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  1. walking is not going to cut it if you want to drive the number down. You can maintain with calorie control and that will be a smaller number than you may realize. If you want to reduce weight you need to increase muscle mass. hit the weights. less cardio more weight lifting. More muscle mass equals more calorie burn each day. making it easier to reach your goal. This doesn't have to be a gym. push ups - pull ups - leg lifts - small set of barbells just use at least every other day and make it part of your routine You can reach your goal but remember your body adapts to everything you do and gets more efficient so you have to keep changing what you put yourself thru every few months or the effect will decrease. good luck
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IfuwgI95tI

    Hope you all are keeping it safe and staying sane during these difficult times.

    Stress has never been good for food habits and these are odd times so keep working on your mental game and don't beat yourself up too much for any setbacks. 

    I enjoyed this little video and wanted to share.

    1. Judy1107


      I totally agree with you! Mindset is so powerful! There have been times before surgery, and since, that I have started to feel scared or like just throwing in the towel and crying my eyes out! But I keep telling myself that as long as I can stay positive, my recovery will go smoother and I will be so much happier! It's so hard to do right now with all this other going on, but we have to look out for ourselves!!

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  3. I hope everyone is keeping safe and doing well.

  4. Got my haircut today and its always amazing how much better i feel afterwards.

    i have always considered it an odd thing that i enjoy a haircut so much.

    The smell of the barbershop (no salons allowed) and the whole scissors and clippers feel and sound is so relaxing.

    I have had the same barber since 1987 and i am not sure how i will handle it if that guy ever dares to die on me. I am pretty sure that the magazines on the bottom of the stack are the same ones from my first visit.

    just started Ron Powers -Mark Twain Biography- enjoying it


  5. I have to say, even more than 2 years out, it is so much easier to be good when your busy and so easy to go wrong when your bored.  Crappy weather and the wife is sick so i feel trapped in this house and i have to really watch myself.  At least the holiday leftovers are gone.

    Going to get out this week even if for only a few hours, maybe go see  Ford vs Ferrari that looks real good.

    Ok, whining over, I hope everyone is doing well and had a good thanksgiving.

  6. agree with HOP_Scotch. just follow the plan as directed. In a few months none of this will matter in the least. when your there looking forward it seems long and daunting but in six months looking back it will all look like a moment in your life. Work the fluids as much as you can. Dehydration is the big enemy you must watch for. you can go weeks to months without eating and will not die, wont enjoy it but you will not die just a few days without water can end you. So its easy to see the real #1 goal in your life is always water. The rest will come with time. don't stress over the small stuff and except for water it is all small stuff congrats on your surgery and i wish you all the best in the coming weeks and months.
  7. You have "Keto flu" most people dont realize but the weeks after surgery are the same as someone who does keto in that since you cut out the carbs and sugar your body switches to fat burning. the transition is different for everyone but the "keto flu" is a common reaction. it does pass as you Fat Adapt and your body moves to using all those millions of fat cells for energy. Hang tough and watch that fat melt away as your body becomes a true Fat powerhouse. After i reached the Fat Adapted stage i had so much energy it was scary. I couldnt sit down, i was always pacing and felt i needed to keep moving and doing something anything.
  8. had to stop in and read some NSV.  I hope everyone is doing well.

    not much to update.  Weight is stable and labs are good.  always seem to be low on Vit. D but that seems to be the new it thing.

    It's a weddings and Funerals kind of week and not something i enjoy so i needed the pick me up from the NSV page.  Keep posting there it really is little things that make this all worth it and reading about your small victories along the way helps more than you will ever know.

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving and give those close to you a hug

    1. FluffyChix


      Hi we've missed you!! How are you doing? ((hugs))

    2. GreenTealael


      Doing well! Glad you are too! 💝

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  9. nice to see the data starting to come in on the longer term benefits 


  10. allwet

    Gaining!!!! Feeling lost

    ryguy - are you tracking your food? You cant fix anything you dont measure. track every bit of food for 7 days and then look at those macros. will you see carbs leading the way. The desire to eat after eating is driven by your insulin rising quickly after carbs and sugar and when it drops 2-3 hours later you will feel hunger again. this up down cycle of your insulin is the driver of the weight gain train. after you track your food for a week try this- Zero sugar for 1 week - none of the fake sugars this week no bread no flour for this whole week no starches this week no fruit this week get your carbs from veggies No snacking - eat 3 meals and take at least 20 minutes to eat your meal - if you eat to fast then try eating 1/2 the plate of food then stepping away for 15 minutes then return and eat the other half good luck and dont give up
  11. would you believe that you have cleared the carb/sugar addiction and your body has fat adapted and switched to burning fat for fuel instead of expecting a new dose of sugar/carbs every 3 hrs as before. amazing isn't it
  12. oh it does but nothing suppress's the human mind. Head hunger is just as real to you as anything else in your life and it can drive you nuts if you let it. you really have to work to occupy your mind with things that take a lot of concentration. take up a new hobby, get lost in a book or do crossword puzzles or my favor Sudoku's. just try to distract yourself avoid the idiot box (tv) for awhile. way to much hard sell. good luck
  13. My Surgeon asked me a question the other day and i didn't give it a lot of thought at the time.

    He asked "do you tell"

    we were talking about peoples reaction to seeing me since i lost such a large amount of me.

    I answered that i do tell if they ask but that it seems most everyone is afraid to mention it if they haven't seen me in a while or they decided they already know the answer so they don't need the truth from me (we all know those types)

    I have had exactly one family friend come right out and ask me how i lost so much weight this year and i told her i had Gastric Sleeve.

    I am sure family has passed it around to other family (you have that type family don't you? or is it just me) :) 

    So that left me wondering "do you tell" and i dont mean right at surgery time. more like a year or so down the road do you say how or do you just say cut out the sugar and carbs and WAALAA

    Its a real personal choice to open yourself up to that kind of criticism and we know all about how we took the "Easy" way and yada yada yada.

    hope everyone is having a great week

    1. Orchids&Dragons


      If people ask, I am open about it

    2. FluffyChix


      People know cuz my sissies have big mouths. And when skinny peeps ask out of morbid curiousity and they are "related" somehow to me, I look at em and arch my eyebrow and smile like, WTF? Then I just shrug and say, "I can neither confirm nor deny." (I've practiced this in the mirror many times. LOL!)

      But today, I was talking to a lady in my oncologist's office and she said "Oh don't you love you Surgeon X - bariatric surgeon? I'm in her weigh loss program!" And so I really opened up to her and talked frankly about the program and the surgery and details and how I'm so much happier and healthier, etc. So there has to be a real genuine need and desire for comraderie--otherwise, "Bye Felicia..."

  14. allwet

    Post-op two week liquid diet!

    Distract yourself when at all possible. The head games have just started and can take some time to master(if ever) and what you learn about yourself and how you feel about food right now when you dont have any will set the stage going forward. Get out of your head with a book or a puzzle or a good movie. whatever works for you. avoid TV way to many food adverts these can be difficult days but they only last Days and you will slowly return to a new normal with food you enjoy. Take it one day at a time and know you have many great days ahead of you.
  15. allwet

    NSV's Spring 2019 Edition

    I had this one but it was an office building with the windows that are like mirrors to reflect the light cause it gets real hot here in the summer. I rounded the corner and came face to face with a total stranger. It was a little unnerving to realize i didnt know myself. I have since gotten used to my new looks but it is odd the way we hold onto how we think we look and how long it can take to see the changes. keep up the posts, i come to the NSV whenever i need a pick me up cause seeing everyone's joy at the small wins over life is a real upbeat way smooth out a day with too many downs and short of ups

  17. ok, I know it proves me as weird as some of you always thought but this was a fun site to kill time on.



    1. Ava R

      Ava R

      Happy Sunday! I like weird people. Normal people are boring! :) I began following you and wanted to know if there are any other members you would recommend? My surgery is 8/29/19 and I want to learn as much as possible. Have a great day and thanks so much for the website.

    2. Orchids&Dragons


      I love it! Thanks!

  18. 08/20/18 - weight 165.5 / bmi 25.9 / bmr 1602 kcals / fat% 17.4% / fat mass 29 lbs

    08/16/19 - weight 149.5 /  bmi 23.5 / bmr 1500 kcals / fat% 16.7% / fat mass 25 lbs

    desired range fat % 11-22 / fat mass 17-38.5 lbs

    just got back from my 2 year check up and wanted to post.  The kcal drop has me worried and thinking i need to up the weights and trim back the cardio. Never saw myself as a person who cared for bulky muscles but the increased calorie burn from more muscle mass certainly wont hurt. 

    New goal for the next year i guess.

  19. zero added sugar - under 10 grams from any source - no fruit while trying to lose weight under 50 carbs and all of those from veggies eat nothing from a box keep your liquids high get your protein in and do something for 30-60 minutes everyday. essential - proteins yep essential fats - yep essential carbs - NO NO NO such thing i know this will upset some of you. but i believed it then and 2 years later i still believe it. if you want to get the max return for effort you must avoid all sugar and most carbs. Is this an all or nothing thing. No. but this must be your goal at the start of everyday and then do the very best you can and look for ways to improve when you fall short. When you reach Maintenance you will have more room to make more choices (fruit) but not during the honeymoon phase you want to squeeze every pound out of this special time that you can. good luck
  20. put in a call to your doctor and or surgeon and see about a blood work up. a fecal sample my solve the issue if it turns out you picked up a bug. dont assume this can only be from WLS. and never fear the poop questions here. this is one group that has walked that walk and can talk the talk.
  21. mine has changed many times over the last 2 years. what you see on the left is the adjusted goal. as i made my goal i moved to a new goal. it was never a destination but a part of the journey my doctor was happy with my progress at every visit and never set a number goal. of course the standard wording about Avg. weight loss of 60% of EXCESS weight was included in my mountains of paperwork with all the disclaimers that everyone is different. just do you. for as long as you can at whatever pace your body will accept. You may keep going down for many years or you may just stop one day and that will be it. whatever weight you get to be as healthy at that weight as you can be. good luck and best wishes
  22. google or youtube "counter top push ups" they are a great way to start and you can do them anytime your in your kitchen also look for office workouts to see ways to get in more exercise using your chair. the key is to keep doing it everyday even if you dont see a difference right away. i did the push ups every time i warmed my coffee in the microwave and i drink a lot of coffee so it adds up