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    A little more than one week post-op update: Pain - My incision pain decreased enough for me to feel comfortable most of the day on Tuesday, Day 6. As of today, Friday, Day 9, I can get in and out of chairs without feeling my incision pulling and needing to put pressure on it. I was able to drive my teen to work in the next town, with the support of a seatbelt pillow. I stopped by the local rail trail and had a short walk in the greenery yesterday. I'm planning to up my walking now that I don't have so much pain, but I want to take it slow so I don't overexert myself. My legs are starting to cramp from inactivity. I've been building up to my hydration and protein goals daily, and worked up to 4 oz of liquid intake every 30 minutes. I didn't really have a schedule until I woke up on Wednesday, Day 7, feeling absolutely ravenous. The day before I had concentrated on hydration and come up a little shorter on my protein goals. So I made a spreadsheet, to plan out my protein and hydration intake according to what my stomach was capable of now, and discovered I could get a bit more in if I paid more attention to things. Yesterday, I made 72 g protein and 64 oz hydration/36 of which was clear liquids. I have medications/vitamins to take 4 times a day, and I had been following the 30 min before/after for them, just in case, because I wanted to make sure they were absorbed. However, my dietician told me this morning that I didn't need to do that. So that clears up significantly more time for clear liquid hydration! I weighed myself yesterday, and discovered that in the first week since surgery, I've lost 23 lbs. Part of me thinks that is a worryingly large number, but also probably a great deal of it is water weight. I did some measurements, and it appears that most of the weight has come from my arms and bust (of course). My clothes don't appear to fit differently yet, but I haven't worn most of them yet. I did notice while putting my face serums and creams on that my cheekbones and jawline seem more prominent. One of my first NSVs is that my left ankle used to swell after sitting all day. Recently, despite sitting most of the day during recovery, my ankles have matched in size and slenderness. It's very exciting! The best news of all is that I met with my dietician this morning and been cleared for advancing to more foods. Our program has weeks 1-3 set aside for full liquid diet, so that is what I was prepared for. My dietician said that starting today, I can start making protein shakes with fruit, and I can also have fully blended soups of any type. So that expands my diet significantly! Also, I am permitted to move to stage 3, purees, next wednesday.
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    Hi everyone! My name is Katie and I am looking for an accountability partner! I am having the RNY on April 3, 2023 - If there is someone looking for daily communication and support PLEASE contact me! I am so excited for this but I would love to have someone who knows exactly when I'm going through to support / be supported by along the way! I'm a 34year old mother of 2 living in central Maine. Thank you! -Katie 💜
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    I'm checked into the hotel near the hospital and just had my last protein shake of the day. My mom has kindly gone down to the restaurant alone so as not to make me die from watching her eat dinner. Checking in at the hospital tomorrow at 10:50am. So ready!
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    I weighed 199 pounds (90 kg) this morning! I felt accomplished and happy, and celebrated by going to the gym to lift some weights. Hoping everyone else out there is making progress, whether you are pre- or post-op 😊 Today is 7 weeks and two days post-op for me. I've been through two stalls already, but I am sticking to the program. I want long-term success from all of the sacrifice and pain. You all know I mean!
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    Six days post-op. I believe the collagen supplements are helping me heal. I am starting to crave eating real food again.
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    I had sleeve surgery in southern Indiana on 04/18 (7 Days ago.) I started walking as soon as I got to my overnight room because I had terrible gas pain when I came out of anesthesia. That helped a lot! I haven't had any unbearable pain since and I also haven't had to take any of the pain meds that were prescribed! I guess right now I'm feeling a bit of anxiety about the full liquid diet.... Like, am I doing it right? I'm distributing the Protein Shakes throughout the day to get to 60 grams of Protein, and mid-day I eat an Oikos Triple Zero Greek yogurt with 15 grams of protein - this gets me to the 75 grams of protein mark. I sip one 28 ounce Gatorade Zero throughout the day and I'm trying to get as much Water down as I can. I'm walking about 2 miles a day..... But..... I STILL FEEL HUNGRY ALL DAY LONG!!! In my daydreams before the surgery, I thought I wouldn't feel hungry afterwards. Deep down, I know my body is still adjusting, but it's messing with my head a little bit... haha. With the intake above I'm already close to 400 calories a day, and as I understand it, we should try to stick around that marker. I'm not sure what else to add that would help me feel full that wouldn't make my calorie intake go up too high. They say expectations are just resentments in waiting, so I'm gonna do my best to go with the flow... haha. Overall, I'm still VERY happy that I am able to do this. Just sharing what's on my mind is all.
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    I am getting increasingly nervous, yet excited, for my Thursday surgery. Yesterday was Christmas and we decided to go to a Chinese restaurant where I ordered hot and sour soup. I drank the liquid and avoided everything else. It was strangely satisfying. I am down 11 lbs since the 15th. I am thankful to actually have work the next 2 days as it will help to pass the time. I am most grateful to my patient and understanding husband. Not sure what I would do without him
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    Whelp, no margaritas or nachos on Cinco de Mayo for me. VSG surgery is scheduled for May 5th.🤣

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