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    One of the things I just got over the weekend was the 15 flavor variety pack of Syntrax Nectar Protein Powder that they sell here on the BariatricPal site's store. I figured that was a good way to have a lot of options on hand, plus the packs can be tossed in my bag if I'm out for the day, just in case.
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    November 2023 buddies

    Hoping to hop on the train too! I had a revision to a bypass on 11/28 for severe GERD, as well as a hiatal hernia repair. Almost my entire stomach was up in the chest wall he said. I am feeling pretty decent 4 days post op. I did lose 85lbs with my sleeve, and had gained a little back 10lbs. They did a full bypass but didn’t not take out as much bowel so that I don’t lose too much more weight and be malnourished they said. Any way, glad to find others in similar situations just like last time. :) Hope everyone is doing well!!!
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    I didn't go off plan for months and months, but I know others on here who do it occasionally. I would avoid tamales during the soft food stage - but if you decide to do it, just eat the filling. Arabesque is right about the corn meal. it's not very nutritious, and your new stomach is tiny. With only being able to hold a limited amount of food, that food really should be nutritious and protein-forward. A few months down the road you'll be able to eat tamales again - but it's best to avoid that kind of thing now while you're still healing and need to focus on meeting the protein requirements.
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    I’m feeling so unprepared!!

    you'll probably just be doing protein drinks and shakes the first two weeks, so I wouldn't worry about food yet. I would just get enough protein shakes/drinks for the first few days, because for many of us, our tastes change after surgery. Something you liked before surgery you might not like afterwards (e.g., I couldn't deal with sweet-flavored shakes for awhile after surgery - my sense of taste became more intense, and sweetness became intolerably sweet, at least for the first month or so. I lived on Unjury's chicken broth flavored shakes for quite awhile). So I wouldn't buy a huge tub of protein powder, for example, at this point, since if you end up hating it after surgery, that's a lot of money down the drain. Maybe just pick up (or order) a few individual packets of protein powder - or if you can have (and want) the ready-to-drink variety, just get enough bottles for the first few days.
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    Protein Shakes Prop65

    I can't speak to the Unjury brand protein powder specifically, (maybe email the company to explain the warning if you're concerned), but I did find this study of protein powders and heavy metal, which concluded: "The data in the current study suggest that heavy metal exposure via protein powder supplement ingestion does not pose an increased non-carcinogenic risk to human health. Further, no carcinogenic risk was expected from As via ingestion of protein powder supplements. This study demonstrates that health risks of heavy metals in protein powder supplements should be conducted within the context of relevant background exposures and established health based standards instead of the presence of hazardous substances alone." Regarding Prop 65, I stayed at a lovely inn in the central coast of CA a while back. There was an antique fireplace in the lobby that had these beautiful glassy-looking tiles around the hearth . There was a framed sign warning that the glaze on the tiles contained lead, with the Prop 65 warning language about the state of CA knowing it caused cancer. I can only assume this was to stop me from prying off a tile, grinding it into powder, and snorting it, because how else would it be a risk? But the inn did not wish to get sued. I also had a friend who spent $1000 on a special ground quartz to fill her kid's sandbox because bags of regular playground sand have a Prop 65 warning on them. I tried to explain that it's because sand in a sand blaster on a job site can cause lung cancer if you don't wear protective gear such as a particulate respirator, but she was convinced sitting in the sand would cause her child to get a tumor. So, take Prop 65 warnings with a grain of salt (which is probably known in the state of CA to cause cancer).

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