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    lindabug reacted to LJCBF in Need Advice   
    Exercise plan is your best bet for many reasons - its always calories n calories out regardless of bariatric tool. Remember you are on journey - doing battle - The Victory isn't about doing Extaordinary things It IS about doing Ordinary things DAILY - hit me up if you need help
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    lindabug reacted to Juli Salzman in My Date Is Set!   
    Hello all. I'm Juli. I am 5'9, my current weight is 245 and my BMI is 36.2. As an elementary music teacher, I am looking forward to having more energy and less injury with my students.
    It's been three years since I first attended a weight-loss seminar and the "beginning" is finally in sight. Originally, I went through all the lab-work, psych consult, supervised diet for 3 months, and was ready to submit everything to insurance for approval. Then, one roadblock after another found its way in front of me... 3 surgeries followed by my mother's diagnoses and death from cancer. Now, finally after redoing psych visit, lab work, nutritional consult, and sleep study, I was approved by BCBS of Texas on the first try! (TRS Active Care).
    My Surgeon is Dr. Todd Wilson of MIST Houston. The pre-op is August 24th and my surgery will be on August 29th, 2012. The surgery will be at Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston.
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    lindabug reacted to A New New Dawn in July Bandsters....lets Here You....   
    I, too, had my surgery 7/25. Same thing. I have lost 14 lbs since sugery all in the first week and nothing this past week. I am excited about the weight I have lost but going a week without when I know I am eating minimal calories is frustrating. I know it will happen so I am trucking along. They were celebrating our CFO's birthday at work with two delicious looking bakery cakes.... I wished her happy birthday and went back to my desk. Sure wish I could have had a piece but my conscience is keeping me on track. Sent my daughter back to college yesterday and managed to go out to lunch and felt complete with my cup of Soup. We can do this!!!
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    lindabug reacted to Sojourner in Why Am I Gaining??   
    I agree with what all of the others have written...and would just like to add that it may be helpful to you to avoid getting down and discouraged if you become less obsessed with your scale. Try to avoid the temptation of weighing yourself every day. You end up causing unnecessary negative thoughts about your progress or lack of...
    Weight loss is not a straight narrow path...small weight fluctuations are normal; if you continue to be compliant with your diet and exercise you have nothing to worry about.
    Take a day at a time and be patient...the loss will come.
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    lindabug reacted to Melissa41 in July Bandsters....lets Here You....   
    I think it just takes time. I was at 10 lbs for a while and then all of a sudden I dropped about 4 more. And now I am just staying the same. I have no idea when I will get a fill but my surgery was July 16. I am still pretty sore in my stomach area but most of my energy has come back. And I am hungry!!
    Keep up the good work. Hang in there!
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    lindabug reacted to kll724 in Can See Port Under Skin   
    totally normal! Mine got more prevalent the more weight I have lost. It is funny when you can see it pop out like a turkey timer!
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    lindabug got a reaction from slojo67 in Can See Port Under Skin   
    Tomorrow it will be 2 weeks since my surgery, I have lost 13 pounds so far since the pre diet most of which I lost during that time. Have no resistance in band yet, my dr waits at least 3 weeks to a month post surgery. My question is I can see the port and feel it under my skin especially when I'm laying down, is this the norm?
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    lindabug got a reaction from slojo67 in Can See Port Under Skin   
    Tomorrow it will be 2 weeks since my surgery, I have lost 13 pounds so far since the pre diet most of which I lost during that time. Have no resistance in band yet, my dr waits at least 3 weeks to a month post surgery. My question is I can see the port and feel it under my skin especially when I'm laying down, is this the norm?
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    lindabug reacted to lv2nurse in Waiting For The Call   
    Went to my last appt today, lost the needed 10 pounds, cleared by diet and exercise! Now I wait for the call to schedule my surgey date!!!!
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    lindabug reacted to taylor94 in July Bandsters....lets Here You....   
    hey everyone....so today is week 4 for me since banded and 6 wks since I started the pre op diet....oh those days....I get a fill next week and every 2 wks afterwards
    I have lost 34lbs so far I am very happy I have gone down sizes from 26/28 and now fitting into 18/20 shirts...pants are still too tight...but I am getting there...although like everyone else I would like to loose faster....but I know that the band isn't a magic pill
    I still have alot of restriction and don't have anything in my band yet....and if I eat too fast or don't chew it gets stuck and hurts like hell....and I sometimes have to spit is out (sorry for being gross)
    Lindabug....wow staples? I had disolvable stitches thankfully hope they came our painlessly
    WTG Melissa and Christine....as long as the #'s go down and we are feeling better all is good
    I love my band....I am so happy with my decision to get this done I just wish I did it 10 yrs ago...
    thanks for listening....
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    lindabug got a reaction from Melissa41 in July Bandsters....lets Here You....   
    Went to the dr. today and got the staples removed, so glad they are out! Still no fill my dr wants to wait two weeks but I did lose 2 more pounds, not alot but right now doing it without a fill is hard and I'm pretty proud of myself. It's been a very hard week for my family, my son in law is having some major health problems and it's turned life upside down but we are getting through it all together. Talk about together my other daughter has been home for over a week now then my sil, daughter and granddaughter have been here almost non stop, gosh I'm beat!!! Tomorrow back to work, hopefully I will do better there than I did last week! How is everyone else doing??? Down 12 pounds (would like more but take it and be happy) and on my way to a new me.
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    lindabug got a reaction from jen_1381 in Fun Question   
    I plan to go zip lining in Belize or St. Lucia!
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    lindabug got a reaction from jen_1381 in Fun Question   
    I plan to go zip lining in Belize or St. Lucia!
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    lindabug got a reaction from Overjoyed1 in I'm Banded!!!!!   
    That's great that you are doing so well!! I was banded on the 26th, it's weird but I had more back pain than anything now I just have soreness around the incisions and am allergic to the bandage tape so that's a problem but all in all I would say compaired to living life overweight from now on this is worth it!!! Hope everyone continues to do well!!
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    lindabug reacted to Overjoyed1 in I'm Banded!!!!!   
    I was banded yesterday!!!! Checked in @ 11:00am & was home by 6:30pm. Incision pain & nausea was awful but were pretty much GONE within an hour. My recovery nurse was WONDERFUL! I was her only patient and she stayed right by my side. Once home, I had SF popsicle for my throat then battled gas in my abdomen for the rest of the evening. The gas wasn't painful, just very uncomfortable. I walked and drank warm broth for that. (Gas-X wasn't very helpful for me). I slept well with my head & upper back elevated & on my side with pillows supporting my back & belly - much like during pregnancy. This morning, my belly & throat are really sore and THAT'S IT! No pain!!!! I have to the ENTIRE team was WONDERFUL! From Dr. Reilly all the way through to the patient escort. I couldnt have asked for a better team. Not one them rushed or made me feel like I was just a case/number. Absolutely wonderful!!
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    lindabug reacted to pandabear in Fun Question   
    Actually getting a bra that fits right (sheesh, I guess big girls can't be barely a b cup)
    Stop paying 40-60 dollars for one damn pair of jeans (thanks lane bryant, now how about upping the quality on the fabric now that they are that expensive)
    Wearing short sleeve shirts without a long sleeve over them.
    Wearing shorts (haven't worn shorts in 10 years, no matter how hot it is, I wear jeans)
    Getting off of painkillers so I can get through my day at work.
    And being able to dance without fear of being that fat girl that the skinny girls and the "hot" guys make fun of, because I got moves.
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    lindabug got a reaction from kkccmom in Liquid Diet Pre And Post Surgery   
    Had my surgery yesterday, feeling sore but all in all doing okay. Right this second I'm tired and ready for a nap. My doctor said my surgery went really well and he could tell I stuck to the diet, I'm pretty proud of myself. This morning I was able to have scrambled eggs which normally I don't care for but they were awsome.
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    lindabug reacted to kkccmom in July Bandsters....lets Here You....   
    Linda -- we're rooting for you!! Wishing you well throughout the procedure and recovery. We'll be anxious to hear from you when you're up and at 'em and ready to chat!!
    Best to you!
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    lindabug got a reaction from kkccmom in July Bandsters....lets Here You....   
    My surgery is tomorrow! Ready to be done and heal so I can start a new life
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    lindabug reacted to Diva Down in Alcoholic Beverages...   
    I love this one!!! Funny thing is I get tipsier a lot easier now!!!
    5/28/12 pre-op diet started (217lbs) 6/14/12 Surgery 1.8cc added to 10cc band (205lbs). 7/17/12 1st fill (194lbs). 7/24/12 (191lbs)
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    lindabug reacted to ☠carolinagirl☠ in I Dont Get It!!?? Help!   
    instead of being upset because of the scales saying you have gained...ask yourself this.... have you felt better? have your clothes become looser? have you had more energry? are you walking better or farther? that is what i would base your success by right now. as steve and others said, weight goes up and down all the time.......cant count on it to be faithful. so again, how are you feeling???
    sounds to me as if you are doing a fine job. that is what is important. just stay the course.
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    lindabug got a reaction from tonyann in July Bandsters....lets Here You....   
    I have my pre appointment for lab work and EKG, it's stupid but I'm more nervous about this then the surgery. Don't want anything to keep me from having this done.
    Really just ready to be done and get on with new thinner life.
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    lindabug got a reaction from jen_1381 in Fun Question   
    I plan to go zip lining in Belize or St. Lucia!
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    lindabug reacted to tonyann in July Bandsters....lets Here You....   
    Hi, july baby bandsters !! I am also a july bandster myself.I got banded july 9th everything went great ! its been 10 days today i feel just a little sore where my port is at,i had my first dr. vist monday since the surgery he said every thing look good i asked him about the pain he said it was normal since that is where they did most of the work through.I did not have left shoulder pain which i was glad .i had very little gas pain .I have lost 12 lbs since i started which is great ! i do get a little hungry sometimes i just get a Protein Shake only 4oz cause thats all i can take now after surgery and i get full !! which before there was no way i would !! i am now on my full liquid diet and then monday the dr. said i can start my soft mushy for 1 wk i know i can do this i just think of what i have been through and that gets me more modevates me more and it feels sooo good to see the numbers on the scale go down instead of them going up! now i have to wait till i get the ok from the dr. so i can start my exercise.i do walk a little cause i will start hurting, and i also know it will take a little time.
    Thank You TonyAnn (Good luck July babys )
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    lindabug reacted to jen_1381 in Fun Question   
    I'm not a pre-bander, I'm about 9 weeks post op, but I do have a "bucket list" for when I'm at goal.
    The little celebration I've already had was losing enough to fit comfortably in my Victorias Secrets. Funny as it may sound, I bought them a long time ago and never got to wear them, so I did a happy dance when I finally had the nerve to try them on and they were almost too big.
    On to serious goals - when I hit 160 lbs I'm going to go skydiving. I'm going to buy a whole new wardrobe. I'm going to buy that "little black dress" and hit the town with my sister-in-law. I'm also going to do some sort of organized run - not a marathon by no means, but something smaller.
    I figure mixing fun rewards in there, along with my serious ones, I'll stay motivated. So far so good.

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