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  1. found chewables that arent gummy. but i fear i have a slip since now water will not even go down. my doctor is not calling me back so i need to search for a new one.
  2. Deflating my band is not an option. I dont want to be fat and pregnant eeeuw. Anyway gummies is a good idea. Im already six months along and hadnt had trouble swallowing these pills before. So it was real weird. On to liquid diet till swelling subsides.
  3. I fear i have ruined my internals for life. I am a year plus post op and i am 6 months pregnant. All of a sudden my band is super tight and mg prenatal vitamin got stuck. It was the worst pain ever in my throat chest and shoulder. That was the 5th and now im sitting here 12 hours later and i can barely drink water because it comes right back up. Anyone experience something simar?
  4. sandymax

    Wait time for sex

    2 days lol. my husband is too hot. and once i got a nip of the liquid hydrocodone. it was on!!! hahaha as long as you feel good. do a few exercises first and if its all good go for it.
  5. sandymax

    Shoulder Tip Pain

    My shoulder pain went away a few days post op but it seemed like forever. I'm a few months shy of a year banded and if I over eat the pain is back just as strong. It is the pressure on the diaphragm tht causes it. It will pass. Hang in there and good luck.
  6. I was banded in December and was so hungry and tired of holding back, I attacked a bucket of chicken a week post op. (Hey, if i had self control i wouldnt need the band) Hang in there it gets better. I only lost 20 pounds in the first few months after surgery, but once i found my sweet spot i am losing a consistent 2 pounds a week and now I am in heaven. Dont worry, you are normal, and all of our individual experiences with the band are different.
  7. I can understand. Nothing helped me except for the liquid Hydrocodone. After day 7 the pain went away. please know this will pass and you will be on your way to the rest of your life (as cliche as it may sound)
  8. WARNING! THE FOLLOWING IS REAL TALK!! I had sex the next day and while I never asked the doctors advice on intercourse I did ask about oral sex and his advice to me was "avoid it if its gonna make you gag, but if you absolutetly feel the NEED, go slow and dont swallow... until your on solid food"
  9. sandymax

    My Huh Is What?

    I recently changed insurance coverages and since my new insurance does not allow out of network providers, I decided to leave my beloved surgeon and try a new doctor. My new doctor is affiliated with the hospital at which I work and comes highly recommended. ... So i go in to my first visit with my new doc and as he is feeling around for my port... he says "your port is floating around in your abdomen... and it seems to be almost flipped" HUBBA WHUH ?!!!!!?!!!!! Furthermore, he told me that I was only full 3ccs not 5.7cc as my old doc had told me. I had a feeling something was up, although I am in no pain and the doc says we dont really need to do anything as long as he can manage the port with his hands. I still had this weird discouraging feeling the last few months. So i move on with my new doc who I have the utmost confidence in. Everything happens for a reason and I will go with the flow.
  10. Hi, I also have auto immune issues such as mild lupus and RA. Howeverr I made a decision to stop all Rx about five years ago. I chose not to tell my surgeon (not recommended). I was banded in December 2011 and have had three fills and so far so good. Best of luck to you.
  11. sandymax

    Second Thoughts

    I have the cloudy day lap band blues here in Los Angeles today. But let me tell you it cheers me up to know my struggle is onward and upward unlike last year when I would comfort myself with food and end up in that disasterous cycle. Good Luck to you. Remember its something we all go through in all our different ways but this is a place we can ask for help and support without shame and without judgement. Lots of luck and good energy being sent your way.
  12. sandymax

    Scared Of What Will Happen

    Real talk: most of my the people I know are fat and miserable and jealous they can't afford the surgery themselves or are thin and don't understand what its like to be me and think I took the lazy way out. Do what's right for you. Read blogs from people have experienced first hand and know every singlw person is different. You started this for a reason but know if its not right for you you can back out anytime. You don't owe anything to anyone but yourself.
  13. Congratulations! I also have autoimmune issues as in mild lupus and RA. I however didn't disclose this at the time of surgery (I do not recommend keeping deadly secrets from your doctor) and I'm doing fine. I was banded on 12/23/11 and have not had any problem, on he contrar. I feel alive again. Good luck to you and God bless!
  14. sandymax

    Whey Protein

    I get Muscle Milk at Costco too. They have the Muscle Milk light in premaid ready to take box drinks. I tried the Whey Protien in Vanilla and it was Not cool, bad after taste. Body Fortress from Walmart is good. Mind you, I make them with skim milk or plain yogurt sometimes a little peanut butter or banana if I need a bit more to stay full and I don't feel like a solid food meal. Its yummy.
  15. Sorry if you think my reply is rude but... Get over it! Don't run and hide upstairs, face the rest of your life head on and start now. You have this incredible blessing of technology and opportunity with the lap band! Know that you are blessed and let everyone else go on with their lives as usual. Enjoy your family time and know that in time the pride you have in a brand new juicy body will be better than any over indulgent meal. Be confident that you can deal! Because you can.

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