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    Today is the day! Have to be at the hospital in a couple of hours. So ready get this done!
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    Hey loves I had my sleeve conversion to a bypass on August 29th and that week went by super fast! I was focusing on liquids as well as getting the house in order. We have my aunts wedding coming up so we've been busy planning that as well. The day before my surgery we had a big sweet sixteen birthday for my cousin and the food that was served was a devil! I passed it like it was nothing. Big thanks to my fiance for sticking with me on the liquid diet. OK so day of surgery my check in time was 9:30 AM. I got called in to do all the pre-work and then wheeled to the OR at 11:30 AM. When I tell you Mayo is the best place for medical care, it is THE BEST! I was in surgery for 4 hours and stayed in the recovery room for 2 hours. I was soooo worried about my fiance but thanks to the tracking of each patient he was able to track me. It took forever for them to find me a room, which was around 7:00 PM. They actually put me on the respiratory floor. My pain was horrible!! My belly area hurt so bad! It took awhile for the nurses to accommodate to what I needed because they weren't use to bariatric patients on their floor. The nurse I had was sooooo sweet. I will never forget her! She asked if I can stay another night LOL. My fiance actually couldn't stay the night with me....so he stayed with me for maybe an hour and half and drove off to care for our 3 dogs. I slept maybe until midnight and started to get uncomfortable. That is when I started to walk around the hall. I still had the catheter and the IV hooked up. Got maybe 3 heparin shots. My gas pains were horrible the whole night..I was scared to push anything out. My fiance arrived around 8 AM and I had my first diluted juice. My surgeon came to visit and said everything was perfect and I was such a perfect candidate for my situation. He is very excited to see the future of my bypass LOL. I was able to drink 1/2 a liter and was finally discharged around 2:30 PM. The drive home was long because we had to stop at the pharmacy for my pain meds. It was about an hour and 20 minute drive. Here I am today 5 day post-op, was able to walk around the store but did get some belly pains. Had some miso soup which was delicious.
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    I have a surgery date! I am getting sleeved on 8/17/2022!
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    Whelp, no margaritas or nachos on Cinco de Mayo for me. VSG surgery is scheduled for May 5th.🤣
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    Just had a thought...before I didn't really care about this but now that I'm 3 months post OP today I kind of love that my surgery was on Valentine's Day. It kind of gives new meaning to that day for me. I was never a big fan of Valentine's day. I have a messy, less than perfect track record when it comes to dating so in all honesty, Valentine's day brought me a little bit of pain and anguish for all the bad romantic experiences I've had thus far in my life. But now, it's no longer about what went wrong for me, it's finally about what went right – and self-love. This was something I was desperately reaching toward for so long and I don't even know how I did it, it goes by so fast, I rose above the bullshit in my life and put myself first for once. I'm looking forward to Valentine's day next year, my surgeversary... not about what I lack or love or whatever but what I gained that day and how far it took me.
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    So incredibly happy this two week liquid diet is over. Surgery is tomorrow!!😍

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