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  1. Charlotte

    I Need Help And Im Very Sad

    Here is a list of drinks that help me get my protein. I hope you find one that you like I think there are 198 shakes on it. sleeveshakes.doc
  2. Charlotte

    Gaining Weight Being Sick?

    I had the crud a few weeks ago and gained but it came off quickly after I was over it. Get better soon, I feel for you.
  3. Charlotte

    Week 36

    Thank you so much am going to Vegas in a few weeks and will get the syrup while I'm there.
  4. Charlotte

    Week 36

    Another week of the weight yo yo for me. I am back to drinking shakes to get enough protein in, and taking biotin to help with the hair loss. I still love my sleeve but not loving me or the choices I have made in the past few days. For every action there is a reaction and so that cookie or ice cream cone adds weight on. Better choices this week for that sweet tooth that has managed to show it's ugly head again. I found those Fiber one brownies are really good and only 90 calories so that is my choice for this week. I wasn't going to write every week because it was getting hard to put feelings on page, then I thought about it more and am going to continue to write every week. This is the only place I have to put down in words what I am feeling and how having the sleeve is effecting me. I love that I am getting smaller and changing shape, the down side clothes are expensive , I think I can live with that as a side effect heheheheheh sleeveshakes.doc
  5. I have been staying around 800 - 1000 calories, 100g carbs, 22-35g fat, 100g protein, 30-60g sugars and about 150g cholesterol, and at least 80-90 oz of water or tea. I still average about 10 to 25lbs weights loss and about 7 to 10 inches a month. I have set these goals up in myfitnesspal.com in order to keep track of them, and I can use it on my phone when out.
  6. Charlotte


    Kids say the strangest things that only a mom or grandma can truly appreciate. They make you smile and cry all at the same time. Your son is so sweet and very positive for you, he's a keeper.......
  7. Charlotte

    Week 35

    This is the start of week 35 on my VSG journey. I have made some changes in my diet and exercise programs to conform with the doctors suggestions. I have also changed my weighting and measuring to every other week now, and found I like it better than every week. Rules to follow concerning my exercise routine: No bending my head down, no running or jogging, no weights heavier then 10lbs, no riding bikes, no sit-ups, no ironing or taking clothes out of dryer, can't bend to pick things up from floor and no monkey sex lol. Now I am just cleaning everything, I have become very anal in fact about it. I have to have all the dishes done before bed and the floor vacuumed or I don't sleep well. Laundry gets done every other day (oops) and I have started to fix things around the house. My next big task is going to be painting to get rid of the smoke smell then plan to shampoo the carpets. I have been doing old school exercises (jumping jacks leg lifts and such). I hit the bag every time I go by it but don't do the big work outs. This is STILL more then what they want me to be doing but I can't just sit on the couch and do nothing. I may have some health issues but dang it all I'm not dead yet. I love being sleeved and my new look. The scale is moving slowly but boy have the inches have come off I am down to a size 16 now and my shape is really starting to look good. Thanking God each day for this amazing life.
  8. Charlotte

    Week 33

    Week 33 ends the month on July. So far on my journey I have managed to get rid of 99 pounds and about 82 inches off my body. My BMI has come done 16 points it still shows me as obese and that's ok cause I know it will keep coming down. Even with all the stalls and not being able to exercise much, I am still managing about 8 pounds a month and about 7 inches. I think this is good and has been the pattern for me. I can't understand why people ask "are you still losing?" I know it has to show. Then I have those who don't say anything at all. People are so strange sometimes. The biggest question of all from people is what happens after you reach your goal how do you maintain your weight with out losing anymore? I just say my body will know and will balance it's self out. Thank God for the people in my life that care about what is going on me. Day by Day Step by Step with Jesus is my motto
  9. Charlotte

    Week 31

    I have finally managed to break the stall thought it would never happen. I weighted in at 241 and am tickled pink about it.
  10. Charlotte

    Start Of Week 29

    These stalls are just madding. For 2 weeks now I have not lost a pound, but have managed to gain 4 pounds. I am retaining fluid like crazy, my feet, legs, and arms are so puffy and when I take off my socks and shoes the indents are big. I hate these stalls I get so down on myself and start to worry about not losing another pound. I make my self crazy with counting calories and how much I drink it is to the point that I keep a log of how I feel when I eat and the time that I eat. It has become an obsession for me. I need to stop the merry go round and get off. Losing weight is so important to me, I need to lose it so I can live I know I didn't put it on over night and it will take time but time is what I don't have a lot of. I just keep praying that the weight loss gives me more time to lose more weight. There is such a big push for me to reach that 100lbs gone so that I will quit smoking I think that has been detrimental for me. I want to quit I'm just not ready to. I smoked for 9 years then quit when I learned I was pregnant, then started again until I was pregnant again then started back again, that was 29 years ago. I know that I would feel better but it's just the fact someone is telling me I have to quit. Maybe if it was my idea and my time line it wouldn't be so bad. So I'm thinking if I start the process now of quitting it will take the pressure off me and I don't have to worry about that 100lb mark. Day by Day Step by Step with Jesus is what I pray for me today.
  11. Charlotte

    Week 28

    These 7 months have passed so very quickly, some of them were easy and some were just horrible. The ups and downs at times seemed to be unbearable. I cried, screamed, and even ran away from home so not to hurt my husband and sister with angry words. I found a story on this site about the hormones attacking the body well they sure are making me crazy. Even on antidepressants I have had some bad days. I have not lost a lbs this week but I'm sure the loss will start up again. I have promised the doctors and my sister that when I reach 100 lbs lost I will quit smoking maybe my body is reacting on that and holding on to all of them. Well here's to another week cheers
  12. Charlotte


    My doctor told me to cut back on smoking if I wanted the sleeve, he also said that if I was having the bypass I would have to quit smoking all together. When you smoke you end up coughing a lot after surgery that is one of the reasons they want you to quit and there are other problems it causes but don't know what they are. I would ask him about it again let him know how much and how long you have been smoking ask him about cutting back and not quitting, ask him why he wants you to quit, and what the complications are of smoking. Each doctor is different and has their own way of doing things, I was very lucky mine was ok with me cutting back I went from a pack a day to half a pack a day before surgery. After surgery I did have some coughing but the long walks to and from the smoking area helped lol.
  13. Charlotte

    Week 27

    I have reached the half way mark to my 1 year and can't believe how much my body and mind have changed. I am so thankful to the doctors for all agreeing that I could have the sleeve done and making it happen s quickly. I never thought I would be losing weight or that I would be healthy again. Thank God for answering prayers. Not only is my body changing but so is my outlook on life, This weekend out wasn't to bad I only gained a pound and stayed the same on inches, it was all the fast food and the high levels of sodium, so back on track and now. I will have to cut the sodium and really watch the calories for the next week. This weekend was a blast saw so many people and met some new people. Tia bowled awesome and even won some money on brackets. We had the best time. Step by Step Day by Day with Jesus is what I pray today.

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