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    Telling others

    You couldn’t get me to shut up about it as soon as I knew I was starting the process!
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    Medicare costs & Requirement

    Mine (I have Medicare as well as Tricare) had (this is from memory) 6 months of meeting with my primary, filling out a paper each time about whatever diet you are on, plus how much weight you lost on it. one meeting (all this before surgery) with a psych, one meeting with the dietitian, getting stomach scoped. My BMI was >35, and I had high blood pressure, so I qualified.
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    Another not losing post

    Back in the day I went through this as well.
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    6 Year Post-Op Need Support

    I was thinking about your post and remembering how good it felt to hit this current weight when I was losing and how bad it feels to be at this weight when I've regained. The weight, of course, is the same. But my perception of myself is very different. I also need to connect with the person I was six years ago - what was I eating? what were the daily habits that supported the weight loss I was experiencing? how did doing those things affect my self-image? Thanks for sharing your experience and for hearing mine.
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    Thank you!!! I don't see a difference when I look in the mirror, but when I see the before and after pics, I finally saw a little bit. I was so happy I just had to update my profile pic on here lol
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    Also @SleeveDiva2022 love your new photo - what a transformation already!
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    And, just to prove how suggestible I am, I went and bought a load in my grocery shopping this week after reading this thread.
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    I cheated on my Pre op

    Not the worst thing to cheat with and you have everyone here's sympathy, it's really REALLY hard. I agree, I would tell your team just in case though. Good luck with the rest of your preparation.
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    I brought a loose fitting t-shirt dress to wear home, just like Tomo did. At the hospital, I slept and walked the halls around and around, in between them taking bloodwork or checking vitals every 2 hours. The next morning (one night stay) after showing that I could drink all of my fluids, I was discharged early evening. ⭐ Items I brought in small overnight bag - you won'r need much! ⭐ 1. Light-weight robe (walking the halls) 2. Slippers 3. Phone, phone charger 4. Toiletries (toothbrush, paste, shampoo, conditioner) 5. Loose fitting cotton dress to wear home/extra underwear 6. If you don't already have one, it's definitely worth investing in a heating pad for when you get home. It helps the soreness of your tummy SO MUCH! The hospital will have one for you to use while you're there. The dress is Universal Threads Knit Tank dress from Target ($15) . Sooooooooooo comfy!!!!!!! Here's the thread in case you want to check it out. https://www.target.com/p/women-39-s-racer-back-knit-tank-dress-universal-thread-8482-green-m/-/A-84777392?ref=tgt_adv_XS000000&AFID=google_pla_df&fndsrc=tgtao&DFA=71700000014846111&CPNG=PLA_Women%2BShopping_Brand|Women_Ecomm_AA&adgroup=SC_Women&LID=700000001170770pgs&LNM=PRODUCT_GROUP&network=g&device=c&location=9031508&targetid=pla-300925489891&ds_rl=1241788&ds_rl=1246978&ds_rl=1248099&gclid=Cj0KCQjw54iXBhCXARIsADWpsG84noB9hlvFUs5V9l4BFt4xeDVXndX96CxW8Ht5cMV-UYdDMiivD2oaAubsEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds * Tip - the more you walk, the better you'll feel and eliminate gas pains Good luck to you!!! You're going to do great and be so happy to be on the other side!!!
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    6 Year Post-Op Need Support

    Hi Mel I’m also 6 year post op and I, too, have gained 15 lbs. Had an interesting conversation with a friend today who said the opposite of addiction is not sobriety, but connection. Could that be true for you? Are you missing some kind of connection in your life? I think for me, it might be connection to my body. I tend to live in my head, and take my body for granted. Hope you find a way through this dark time. Take care of yourself.

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