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  1. iwannabslim

    Any June Sleevers?

    I am going through the same thing. I will bounce 3-4 pounds for a week or two then go down 4. Repeat. I have been doing that since surgery. Of course, I have to admit that this is how I lost with my lapband as well. I figure this is my life now. I am going to roll with it until the wheels fall off.
  2. iwannabslim

    Ghrelin Hormone

    Just throwing in my two cents worth. I haven't felt true hunger since the morning BEFORE surgery. I have not been hungry since I woke up. Right now, I'm using my son's internal clock to know it is time to eat. I figure I will have to set alarms when I go back to work. I just hope this feeling lasts.
  3. iwannabslim

    1 Week Post Op Appointment Tomorrow(-:

    I wish you had something, too! I am SO a talker once I get going.
  4. iwannabslim

    Pureed Chicken With Taco/spanish Seasoning

    I can try this later this week when I start pureed! Thanks!
  5. iwannabslim

    Tuna "burgers"

    I've tasted something similar made with salmon. It was very tasty.
  6. During my psych evaluation, I was warned this is a pattern of an eating disorder. I wouldn't start an unhealthy habit.
  7. iwannabslim

    Any June Sleevers?

    I sent you a request as well.
  8. iwannabslim

    Unjury Protein: Is It Just Me...

    Just keep in mind, even the ones you like now, you may HATE after your surgery so don't buy large quantities of any of them. I'm learning that one the hard way.
  9. iwannabslim

    Unjury Protein: Is It Just Me...

    I really liked the chicken soup flavor prior to surgery. I can't stomach it after... I had the unflavored when I had my lapband and it was ok. I can only assume it because of the taste change with the sleeve that is causing my dislike since I DID like it before. Now I am struggling to find anything that tastes good. I am ready for something more substantial even if it is just pureed beans.
  10. I had surgery on June 28th. I don't know what my weightloss is because I haven't weighed myself. I am going to let my doctor do it tomorrow at my 1 week follow up. I am on clears basically until tomorrow. I start full liquids tomorrow. I am ready for pureed! I want some beans or some tuna! Something that is not completely liquids! If I NEVER see chicken broth again...
  11. iwannabslim

    Any June Sleevers?

    I hope they let you go home soon! I am truly sorry that things haven't gone exactly well. Prayers for a speedy recovery!
  12. iwannabslim


    I would start drinking the fluids AND put a call in to your doctor to let them decide if you need to go to the ER.
  13. iwannabslim

    June 2012 Sleevers Post Op Check In

    Sleeved today. Feeling ok for now(knock on wood). Thanks everyone for the prayers and well wishes. Thay are greatly appreciated.
  14. My name is finally on the list!! woohoo! Thanks Eric!
  15. iwannabslim

    24 Hours Until This Band Is Gone!

    When I have this kind of support :wub: , I CAN ONLY SUCCEED!!! woot! I am so excited!!!!!!!!
  16. iwannabslim

    Any June Sleevers?

    Are you going to be at Memorial?
  17. When I got my lapband, I didn't really notice any hair loss after surgery. My sleeve is being done next week so I'm not sure what will happen then. I wear my hair really short so if push comes to shove, we can cut it shorter or go natural for a while. My cousin has had her sleeve for at least a year now, and she lost LOTS of hair even taking biotin. Not really sure if she was getting her protein in though. Let's hope it doesn't come out at all!
  18. Day three... Started the day ok. So far, I've only had my coffee (decaf, of course). I am hungry, but I'm trying to hold off on my 1st shake of the day a little longer. I'm working today which makes it easier. I only have the things I can eat with me. I brought three of my six shakes and my first serving of yogurt. We shall see how that goes. Have a great day everyone!
  19. [quote name=McSleevy ' timestamp='1339627917' post='373426] That's very smart of you to have started doing some shakes already.. I probably should have done the same. OOPS! lol Enjoy that Olive Garden! Have a breadstick or two for me! I have heard for many people that this pre-op diet gets easier as the days go by.. I sure hope so because I am not even through the first day and the very thought of another Protein drink makes me CRINGE! Btw, what is your pre-op diet? Just curious.. Here is mine... 1) DRINK 4-5 SERVINGS OF A LIQUID PROTEIN MEAL REPLACEMENT DAILY: (Choose from the following) Bariatric Advantage, CHIKE, BARIATRX ESSENTIALS, unjury EAS MYOPLEX LITE, or GNC TOTAL LEAN shake 25 Powdered mixes may be mixed with skim milk or soy milk. 2) IN ADDITION TO THE ABOVE, CONSUME 64 OZ. sugar-free FLUIDS DAILY: Water CRYSTAL LIGHT (OR OTHER FLAVORED WATERS) sugar free Jello LOW SODIUM broth SUGAR FREE POPSICLES Sound tasty?? lol P.S. I see a couple people have said something about a secret FB page.. Do you know how I can find that? Thanks! Here is the link to the FB thread. In the thread is a link to Robin's FB profile to give her a friend request to be added to the group. http://www.verticalsleevetalk.com/topic/40813-fb-page/
  20. prayers and positive thought for all of those having surgery tomorrow. Will be thinking of you all through out the day!
  21. iwannabslim

    New Band To Sleever Here

    Congrats on your revision! Keep us posted on how you are doing!

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