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  1. lovelyladynhouston

    Before And After 90 Day Results

    You Go BOY!!!
  2. lovelyladynhouston

    Full Foods

    @doxieville yes I meant wean. Thanks!
  3. lovelyladynhouston

    Full Foods

    Sleeved 7/30/12 down 33 lbs
  4. lovelyladynhouston

    Full Foods

    I'm still having a hard time myself. I eat a lot of salad with avocado, green beans, tuna fish sometimes chicken if it's really moist. My Dr, told me to try everything but still working on that. Also he wants me to wing off the protein shakes that's hard. Oh I can eat one egg with cheese but not to often cause it makes me too full. Haven't tried bread and don't plan to.
  5. lovelyladynhouston

    How Is Everyone Doing?

    I could be better! Not so happy about this stall going on 3 weeks now. Surgery date 7/30/12! Hope all is well with you and thanks for asking.
  6. lovelyladynhouston


    I can't really think of anything that I'm doing different. I do take my vitamins everyday. I don't take botin are anything for hair loss. I know some people says u start to lose hair 3/4 mths out. Maybe!! just Maybe!! being african American there is a difference because our texture is completely different. I don't know just a thought.
  7. lovelyladynhouston

    R U In Pain 19Days Post Op?

    I'm also 19 days out and I have no pain! I do struggle with eating.
  8. lovelyladynhouston

    Lets Get Everyone Yo Do A Weigh In!

    Surgery 7/30 273 lbs today 3 Weeks post op 247
  9. lovelyladynhouston

    What Is Your Goal Weight ?!

    Surgery date 7/30 starting weight 273 this morning 252. Umm, I'm thinking 170 wld be good I really didn't set a goal. I wouldn't be mad if I get to 160!
  10. lovelyladynhouston

    What R U Eating 11 Day Postop?

    I really want some grits but I like grits with sugar!! So I guess it's best to stay away from grits. For now
  11. lovelyladynhouston

    Surgery Date 7/30

    Started at 273 now at 256 77!! I can tell I've lost several inches but have no clue how many. I feel pretty good going back to work Monday.
  12. Do you guys think I can drink Herbal life protein shakes?? I'm 5 days out
  13. lovelyladynhouston

    Cant Get In My Protein

    Where can we find the protein tubes/shots?
  14. lovelyladynhouston

    Home From Surgery!

    Me too # ppatterson
  15. KiKi, I will be having my surgery on the 30th also. Good luck!
  16. Are you losing? I will be sleeved on Monday and is concern this would happen to me
  17. lovelyladynhouston

    Date 7/30

    Wow! Just found out today I'm having surgery Monday!!! Excited ... Although I have been waiting for this day I'm not prepared at all. What are some I need to do? Been cleaning my apt all night
  18. lovelyladynhouston


    Darla, I was pretty much out of it but I could still hear talking. I could feel when Dr was removing the scope. No pain at all Andy it was very quick.
  19. lovelyladynhouston


    Thanks Minnie!
  20. lovelyladynhouston

    My Texas Sleevers

    Ok! I hope u are doing well. Congrats on your new start.
  21. lovelyladynhouston

    My Texas Sleevers

    @Kimmyiet, Hello how are you? Dr Marvin was my surgeon about 2 weeks ago i had to transfer to another surgeon. what hospital are you having your sleeve.
  22. lovelyladynhouston

    17 days post-op and down 34 lbs.

    WOW! You look really good! You have very pretty hair!!!
  23. lovelyladynhouston


    Good luck too u.
  24. lovelyladynhouston

    I Am Appeoved But....

    Yea they same thing happen to me. I was set for surgery 7/16. My surgeon no longer operate at the Methodist Hospital where I want to have surgery plus insurance is paying 100%.I found a new surgeon the same day consultation is 7/11. Hopefully I can get a surgery date

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