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    ItsmeTae reacted to SexyMama in bye bye 200   
    I was literally in tears this past weekend when I hit 200 pounds..... the last time I saw that number was......hmmmmm... about 5 years ago... right now I'm at 196 and I cant believe it.. I'm so happy ..
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    ItsmeTae reacted to Jacqueline Marie in Recovery: C-section vs sleeve   
    I had a natural birth, with no medication.... HOPEFULLY the sleeve isn't as bad lol
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    ItsmeTae reacted to luckysmomma in Ideas for what to tell people?   
    I told mine I was back on Weight Watchers & hitting the gym again. I told them 'female' surgery - and they let it go for the most part.
    I would advise anyone to keep it private. Once you tell someone - there's no taking it back & people can be mean, intentionally and unintentionally.
    Do what is best for you!
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    ItsmeTae reacted to LaceSleeve in Hello Onederland!   
    So, I just weighed myself this morning and I am at 199!! I never thought I would have ever reached this, I don't remember the last time my weight started with a 1! And also one more pound until I have officially lost 100lbs.
    I posted a before photo today, and I also took a photo of me from last night, the one I took today didn't turn out for some reason
    It took me two years to even get approved for surgery! and I FINALLY got it on Dec. 4, 2012. It was frustrating, but to see all of the progress it was totally worth it...so if anyone out there is going through a hard time getting approved, keep fighting and don't give up. It gets frustrating, but it is worth it
    Sorry I was excited and had to post about it. I hope everyone is doing well!
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    ItsmeTae reacted to tommyd in 5 Months and at goal!   
    I had my surgery November 5th and I have reached my revised goal. i would have never thought i could have a normal BMI. I did not think it was physically possible. Love my sleeve!

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    ItsmeTae reacted to Patienlywtng on my Curves in A small suggestion regarding ~~Water~~   
    Like most after post-op, I was having difficulty getting my Water in. The taste of water didn't change for me, but I just could not manage getting more than a bottle of water in initially. I finally got a little better adding flavoring, but I really wanted pure water to ensure that my system was flushed and no UTI's would occur.
    Last week I ran out of the bottled water that I had and decided to change it up. This change has made a huge...Huge....HUGE difference for me. I changed the brand I was using now I'm up to 3 bottled waters each day (up from 1 1/2 per day), with no problem drinking. I say this is a tremendous victory for me.
    So my suggestion to you, if you are struggling and like me just didn't want the added flavors (Crystal Light, etc). Try a different brand and see if that helps.
    ***Nothing beats a failure...but a try***
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    ItsmeTae reacted to Heyher in I cheated and I LIKED IT!   
    Okay so I am almost six weeks post op. Today my mom, fiancé, and I went to a cake tasting for our wedding. I went in knowing I would have to closely monitor myself or I would be in BIG trouble. (Didn't want to vomit at the bakery) I had a nibble about the size of an M&M from five cakes. I don't have too much of a sweet tooth, but no way was I missing out on Godiva white chocolate cake, strawberries & champaign cake, berries on a cloud cake, or caramel cream brûlée cake. Those five nibbles gave me a massive sugar rush for about 20 min.
    Then I had chicken and black Beans for dinner.
    Am I sorry I cheated with my five nibbles of heaven? Nope. Am I craving more cake? No way. For me it has always been about Portion Control. Even though I felt no restriction from cake (shocking) I knew a few nibbles would be my new limit.
    This was my first cheat. First non Protein rich food. Loved it, but not near enough to make a habit.
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    ItsmeTae reacted to jkfletch82 in lovenox   
    Has anyone else had the "joy" of sticking themselves in the belly with these shots? So tired of feeling like a pin cushion!
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    ItsmeTae reacted to Diamondeyed in Five Weeks out down 30 lbs!   
    I wanted to share! I feel great each day is better and better!
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    ItsmeTae reacted to minimii in Food Network   
    The entire time I was off from work after me procedure all I did was watch food network, cooking channel, and man vs food
    My hubby thought I lost my mind watching food I could not eat
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    ItsmeTae reacted to Geminidrive in Food Network   
    I love watching the food Network and the Cooking channel, neither bother me with my food cravings. . I really love Eat Street.
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    ItsmeTae reacted to TES in closet shopping!   
    Who here has enjoyed the NSV of closet-shopping? I tried on some coats and suits that I had purchased on clearance a while back as "mini-goal" clothes and they fit great! They all still had the tags on them. They were great deals (like an Anne Klein suit coat and a pretty winter coat that makes me glad we still have snow here, actually).
    When I bought them, it seemed like just a dream that I might be able to wear them someday. I lost 20 lbs during a 6-month pre-op period and 20 lbs (as of today) since my VSG in early Feb. I am thinking for a couple of the better pieces, when I lose more I might actually get them tailored so I can wear a while longer. Has anyone else done this?
    What fun outfits have you found lately in your own closet?
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    ItsmeTae reacted to KikiCC in Help! First date after weightloss   
    Update: the date went great! He asked me out again...
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    ItsmeTae reacted to Sunshine1 in Post op march sleevers   
    Right now my meals are only drinkables.
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    ItsmeTae reacted to beautifull13 in How long post-op until you showed a loss?   
    I had my surgery on 4 march 2013 and I finally weighted myself and I am down 13 pounds.
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    ItsmeTae reacted to nursemeg89 in ONE-derland with pictures   
    I just wanted to share my excitement with everyone because today (a couple days shy of 4 months post-op) I REACHED ONE-DERLAND!
    Starting weight: 296
    Date of Surgery: November 19, 2012
    TODAYS WEIGHT- 199!!!!!!!!!! ONE-DERLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I attached before and "current" pictures so u guys can see my progress

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    ItsmeTae reacted to SimplyFAB in Keeping surgery MY secret   
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    ItsmeTae reacted to cresh78 in March Sleevers Where are You   
    I'm sleeved!
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    ItsmeTae reacted to Vicki0618 in Where does weight go?   
    I would like to donate mine to those poor souls that have a hard time gaining weight.... :lol:
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    ItsmeTae reacted to newat52 in Where does weight go?   
    Hopefully they go to Hell and stay there.
    Sorry, 8 days post op and feeling humorous again.
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    ItsmeTae reacted to Zhana! in Post op march sleevers   
    Lost 18lbs since my surgery day (3/4) I am so excited. Ahhhhhh. Just proves to me that I'm getting closer to the light at the end of the tunnel!
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    ItsmeTae reacted to heatherscarlet in Any March Sleevers?   
    Thanks for the suggestion!! I can't even stand the thought of the shake from my doctor. I'm 3 days post op and the only "food" I've had is a few oz of thinned cream of wheat so not much if any Protein. I went online and ordered 2 flavors and am hoping once those come in they can be a good way to try to get my protein or at least some of it. I'm experiencing a lot of gas pain in my stomach despite taking gas-x every day even with just consuming Water. Any ideas?
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    ItsmeTae reacted to busybeingme in Any March Sleevers?   
    That's what I drink! It's the best!! The one I found that has the best flavors! You can add moo, crystal light or any flavor Water Enhancer to the juice flavors to help of you need it. Lemon ice is soo good with and extra shot of lemon flavor just like Lipton ice tea!
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    ItsmeTae reacted to merade123 in Post op march sleevers   
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    ItsmeTae got a reaction from amytug in Post op march sleevers   
    I was sleeved on the 4th. I'm having very little pain but the acid reflux is on level 10. My incisions are starting to itch. Im getting my Water in but not much else and I can really tell this is causing me to be very weak. I cant stand the Protein power, pudding, or Jello. I pray I can get past this stage very soon!

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