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    iwannabslim got a reaction from leea in Make Ur Own Jello Protein   
    I've not try it with Protein Powder, but when I was on the liquid phase after getting my lapband(soon to be revised, yay), I used the Protein shots in Jello. It was very tasty. You could not taste the protein at all.
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    iwannabslim got a reaction from ProudGrammy in Craving Food Chew, Taste, And Spit Out   
    During my psych evaluation, I was warned this is a pattern of an eating disorder. I wouldn't start an unhealthy habit.
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    iwannabslim got a reaction from pressn4ward in African American Sleevers   
    They do! You would think that since I already qualified for the lapband, that approval for revision would be easy! Not! Right now, they are asking my doctor for "documentation" of my compliance with his diet and exercise plan. How can he prove that? He isn't with me 24 hours a day. He has only seen me four times in the last year... Sigh... Hopefully I will know something soon.
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    iwannabslim got a reaction from ProudGrammy in Craving Food Chew, Taste, And Spit Out   
    During my psych evaluation, I was warned this is a pattern of an eating disorder. I wouldn't start an unhealthy habit.
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    iwannabslim got a reaction from MinaT in Any June Sleevers?   
    I am going through the same thing. I will bounce 3-4 pounds for a week or two then go down 4. Repeat. I have been doing that since surgery. Of course, I have to admit that this is how I lost with my lapband as well. I figure this is my life now. I am going to roll with it until the wheels fall off.
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    iwannabslim reacted to Kansas1965 in Any June Sleevers?   
    Jun 25 surgery how are you doing ? My weight before surgery 262 and now I'm 217

    Before surgery

    Now 217
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    iwannabslim reacted to ready4change79 in Any June Sleevers?   
    I too am having the same problem. My surgery was June 28 and I am down 23 pounds. I am like Brandy lose a few plateau. It gets a little frustrating but we will all get there.
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    iwannabslim reacted to Wheetsin in Conversion's A-Comin'   
    You already know this already by now, but I was required to wait 2 months in between. Actual wait was 7 months due to insurance silliness.
    We need an "LBT Survivors" sub-forum.
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    iwannabslim got a reaction from Neese in Ghrelin Hormone   
    Just throwing in my two cents worth. I haven't felt true hunger since the morning BEFORE surgery. I have not been hungry since I woke up. Right now, I'm using my son's internal clock to know it is time to eat. I figure I will have to set alarms when I go back to work. I just hope this feeling lasts.
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    iwannabslim reacted to GivingItMyAll in Ghrelin Hormone   
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    iwannabslim reacted to Pookeyism in Ghrelin Hormone   
    I knew it from the start, I still have to understand it a bit...remind myself!
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    iwannabslim reacted to Daisalana in Ball's (Finally) Rolling - Band To Sleeve Conversion   
    Today they said they are writing a letter to insurance to cover lap band removal now with sleeve procedure 90 days later. Asked if I needed to do anything and they said nope. Woohoo. Slightly bummed it is two surgeries but long term it doesn't matter, just my impatience...and 20% cash. I am hoping that means easier recoveries for both surgeries and less risk of leak.
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    iwannabslim reacted to MinaT in Omg I Just Ate Cake 8 Days After Surgery   
    Did you need to do a pre-approval phase at all? Did you need to have psychological counseling? Did you need to pre-diet or do a pre-op shake phase?
    People that haven't been sleeved that read this - go into this 100% invested in it, because without that, you could hurt yourself.
    At 4 weeks I got in trouble from my nutritionist for eating 1% cottage cheese (3 teaspoons!!) I was told I HAVE to be careful because the first 6 weeks you can get a leak, you could hear the strain when I said I also tried a few bites of a poached egg. Albeit, my nutritionist and surgeon are a lot more strict than many I have seen here, but really, you should know that the sugar is HORRIBLE for your sleeve, horrible for your diet and not good for you, period.
    I think calling your surgeon, nutritionist, or getting some psychological counseling is what you are going to need. 8 days after surgery I could barely get down Water and a Protein shake. It's as though you are completely and utterly trying to sabotage yourself, you need to look at the big picture.
    Many of us have families, and gatherings, and I have to cook for mine, but I don't get to eat what they are eating. I would stay away from them when they are eating things I can't eat.
    The sleeve is a tool, you need to learn to use the tool and I'm going on six weeks out and I wouldn't even remotely think of ice cream or cake.
    You need to realize right now you are just recovering from a MAJOR surgery. Having 85% of your stomach removed is extremely major. Your entire *stomach was cut in 1/2 and staples were put in. You are most likely suffering some depression after surgery and my suggestion is if you feel like you are going to lose control, go brush your teeth and drink some more Water, take something for acid, take a gas-x.
    The grumbling you feel in your stomach is NOT hunger, it's acid, gas, or your stomach attempting to heal after a very serious surgery.
    Best of luck.
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    iwannabslim reacted to PdxMan in Will My Brain Ever Catch Up?   
    It takes awhile to get your brain wrapped around it, but it will happen. Just don't force yourself to think you should be eating more than you can. You'll do fine and survive on the portions you can consume.
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    iwannabslim reacted to Daisalana in Conversion's A-Comin'   
    I posted the novella/questions in the pre-op area, but after looking I see many familiar faces, so just wanted to say hi!
    Fairyface from LBT. 5 years out, band broke for the 5th or 6th time in Feb, instead of yet another fix/new band I'm getting the sleeve. I now have insurance that covers it (I am 99% sure), and calling the nurse Monday to get an update. Hoping to get it done asap. No fear, no glory! Is that the saying?
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    iwannabslim reacted to dar1983 in African American Sleevers   
    if I lose my hair, I will get a fabulous wig, and keep it moving!
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    iwannabslim reacted to tiffers in Will My Brain Ever Catch Up?   
    Not only will it catch up, but one day you will find yourself at the store with your mother, screaming in the middle of the chip aisle that you, "just need a little queso for this recipe! Not a jar big enough to feed a football team!" Then you'll think, " wait, I could have easily polished this off pre-op in 2 days!" ... Or maybe thats just me...
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    iwannabslim reacted to Finding MeMe in Will My Brain Ever Catch Up?   
    You'll get used to the small amounts after you find yourself throwing too much away and your tummy stops you. It is amazing how little food the body needs to survive and all the food I used to eat in the past just shocks me.
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    iwannabslim reacted to Wheetsin in 4 Years Out W/ Band...now Looking At Gastric Sleeve   
    I gained about 60 lbs between when my band was removed and when I got my sleeve (which was about a 7 month wait). That lack of restriction was a bear. Even though the last few years I had my band I only had about 1/4 of a cc, and the last several months I was completely empty, I still had restriction due to my slip. The first time I swallowed something still somewhat unchewed (on accident) and had my oh **** moment, then realized nope, it's perfectly fine now... it was almost surreal.
    3.5 months sleeved now and while I don't regret my band, and I lost a ton of weight with it and was grateful for the loss, I'll still say that if I knew then what I know now, and it had been available then, I'd have gone with the sleeve from the start.
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    iwannabslim got a reaction from TaiDyed in 4 Years Out W/ Band...now Looking At Gastric Sleeve   
    Hi. I am also a revision from last month. So far, it has been the best decision. I went through what you are going through now. I had all of the Fluid removed from my band 5 weeks before surgery. I told myself I would not get into "last meal" mode, but it is hard not to. When you take a bite of something that would normally get you "stuck" and it goes down easy? Well, I'm sure you know exactly what I am talking. Try to remember the rules. Eat your Protein first. Try really hard not to snack away. I gained 10 pounds between the day my band was unfilled to the day (three weeks later) that I started my pre-op diet. Now, I truly haven't felt real hunger since I woke up from surgery. Doing Clear liquids the first week was EASY. Ok, only easy because I wasn't hungry at all, but NOT SO easy in that it is hard during the first week to get your Fluid levels up. I'll admit that the permanence of the sleeve scared me to death, however the permanence of being obese scared me more.
    I wish you the absolute best! August 6th will be here before you know it!
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    iwannabslim got a reaction from DebInAZ in Where Do I Fit In?   
    Hi. I know that you are disappointed that you didn't get your sleeve done, however it may be a blessing in disquise. This will allow your tummy time to heal itself from the band. You will have less chances of leaks. I am a revision, and I will admit that waking up without and band AND without a sleeve was my biggest fear. There are several doctors that won't do the surgeries together. The have the patients wait at least 6 months to a year before attempting the sleeve. I wish you the best! I hope that your tummy heals quickly, and that you are able to get your sleeve in 6 months with no problems!
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    iwannabslim reacted to sid_n_reagans_mommy in Port Left In :(   
    I deleted all of my posts because I didn't want somebody to not read through it and not realize that I made a mistake! :-)
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    iwannabslim got a reaction from ProudGrammy in Craving Food Chew, Taste, And Spit Out   
    During my psych evaluation, I was warned this is a pattern of an eating disorder. I wouldn't start an unhealthy habit.
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    iwannabslim reacted to Gastricsleeve4me in Tuna "burgers"   
    Trader joes has great frozen salmon burgers. I picked up some mahi mahi ones too, though haven't tried those yet
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    iwannabslim reacted to tiffers in I Did It The Baked Ricotta!   
    Hello! I came across this site the other day when I was trying to find some new recipe ideas. I made this last night and it was sooo good! I added a grated zucchini into the mix. Thanks for sharing this delicious-ness!

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