started at 2 because church started at 7pm and was not far away. When my doctor came and said we would begin shortly he once again assured me and ask is there anything he could do for me I said yes when you go out to talk to my husband tell him I said get to church on time. We both laughed and he headed off to the operating room and the job of putting me to sleep began. During the operation when the laposcopic cut was made scar tissue blocked access to where the doctor needed to reach. I had reported a C-section in 99 as prior surgery but no abdominal X-ray or ultrasounds where ordered to check for scar tissue and I had no idea their was any need to do so. The doctor while attempting to cut the scar tissue punctured a small bowel. I would later learn from the anesthesia doctor who came to visit me in my room that things became very dicey at this point. I lost lots of blood and for reasons I am still not clear had a hard time getting the transfusion to save my life started. I remember the word arteria failure as part of the doctor description of the difficulty in get the blood back in. My WLS Dr repaired the damage and finished the sleeve however he had to make a incision covering almost the length of my mid section to do so. I began to wake up in terrible discomfort around 8:30 or so. I am told that I had not been out of surgery long at that point. Waking up I was first aware of it seemed dark and late not the day time anymore. I wonder why my husband was here. I managed to ask why are you not at Master's club? I noticed the tears in his eyes the concern on his face but that only confused me as I drifted back out. That evening as I came in and out I was in so much pain. I thought it was the gas pain . I had read about and was now experiancing. I begged for gas x and to get up and go to the bathroom. I was ask what I had to in the bathroom and I told them I needed to move so the gas would relieve and I would try to go pee. The nurse explained I was catherized and not able to get out of bed, not understanding what had happened to me and being in lots of pain I continued to struggle to grasp what was going on. I remember the nurse telling me I could have gas x but what I needed was to hit the pain button. It strikes me now I was not in my right enough mind to hit the pain button. I thought I was hitting it but as I moaned throught the night the nurse would explain I needed to push the button, I had not pushed it in a while. My husband tried in everyway to console me and explain what had happen but it would not make in throught the cloud of pain and medication. The next morning I woke up more alert and I begin to life this two part reality. One part was to focus on getting home I was told I would have to stay an extra day. So that meant plans had to be made to cover my husbands work the next day (He is self employed distributor) our son an daughter were able to do that. I teach in an after school bible club on Friday's so I had to make plans to have myself covered and materials gotten to the person covering me. Also I began to speak to my sister who was at home well on the road to recovery having been sleeved more than a week prior. We talk about this forum and her moving from liquid to purée foods the next Monday. The other part of reality was darker I became very aware my body had suffered deep trama. My left arm was the blackish purple I have ever seen from my wrist to my elbow totally covering the under portion and stretching around to the tops in many areas. Even nurses gasped when they saw it for the first time they came to care for me. Instead of the five small cuts that would be closed with surgical strips I had expected to see my mid section had over 30 staples in it. The long cut down the middle and seven cuts that were closed with anywhere from 2 to 5 staples each. I felt horrible but clung to all I had read and try to believed I would go home if only I could walk. My Dr came in and gave me the same vague info my husband had shared that because of scar tissue the bowel had been cut and that made the extra cut necasary. It was not until he left and the Anesthesiologist came by that I was told I almost died. His vist was odd not just in the fact that the Anesthesia doctor does not usually come to visit patients after surgery but he seem to be on a mission to carefully inform me things went wrong without laying any blame anywhere but just wanting me to know it was not suppose to happen that way. We thanked him but wasn't really sure we understood what he wanted us to or why he wanted us to understand. My WLS Dr definitely did not seem to be hiding the fact it was that bad but just gliding over it and focusing on recovery. There different perspectives left me clouded in my thinking of what happened. At any rate it was determined I needed to walk about Friday if I were to be dismissed. I walked up and down the hall twice and it was so painful! The weekend coming was an active on for our family as usual. The kids were going to be involved in the Christmas plays and Cantadas they had been practing since August. My daughter was performing special music in the morning services of our church that coming Sunday. All of this made me think if I can just push through the pain I can make it home for all this. I was talking on the phone that afternoon with my sister when I peeked under the compression brace I was wearing to see my bandages soaked in blood. I quickly hung up and called for help. After lost of commotion and calling my doctor in, it was decide I had a surnoma which is a pooling of blood and Fluid from surgery beneath the long cut. It was determined I would need to be kept and watch for more leaking. His words were "you brought yourself another day with that episode" I was being sucked in to this dark reality of serious complication away from my active family life. The show must go on and it did with out me and my husband, who stayed by my side the entire ordeal from check in to check out. I am so proud of my son and daughter. My daughter is 13 and my son is 23. My son still lives at home but do not misunderstand it is out of his choice he has a full time job that pays him well. The two of them managed to cover my husbands deliveries on that Friday, keep our home functioning and meet all of our many responsibilities at the after school bible club and the children's classes. Not to mention this would have been a weekend where I would have helped my daughter get ready for her special music and the play/Cantadas that went no both Saturday and Sunday nights. She even managed to put together the food our family was to take for the after services fellowship. I am so proud to know that they can carry on with or with out me. Thankful I am still here, but glad to know if I were not they will band together and do what they need to do. Mean while back in the hospital I have 2 or 3 more bleedings and my doctor is back in on Saturday saying He needs to drain the wound. He removes two staples and see exactly what he did not want to see: my small bowel is out of place and I need to return to surgery NOW!!! My poor husband physically and emotionally exhausted breaks down and quickly excuses himself to the restroom so I will not notice. I call my sister and she is on her way. I tell everyone to not inform my daughter who is at church preparing for the opening night. They promise me they will not but tell me my son is already in route to hospital with my elderly father so he must be told. I call him explain it to him tell him I love him and that I want him to leave the hospital in time so that he makes it to the play and My daughter will not worry why he is not there. I can hear the same surreal tone in his voice as I do in mine as he promises he will and that it will all be fine. As soon as I hung up I was being put in another bed to be transported to surgery. Down in the surgery holding area I met a new team anesthesiologist and they quickly realized I was "that surgery from last Wednesday" It was odd to pick up on the fact that my surgery was so well noted in hospital that must have done hundreds of surgeries since mine had been done 4 days earlier. Then there was this whole episode of disagreement between my WLS doctor and me anesthesia doctor. The Wsl wanted me given potassium via IV before I was even sent back upstairs. He made a comment I was not a sick person and I wanted out of there! The other doctor said no and would not budge. My IVs were not good he said. I had three in from being given not only the original transfusion but a second one as well. Also endless fluids and meds. He said I would need to be given an IV port and my WLS doctor simply dropped his head and walked away. The other doctor turns to me and assures me he is going to do what is right for me and that this surgery is going to go better than the other. That was the last words I heard. Waking back up I hear someone commenting that I had went through surgery with my bedroom shoes on. Not only my bedroom shoes but I later thought it odd I had the old blood stained gown from a previous bleed, not quite the sterile environment I imagine for surgery but when something needs to happen NOW!!! It needs to happen. Someone is given instruction to inform my family I am ok and I speak out to tell my son to go to the play and be with my daughter. The message is conveyed and I am assured my son is on his way to her. No little girl ever had a better big brother. Over the days I have piece together how he took her out to eat, got her favorite books from the library, and brought her some special favorite sweets all in efforts to keep her spirits up while my husband and I were in the hospital for five days. I am so blessed and one day some lucky young lady will find what amazing man he is going to be as a husband. As for me on Sunday I was up and walking no bleeding the staple line was much tighter and there for painful. I pushed through and in the evening when the WLS doctor came he told me I would go home on the next morning. I begged him to let me go then because my husband would have to work the next day and I would have to rely on others to take me home after some consideration he agreed an home we came! Since Monday I have been at home. It is difficult to be stuck onside and everything is a huge effort with these staples and this horrible compression thingy I have to wear 24/7. I am needing pain meds regularly thus far. I have been able to go to liquid tyneol instead of the stronger stuff. I missed another after school bible club Tuesday, my wonderful son stepped in and ran it for me with my daughter helping him. Today Aunt flow has reared her ugly head and I had just had my period a week before surgery. So recovery is going to be long. My sister waited for purée foods with much anticipation I wait with much anticipation to go back to doc to have staples removed. I will be moved to purée as well but food caused all this and I could really care less what I eat now. The questions that linger for me is about what exactly happened in that operating room the1st time? Will I ever know? Is there any lasting effects? Can I trust my WLS to tell me? I know this is long I just kind of needed to think it all through a loud. I am not trying to discourage any one but certainly if you have had prior abdominal surgery you may want to ask your surgeon what he is doing to find out if scar tissue will be an issue. That could save you a lot of recovery and even your life. The hope of WLS is a better life, that is not my result right now so my attitude is not as chirpy as it should be but as I heal and loose my attitude is subject to change.
  12. Thank you 14 weeks out I am recovered. I do have constant diareaha and think I need to address that with my surgeon but other than I am well. I am really glad if someone reads my story they then go back and talk to a surgeon about their possible scar tissue.
  13. I love them too but sometimes they have that effect on me too. I have one a day now where I would do two to three a day pre op. My NUT use to say I was on the liquid diet way before I needed to be but I love premier! am 14 weeks post op. now and stick to one in the am because more mean tummy trouble. I have found drinking them slow helps a bit so I tend to have a long Breakfast with one. Yesterday I did do a premier and Danon Light Greek Yogurt strawberry flavor in the blender. I was not going to be home for the am snack so was trying to get it in because I sometimes come in to low on calories. My Doc wants 1100-1200 I struggle to stay above 800 because I eat low carb/low fat and high Protein healthy that type of food fills the sleeve and you do not want as much. So any way that was like a chocolate strawberry milkshake and was delicious. I wanted every drop but couldn't quite finish it. Delicious!
  14. Kapoorvilla

    Still fat!

    Your doing great!
  15. Kapoorvilla

    Stalls in weight loss

    Fluid in take and protein are key. If I don't get the protein I eat unhealthy calories and if I don't get the fluid the scale will not move.
  16. OTR A nurse in my surgeons practice explain it to me as a out patient procedure where they go down your throat like an EGD! I told her to stop telling me becauce after my doctors blunder I am not going back under! He cut my small bowel and almost killed me. No second chances for him. Reading here I find the amounts I can eat fairly common to everyone else.
  17. Wow that is a lot less than me. Could they have taken too much of your stomach?
  18. Kapoorvilla

    7 weeks out

    Guys loose so much faster. They must work hard too but they get bigger pay outs for their hard work.
  19. Kapoorvilla

    I cant face any more blended food

    Remember about the blended food: this to shall pass. I only had to do two weeks and I was sick of it too!
  20. I had a complication so my pain may have been more sever than non complication but the first 24 to 48 hours was uncomfortable and I was hitting the morphine pump often. After that when I could move around I Felt better quickly. So when they say walk, walk you will feel better!
  21. I am wondering if people who have very visible scars with slow heal outside their body are more prone to scar tissue inside their body?
  22. Kapoorvilla

    cold cereal?

    Some of us are just cursed with bodies that react bad to carbs. I don't loose if my carbs are over 50. I wish that was not true but it is. My surgeon said I could have up to 129 carbs a day! But I know my diet history, I must be under 50 to lose.