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    Got pregnant with my wonderful son at age 40. It's very hard to lose that weight when you're older!
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    Hiking, reading, walking my dogs, interior design
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  1. robindei

    Im A May Sleever!

    this site is SO FRUSTRATING! it takes forever to go from page to page and it won't let me edit my tracker, so I tried to do a new one and now that is not working either!! GRRRR. What's going on? This is such a great place to come to find out things, but it's useless if you can't look for things since it takes 5 minutes just to load a page!
  2. robindei

    Abington Bariatric

    see you there!!
  3. robindei

    Im A May Sleever!

    twisted kitten25 - are you a my fitness pal person? There's a ton of us on there and we can see everyones diarys of food and exercise and see what's working and what's not. If you want - my name is rdei on there and you can also join the May Sleevers "secret" facebook page - lots of sharing on there!
  4. robindei

    Im A May Sleever!

    well, I had mine on 5-22 and I hit a stall on week 3 until yesterday. What's that - a 4 week stall? I lost 30 lbs and then hung out there. Today I lost 4 lbs. Who knows why, maybe my body REALLY liked it at the 30 lbs loss. But after I had shrunk down (really, I went down an entire SIZE, and lost no lbs) I am starting to lose again. So maybe it's that my body didn't want a ton of loose skin?? All I know is that I kept to the foods, tried to eat less than 50 carbs a day, and get in 80 grs of protein and even if the scale doesn't show it - LOTs of my friends are noticing. And my closet is a more open place to try clothes on now. So stay the course. Even if the scales doesn't show - your body will. And sooner or later you WILL lose that weight!
  5. robindei

    Im A May Sleever!

    i'm an every day person. And I am adding more calories to my daily totals and I've been losing more weight now. Strange, but true.
  6. robindei

    Doing What I Am Suppose To

    congrats!! sounds like you are right on schedule - can't wait until you start posting your losses. It's fun!
  7. I can ONLY eat fish and sea food - at 6 weeks out. By sleeve doesn't like beef or chicken or pork. But it loves halibut, salmon, scallops, crab, lobster and just about any fish I've tried has been good. NOT Bluefish - that was really yucky!
  8. robindei


    i was just cleared by my surgeon to eat anything i want....4 weeks out! All drs are different, so you should just follow what yours recommends.
  9. robindei

    Bummed Beond Beleif . . .

    Rootman - So sorry for your loss of your furry companions and friends. Nothing more to say - my heart goes out to you.
  10. robindei

    Nightline "weigh Less Drink More"

    well, i'm voting for my transfer addiction from food to be sex. i mean, if i have a choice, that would definately be it.
  11. robindei

    90 Day Update With Photos

    you look wonderful!!
  12. robindei

    May 22Nd

    as an update on weight loss, from Surgery date 5-22 - I am now down 24 lbs! Yea!!
  13. This is exciting - and I'm only an hour away! I can't wait to go! Thank you!!
  14. robindei

    May Sleeve Buddies!

    Hi to all the May Sleevers - I was sleeved on 5-23 and as of today, I've lost 21 lbs! I just love that my son and hubs can eat pizza and wings, and I do not even want any of it. I love my sleeve!
  15. Hi Joni - How do you update your ticker? I've lost more weight and I can't seem to do an update without deleting the one I have and replacing it with a new ticker? Seems strange to me to do this every day, but I can't fugure it out. Can you help me?

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