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Week 35



This is the start of week 35 on my VSG journey. I have made some changes in my diet and exercise programs to conform with the doctors suggestions. I have also changed my weighting and measuring to every other week now, and found I like it better than every week.


Rules to follow concerning my exercise routine: No bending my head down, no running or jogging, no weights heavier then 10lbs, no riding bikes, no sit-ups, no ironing or taking clothes out of dryer, can't bend to pick things up from floor and no monkey sex lol.


Now I am just cleaning everything, I have become very anal in fact about it. I have to have all the dishes done before bed and the floor vacuumed or I don't sleep well. Laundry gets done every other day (oops) and I have started to fix things around the house. My next big task is going to be painting to get rid of the smoke smell then plan to shampoo the carpets. I have been doing old school exercises (jumping jacks leg lifts and such). I hit the bag every time I go by it but don't do the big work outs. This is STILL more then what they want me to be doing but I can't just sit on the couch and do nothing. I may have some health issues but dang it all I'm not dead yet.


I love being sleeved and my new look. The scale is moving slowly but boy have the inches have come off I am down to a size 16 now and my shape is really starting to look good.


Thanking God each day for this amazing life.


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