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  1. hadn't had a soda in years - had removed the sugar from my tea and coffee the previous year. but as to everything else - dont hate me - 48 hours before surgery - didn't really have any type of pre op diet I have made up for it by being a bit of a overzealous wack job since. still working out the kinks on that part. just follow your plan as given by the surgeon and squeeze all the second chance out of this that you can.
  2. yes i enjoyed that. yes she is adorabs - love that accent
  3. Every person here has some variation in the plan. What nobody talks about and you will never get your doctor to admit is Nobody (doctors, surgeons or researchers) understands why this surgery works. You go into the hospital one morning weighting say 319 pounds and you are 1. diabetic (type 2) 2. high blood pressure 3. sleep apnea the next day you wake up and all that is gone blood pressure normal - meds make you dizzy and nearly cause you to pass out. sleep apnea gone. sleep all night feel amazing the next morning blood sugar normal weight still 319 pounds. upwards of 60 percent of sleevers have some part of this happen to them and nobody knows exactly why. every program goes with what seems to be working for them but there is no standard. They are all winging it and we are the very definition of "practicing medicine" hell they even discovered the sleeve by sheer accident. the brain retraining is hormonal. has to do with leptin/ghrelin response and how it is very broken in the obese.
  4. allwet

    Overate and feeling it

    forgiveness starts within - forgive but don't forget. hope you have a better day going forward. when you have a quiet moment see if you can find the reason you "lost my dam mind". was it an event or some other external pressure. You may not find the reason but at least look back and see if the trigger is there. wishing you well

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      Thanks! I'm going to ask about that one.

  6. allwet

    weight Regain after gastric sleeve

    If you dont like the ride get off the Insulin roller coaster. protein, healthy fats, carbs from veggies only. shop on the walls of your store. i live in the middle of farm country and have yet to see a box growing in a field, tho i fear it comes for us all one day. like all things its not an all or nothing thing. set a small goal and works toward it then pick up the goal post and carry it with you towards a new and better goal. do not give up!
  7. allwet

    Frustration has kicked in

    eat very slowly to allow yourself to learn how it feels to be full and for your body to process those signals. it is very likely that your hormonal balance and signaling is very off or down right broken at this point. it does take some time for things to come around and then for you to learn to recognize these signals. my advice 1. get in your water - dehydration is your enemy 2. protein is a Goal to work toward not a be all end all. At first you will not get there but you will work Toward it. just work on getting in all your water and then work toward your protein. then work toward your calorie goal. at this early point you need to just get comfortable with yourself. the rest will come in the days weeks and then months ahead. as for the stall - every time you change your diet stage you will most likely stall as this is very disruptive.
  8. keep the reasons you started this in your thoughts all the time. The health issues you face. the path you are on if you dont change something. Its important to look ahead further than just that short period of time you will be in surgery and the short time you will be dealing with recovery. I know when you are going thru it each day and week feels like forever but in truth it is a very short amount of time in what will be a long and more enjoyable future. there is a thread here that is several years old now and its people sharing the small victories they have found from this surgery. nonscale victories by wisecogal is a great read if you need a pick me up. start at the first post and see if you can see yourself in some of those. you can do this and you will look back and be grateful you followed thru. just so you know i had never had a surgery or been in a hospital except as a visitor. this was the scariest thing i ever did to myself and i dont regret one second of any of it.
  9. allwet

    Last visit to the nutritionist today!

    every insurance is of course different and if all the posts here are any indication even the same insurance cant seem to do anything the same way twice. sometimes its the Ins. and some times the Doctors office messes up paperwork (and we know Ins. company live and die by the paperwork) so keep track of all deadlines and required forms and sign offs. good luck and looking forward to your posts from the other side.
  10. appetizers. Try to know where your going and check the menu online. get your drink in a to go cup or just have water while waiting for order. cant say i enjoyed eating out for a long time post op cause i just couldn't shake the feeling i was wasting my money.
  11. allwet

    Coffee 2 months out??

    black, no cream or heaven forbid sugar. (monk fruit works for me) hells yes, i changed a lot of my life, i gave up a lot of things but i did not ever and will not ever give up the coffee. lol enjoy
  12. allwet

    The Maintenance Thread

    as you can see from my recent photo i am wearing long sleeves in Vegas in June so sorry to say yes i still get cold very easy
  13. do your best to realize that this a very short period of what hopefully will be a very long life. it is very easy to get so wrapped up in each day that you forget that 6 months from now you wont even remember each and every individual day and what you felt every moment. Just try to remember to look at the forest and not the individual trees. Always remember you are your worst enemy and worst critic most of the time. get out of your head using any and all distractions don't dwell. read, watch a movie, do crosswords, sudoku or put together puzzles. anything that gets you out of your own headspace for a while.
  14. allwet

    Pre-op Diet - I cheated!

    i didn't even have a pre-op diet so stop beating yourself up. what you do post op will decide your success. twisting yourself into mental knots does not help, not now and not post op. the sleeve will do its job and if you keep your head in the game all will work out.
  15. allwet

    Impatience & how to prevent loose skin

    loose skin factors. 1 age = younger is always better 2 max weight = less is always better 3 how long you were heavy = less is better 4 amount lost = less is better for loose skin worse for your health as to speed of weight loss the first 3 also play a factor in how hard it can be to drop the weight and how fast it comes off
  16. allwet

    The Maintenance Thread

    i still do because my restriction is still very much there and i feel way to full after eating to add any liquid.
  17. 22 months post op


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      hey dude - great job - congrats! kathy

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      btw - love your pic - so handsome!! kathy

  18. allwet

    Body Dysmorphia

    this varies greatly from person to person even if they dont have other medical issues affecting there thought processes. i still see my father in the mirror looking back at me. its better with time but at first i could startle myself if i saw my reflection suddenly. it is a very odd feeling to not see yourself but i i am slowly getting used to me being me now and not the me i remember from years ago. i had avoided mirrors for several years and did anything i could to avoid pictures. if you feel this is going to hurt you in the long run i suggest you seek help to process these new feeling. good luck
  19. my weight loss stopped on its own. i was going down 3 pounds a month like clock work then one day weighed in at 143 pounds and 2 days later was 145 then 147 a week later. now i cycle back and forth from 147 to 150. i didn't do anything different of change up anything. i just bounced off the 143 and settled in at my now "normal" weight. this was almost 5 months ago and i feel good and i am adjusting to the mind set that i am all done with the weight loss and moving on with my life.
  20. allwet

    The Maintenance Thread

    i used this one to pop up calories. watch those labels. should read peanuts and maybe salt if the list keeps going find another brand
  21. beef was never a problem but pork was and still is. cant do a pork chop just feels like lead weight but i do better if i slow cook it and do it as pulled pork
  22. yep got it. celebrate it and rejoice in it. no one dies from saggy skin.