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  1. As usual Iggychic is the voice of reason I have pasta, I have wine, I have whatever I want. I can only eat 3-4 ounces max anyway, so that much of anything isn't going to kill me. I get all my protien in and my labs are perfect. I am below goal weight. So if I feel like taking a couple of bites of pasta, or bread, or whatever it is, I do. If I had wanted to count and obsess over every bite I would have just stayed on Weight Watchers. As with anything in life, balance and moderation is the key. (This of course does not apply to those not yet allowed to eat solids or those with carb sensitivities.)
  2. Faganberry

    No alcohol ever?

  3. Heck yes. That is taking into account the first 6 weeks being awful and wondering a million times why you did this to yourself.
  4. Faganberry

    4.5 Months Out And Feeling Fabulous!

    You look great and so happy! I'm 4.5 months out too, loving it!
  5. Faganberry

    Tail Bone Pain

    Thank goodness it's not just me! I thought I was going crazy, it's a real problem for me with the 70 pound cushion gone!
  6. Faganberry

    Bariware - Portable Portion Control For Us!

    I could never eat all that for one meal, looks like an all day food container for me!
  7. No need to buy a "real" bra, just go to WalMart or Target and pick up a soft, nylon tank or sports bra type for less than $10. I took my Ahh Bra which is made of lycra/nylon and it was perfect. Just make sure that the band that goes under your girls is soft and not too tight, one of your incisions is most likely going to be very near there.
  8. Remember that you can't lift anything on your way home so the smaller the bag the better. I took one small carry on and had everything I needed plus some. You are provided with toiletries, lip balm, mouth swabs, etc so no need to lug that stuff around. I took a couple of herb tea bags and Crystal Light packets and used them all. The one thing I was most greatful that I took was my mini travel pillow, it sure did help get comfy in those hospital beds, to press and brace my tummy when getting up out of bed, and I used it under the seatbelt in the care and plane which was a lifesaver.
  9. Faganberry

    Eating Out -- What Do You Eat?

    I am the same way, nothing bothers me. When we go out to eat I order whatever I want, eat 4 bites of the protien first, then a bite of veggie and a bite of starch. That does it for me and the rest comes home. I can usually get 3 to 4 meals out of one restaurant meal. Sometimes if I like what hubby has ordered I just ask for an extra plate and take a few bites off of his. We eat out often and I have had zero issues. Just like eating anything anywhere, protien first and you can't go wrong.
  10. Faganberry

    July Sleevers How R We Doing?

    July 2nd, down 55 pounds. 25 to go!
  11. Faganberry

    When Can We Drink Coffee Again?

    I've had a cup every morning since 1 week out with no issues. An added benefit is that it helps keep you regular
  12. I highly recommend Dr Garcia. I had major complications (not due to the surgery) and they absolutely saved my life. I don't feel this would have been the case if I had not been in a fully equiped hospital with an amazing staff of specialists right there at my bedside. On-site lab, radiology, etc made the difference between life and death for me. The hospital is small, yes, and very modest by American standards. However it is spotlessly clean and they have all the equipment and most importantly, specialists in every field (cardiology, internist, etc) to handle anything that may come up. If you are looking for a luxury hospital Mexico isn't a good choice for you. If you are concerned with no-frills, excellent care, Dr Garcia is a wise choice in my opinion. Dr Garcia's support staff (coordinator, personal assistant, driver) are all excellent, and I can't speak highly enough about his staff of warm, caring nurses. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me directly.
  13. Faganberry

    My Change

    You look fantastic!

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