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    Any June Sleevers?

    I am going through the same thing. I will bounce 3-4 pounds for a week or two then go down 4. Repeat. I have been doing that since surgery. Of course, I have to admit that this is how I lost with my lapband as well. I figure this is my life now. I am going to roll with it until the wheels fall off.
  2. iwannabslim

    June 28

    I had the band for almost 4 years. I had actually lost about 85 pounds with the band, but I started having problems last year and gained a little more than 30 pounds back. I had my band removed and the sleeve done in one surgery. It really wasn't bad at all. My biggest issue was the incision where the port for the band was located. That incision ached up to last week. It's all going great now, though. My weight loss is slower, and probably will continue be slower, than most new sleeve patients. I don't mind that at all as long as I keep losing.
  3. iwannabslim

    June 28

    I am a lapband revision. That is my total weight loss.
  4. iwannabslim

    Ghrelin Hormone

    Just throwing in my two cents worth. I haven't felt true hunger since the morning BEFORE surgery. I have not been hungry since I woke up. Right now, I'm using my son's internal clock to know it is time to eat. I figure I will have to set alarms when I go back to work. I just hope this feeling lasts.
  5. I have wondered about the "limit" thing. I have a friend that currently has lapband. She was trying for revision through her new insurance. She found out that they have a "1 per lifetime" limit on bariatric surgery even though THEY didn't have anything to do with the original surgery. It would seem to me that it would be cheaper on the insurance company to go ahead and cover the surgery rather than paying for the multitude of specialists that she would have to see to deal with the affects of obesity on her body. As for recovery, it is VERY similar to getting the band. I am on lifting restrictions for 4 weeks. I work at a pretty physical job so I am actually off work on short term disability for the entire time. I have heard of people going back to work soon after surgery (like less than a week). The hardest part, to me, is getting my fluids in. It is very easy to get dehydrated post op. I struggle to get in 5 cups of Water a day. I working on it, but it can be tough. I'm in contact with a few revisioners. They still VERY happy with their decision to revise. They inspire me daily. I will admit that it was their sucess that made me finally talk to my doctor about revising.
  6. iwannabslim

    Conversion's A-Comin'

    There are quite a few doctors that refuse to do the sleeve at the same time as the band removal. Some want the stomach to heal, like your doctor. My doctor did my surgeries at one time. He had told me that he would clean up whatever scar tissue that needed to be cleaned up to do my surgery. He DID however, tell me that there was still a chance for me to wake up with no band AND no sleeve. It was just going to depend on how extensive the damage done by the band. I hadn't had a slip or erosion. He had me unfill my band prior to surgery which also allowed more healing. As for the balooning, I feel your pain. I had my complete unfill 1 month before surgery, and I gained 10 pounds between the day I was unfilled and the day I started my 14 day pre-op diet. I think, no I KNOW I lost my mind when it came to eating. All of the things that the band had kept me from eating for 4 years, I ate them in those few weeks. For the preauthorizationg, my doctor submitted them both at once. I had been told it would take a long time, but it really only took about a week from the time that they submitted to the time I had gotten confirmation that it was approved. I am crossing fingers, toes, and eyes for a speedy approval. The time in between surgeries will fly!
  7. iwannabslim

    Conversion's A-Comin'

    Hi. I remember you from LBT. I was slim-n-tn (changed the name to *slim* before I stopped going over there). I hope all goes well and speedy for you to get your revision!
  8. Seriously, will my brain EVER catch on to the fact that I can only handle so much food at once? I just struggled with less than 2 oz of salmon! Pre-surgery, I would have INHALED TWO 6 oz servings PLUS salad and another side...I kept thinking I should be able to eat these three ounces of fish (I had weighed out 3 oz to start with, but I could NOT finish it).
  9. iwannabslim

    Will My Brain Ever Catch Up?

    thanks for the reassurance!
  10. iwannabslim

    Peanut Butter

    It's on my list of things that are ok.
  11. iwannabslim


    Lots of people take milk of magnesia. I can't stomach the thought of that one. I have been taking Miralax powder. You may want to check with your surgeon about what they suggest. Good luck because I know that is a miserable feeling.
  12. Hi. I am also a revision from last month. So far, it has been the best decision. I went through what you are going through now. I had all of the Fluid removed from my band 5 weeks before surgery. I told myself I would not get into "last meal" mode, but it is hard not to. When you take a bite of something that would normally get you "stuck" and it goes down easy? Well, I'm sure you know exactly what I am talking. Try to remember the rules. Eat your Protein first. Try really hard not to snack away. I gained 10 pounds between the day my band was unfilled to the day (three weeks later) that I started my pre-op diet. Now, I truly haven't felt real hunger since I woke up from surgery. Doing Clear liquids the first week was EASY. Ok, only easy because I wasn't hungry at all, but NOT SO easy in that it is hard during the first week to get your fluid levels up. I'll admit that the permanence of the sleeve scared me to death, however the permanence of being obese scared me more. I wish you the absolute best! August 6th will be here before you know it!
  13. iwannabslim

    1 Week Post Op Appointment Tomorrow(-:

    I wish you had something, too! I am SO a talker once I get going.
  14. iwannabslim


    That was my fear too! I was starving from the time I came home until they took it out! hahaha I NEVER had a time that I wasn"t physically hungry with the band. I could get to the point where I couldn't eat (multiple productive burps during the week), but I was STILL hungry. I have not felt hungry at ALL since I woke up with my sleeve. The first few days, I did good just to remember to drink Water. It has truly been night and day as far as that. I'm very excited for you! Those 8 days will FLY by! Let us know how you are doing!
  15. iwannabslim


    I feel really good. Thanks for asking! This part of the journey is VERY similar to after first getting the band as far as progressing through the food stages, but that is where the similarity stops. I actually have no real interest in food yet. I eat because I know I have to, but I have yet to actually feel hungry (knock on wood). I wish you the best on your revision!
  16. I don't believe my answer was either a judgement or a diagnosis. You put the question out there. I simply gave my opinion on it.
  17. iwannabslim

    Pureed Chicken With Taco/spanish Seasoning

    I can try this later this week when I start pureed! Thanks!
  18. iwannabslim

    Tuna "burgers"

    I've tasted something similar made with salmon. It was very tasty.
  19. iwannabslim


    Also, it isn't a lie. You ARE having your band removed. They don't have to know about the rest.
  20. During my psych evaluation, I was warned this is a pattern of an eating disorder. I wouldn't start an unhealthy habit.
  21. iwannabslim

    June Sleever's - July

    This is a very good idea. It does get hard to wade through all of the posts in the longer threads. I'm just beginning week two after my surgery. I just started full liquids. I had thinned grits as SOON as I got home from the doctor's office. I thought I had died and gone to heaven finally having something that wasn't BROTH! If I NEVER see plain broth again, it will be too soon.
  22. iwannabslim

    Any June Sleevers?

    I sent you a request as well.
  23. iwannabslim

    1 Week Post Op Appointment Tomorrow(-:

    I thought that was probably you! My check up went pretty good. He told me to maybe make myself a note to remind me to eat. Who would have ever thought I would need a reminder? I remembered when I got home because I had thinned grits. Yum! How was your check up?
  24. iwannabslim

    1 Week Post Op Appointment Tomorrow(-:

    I was the one in the red t-shirt and jeans

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