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    Surgery Day! and beyond: Part 2

    comparison pics Sent from my SM-G930R4 using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Hurts to drink water

    Do not take Aleve!!!! Unless your doc says SPECIFICALLY you can have it! Aleve is an NSAID and most of us (RNY OR VSG) are told no NSAIDS forever. (I do know of some exceptions but they've been rare.)
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    Am I losing my mind...

    Treading lightly here because I don't know where you stand culturally\religiously BUT If I'm being honest the things I highlighted leap out to me as very controlling. Now that control is being lost you may begin to see a whole host of issues arise- none of which are your fault or can be fixed by you. My advice is to carefully and calmly watch while continuing on your path of health and happiness. The rest will end up as it should. Good Luck 💚
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    Post Op Sex

    This question “comes up” all the time. I think the best response I have read is that generally they prefer you to wait until you are home from hospital
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    Pre op starting a liquid diet

    I’m on day 6 of my preop liquid diet. Things I have learned. Liquid in means liquid out. Be aware. Chicken broth makes this even worse! Don’t trust farts You’ll be tempted to cheat. Don’t do it. Find something else to distract you. Plan on hiding from people. It’s too hard to be around food. Stock up before your diet starts. It’s too are to be in the grocery store. Good luck!!!! You can do this!
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    Hurts to drink water

    @mediocreoblongata you didn't say how far out from surgery you are and your profile is incomplete. It's pretty normal in the immediate post-op phase to have trouble getting your fluids in. You're healing. Take it slow, sip, do not gulp or try to get in large amounts at one sitting. Sip throughout the day. If you're more than 6 weeks post-op and it hurts to drink water, you may want to contact your doctor. Regarding the NSAID debate: For both my Lap Band and my Sleeve, I was told no NSAIDS. That being said, the doctor also said that after 6 months out, an OCCASIONAL NSAID will not cause permanent damage. It's the routine taking of NSAIDS that cause cumulative problems. Also, they are more damaging when taken on an empty stomach.
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    Hurts to drink water

    OMG no I am not 'wanking' pah hahaha gotta love a good typo @Billy Bob Yeah I know what you are saying and I will talk to my team about it and just get sorted.
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    Surgery Day! and beyond: Part 2

    Yeah, there is barely any incision in my armpit. My surgeon said the same - he tries to avoid cutting down the armpit much at all because of scarring preventing you from raising your arms. P.S. I can shave now. lol. I'll post some updated pics later. The incisions look great. I go back on January 6th for a 6 week followup. Back at work now. booooo.
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    Hurts to drink water

    Do other liquids go ok like milk? If so maybe it's the pH?? My local grocery store sells alkaline water in a gallon for $4. Maybe try that?
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    I agree. Please do your research and be wary of any practice in Mexico that charges less than $4600 USD. Ask for certifications and accreditations for both the Surgeon and the Hospital. These are fairly easy to confirm online. Look for surgeon accreditations like FACS, ASMBS, SRC Surgeon of Excellence and SRC Master Surgeon in Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery. As for the Hospital. Make sure it is a FULL-Service Hospital and not a clinic or surgery center. Clinics and surgery centers are not equipped to handle serious complications. Their accreditations and certifications include SRC Center of Excellence in Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, as well as Local, State and Federal certifications.