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    Yes, very common, and here is one of the factors - In the middle of the video he goes over the typical progression of meal volume that we can expect, and it is consistent with my experience. I you simply let things happen and eat the same way we did the first year, but more, then there will certainly be the tendency to gain. While I'm not a big fan of everything this guy preaches (or any online guru, for that matter,) one of the things that I do like is his "eat your vegetables first" concept, which he applies after the first few months of protein first. My general evolution was to increase the veg content of my meals over time, rather than the protein, as the protein that we are advised to consume early on is usually our basic requirement, as we can't get that from pills like we can most micronutrients. So, I still have about 3 oz of meat in a meal today like I did the first year, but a lot more veg in there. And, it's still something of a struggle because the junk still wants to creep back in there stimulating old habits (we usually spent a lot more time getting fat, and getting used to it, than we have trying to be healthy now!) With a sleeve, or a bypass, at this point it is basic dieting/healthy balanced eating that we are all familiar with; it is somewhat easier than before as our volume rarely returns to where is was pre-op, but our old bad habits sure can come back.
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    Swollen stomach

    That's normal at 5 days out. You still have the surgical gas in your system. It took me about 10 days to get rid of all the gas (you have to walk a lot, and for the first 2 weeks after the sleeve, I really struggled with that) and the fluid retention from the surgery doesn't help. Took me a good 7-8 days to lose the water I was holding on to from the surgery. Within 2 weeks, you should be back to normal.
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    Hey all, Yes I have a thyroid problem and the doctors already know. I've been on thyroid medication since 2016. The team did blood work and said it was a little high but not enough to change my dosage. She saw my hair and she recommended taking a collagen supplement. I like the taste of the Spring Valley collagen + Biotin sugar free liquid supplement (sorry I didn't mention it was a liquid or that it was together). I'm also 7 months post op. The hair shedding has slowed down a lot at this point. I really do feel a difference in my hair. It feels softer. I've always had fine hair. It's just since I had surgery, it looks super thin on the top of my head on the left side of my part and only really can be seen if I put my hair up in a bun or pony. Makes me feel a little self conscious. But I do know it'll go back to normal eventually or at least I hope lol. I want to start using the vital proteins collagen powder. And get a new protein powder. Have one of each per day. I definitely lack protein and I know that's a huge factor. For the past few months it's been difficult deciding on what to eat with protein that isn't eggs. I have found a pancake mix with 15g of protein in it and it's actually the best protein pancake mix I've found, but I don't want pancakes every day. I get sick of things quick now since I've had the surgery.
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    I know how truly awful the ulcers and GERD feel like. I’m wishing you a speedy recovery!
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    Less then 30 lbs to go...

    First off 12 lbs in two months is pretty dang good! Be sure to celebrate that forward progress. That being said, I can relate. Mine has slowed as well- my Bariatrician and I discussed this yesterday- your body is adjusting to change and is finally on to the game. As that happens, we need to build muscle to up our metabolism. It’s always harder to lose as you get closer to goal it seems, which sucks! Slow and steady wins the race though, keep at it!
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    Less then 30 lbs to go...

    Same. I have about 30 lbs left. It's definitely slow going right now for me, too. For me, I'm just sticking with the plan and adding more exercise. I still average about 1-3 lbs a week, which I'm okay with.
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    My Gastric Sleeve Journey

    I'm officially right on the edge of being back into the 200's for the first time in about a decade, I'm also now closer to my goal than I am my heaviest weight, so that's pretty exciting. I've been slowly learning to take smaller bites, way more chewing, and taking more time with meals. I know that we're not supposed to be eating fast food, but I had a regular McDonalds cheeseburger a couple days ago. It was the first burger I've had in four months, and even though it was from McDonalds, it tasted great and I was able to finish the whole thing over the course of about 30 minutes. I'd say that's progress. At one point, my surgeon had told me that it was okay to start incorporating lunch meats and I tried boars head roast beef and it made me so sick that I swore I'd never even try beef again, but I did and it seemed to work out. Most days, I see myself mostly eating string cheese and various nuts. This has definitely been an interesting journey so far.
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    Traveling & staying on track

    Hi All, I thought I would share my resent adventure in traveling after surgery. Husband and I spent the holiday in Maui. As we all know when flying there is that 3 oz limit on liquids which I was concerned about. How am I going to get my proteins, water, pills and vitamins all in with the total day was spent flying? Here is what I came up with before traveling and it worked for me. For protien: I found Bariatric Fusion sells the powder in individuals packets. I also packed in my carry on 2 One protien bars. I picked up a yogurt at the airport to mix the powder in it. On lay overs I was able to find a couple places that had healthy food choice, like the Grab and Go. For water : I took with me a portable water bottle filled it up before got on the planes. I also asked the stewards to fill it up with water and ice while on the plane and it was no problem at all they where happy to do it. For Pills & Vitamins : I got those weekly pill cases one for morning and one for evening. Filled them up with the prescriptions I need for the week and stuck them in my carry on. This included my Biotin and Probiotics. I take fiber powder everyday and was able to find Walgreens carries fiber sticks. I got a box of those counted out how many I needed for the trip and put it in a carry on. I used a back back as my carryon and was able to get everything in there that I need. In Maui there was a lot of fish options which was great for me I love fish. I lot of the time we just split a meal as they where so big and I don't eat alot. I also picked up some individual low fat milk to put my protien powder in. This is usually my breakfast so it was nice to be able to stick to my routine. I was nervous about traveling and staying on track but once I found out that I could take with me what I needed it was a load off my mind. I was able to really enjoy our vacation. I hope this is helpful for any of you who are thinking of traveling or getting ready to travel. Melody
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    New to this and facing anger

    I most definitely felt this way. I had a complete pity party for myself. I needed it. Why can’t I do it on my own? Why is XXX so skinny and eats whatever they want when I eat one slice of cake and gain 5lbs? The negative talk resonated in my brain. I can’t do this, it’s too hard, I love food too much, I’m a side baker I can’t taste my baking. But guess what? YOU CAN F****** DO THIS!!!!! As for complications, I’ll just throw this out there. Vomiting - had some the first few days of post op however, I knew that I get like that with anesthesia, so my doctor and I did what we could to minimize it. I’ve since had my gallbladder removed one year later, and am having a revision as I have a hiatal hernia and severe GERD. So…would I consider those to be complications? Sure. But I would do it over again 100x!!! I have gained so much throughout this journey. And continue to. My current surgeon feels my initial surgeon should have chosen a bypass for me originally, which I asked for but they recommended sleeve so that’s what we went with. Current surgeon feels that with my co-morbities at that time, and other issues, I shouldn’t have been a candidate for a sleeve. Okay so all that to say, again I wouldn’t change it!!!! I tolerate literally any food with my sleeve. Now things sit “heavier” than others so if I’m eating that I may be miserable (like feeling stuffed not sick). After some tragedy in my family, I stopped eating well and started eating just snack food. I gained 18lbs. But then I crawled out of the hole and said okay, this has to stop, you’ve worked wayyyyy to hard to go backwards, get it together! Here I am, back on track, still have some of the gain to lose, but grateful that I have this tool aka my sleeve to help mitigate that for me. I used to love following people on IG/social media but I had to stop. Before my sleeve I looked at thin people and felt pangs of jealousy and constant comparison. Then after surgery and losing weight (not even to goal weight haven’t made it) I looked at the VSG “influencers”, the same way. Constant “oh her surgery was two weeks before mine and she’s already lost 100 lbs and I’ve ONLY lost 70”. It was perpetuating the SAME cycle I was in. So I just had to stop. Every now and again I search out the hashtag but for the most part I don’t because this journey is unique to YOU. Sorry for the novel, and if you made it through it, that’s great! Lol
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    10 YEARS LATER!!!!

    When my doctor told me to change me eating habits with that first year or 2 of major restriction, I took it seriously. I learned how to make better choices 80% of the time. I eat chips, dips, pizza, cake & all the other bad stuff. I even drink beer. However, I eat and drink in moderation and occasionally. I stay away from sugary drinks & only indulge occasionally. I learned easy swaps when cooking to help reduce calories. For example, I cook with cooking spay, not oil. I use lean ground turkey meat, chicken breast, and other lean meats. I still wake go with Greek yogurt for breakfast, and I will add protein powder in the mix & top with fresh fruit. Eggs in many combinations, and if I want eggs with bacon or cheese (or other high calorie toppings/sides, I’ll use egg whites instead of the whole egg. I do zucchini noodles instead of pasta…all these little things that become habitual make a difference in the long run. I literally changed my eating lifestyle. The 2nd component was body composition. I started lifting weights. Heavy weight for me. The heavy lifting helped me add muscle and lean out at the same time. I don’t do cardio…or, I hardly EVER do cardio. I hate it. My fitness is purely from heavy weightlifting. It became another aspect of my lifestyle. I have lifted 4-6 days a week. Consistently. Year round. Since I was sleeved & released for physical activity. If I’m on vacation, I’m on vacation. If there’s an emergency, there’s an emergency. However! Tired. Not tired. I go to the gym. I think of it as my job. Whether I want up go or not, I have to work. And yes, I still have restriction 10 years out! But sliders are definitely still a thing, and if I stick to my protein, veggies, abs complex carbs, I don’t really crave or indulge in those sliders too often! Bottom line. It’s a lifestyle change. Change your habits. Be consistent.

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