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    July 2022 peeps!

    Oh, I get it! That's terrible! In my third week. Any kind of ground meat or fish. Today, dietitian let me start on mushy veggies. Soon good! Trying different ways to cook ground meat. Kind of hard to be original. Having luck finding recipes on keto diet. Very few carbs. Good luck!
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    Mel G

    6 Year Post-Op Need Support

    It has been soooo long since I posted here, probably not since I was a few months post op back in 2016. I am now 6 years post-op (July 26) and have found myself really really struggling. I have gained 15 lbs. I know that may not seem like a lot to some people but I feel like I have made it so far and damn, why is this starting. I mean I know why. I'm eating poorly, I am relying on my sleeve to trigger my full feelings but I am def eating whatever I want, dumping, and doing it again. I am going through a rough time emotionally and I have restarted therapy but man I am finding it hard to not to eat my feelings. And what I eat is what I call punishment or self hate food: anything fried, fettuccine Alfredo, pizza...etc. I'm just so in it right now and the weight gain is compounding it. I stopped working out because of the pandemic, my studio shut down...sorry feeling so sorry for myself but I am scared I will end up looking like I did 6 years ago and hating myself even more.
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    I cheated on my Pre op

    You should be fine just don’t do it again. And definitely DONT do it post op. The worst thing that can happen pre op is they have to cancel your surgery. Post op you can end up in hospital or worse. You can do this. Prove It to yourself from now till surgery so you know you can do it post op.
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    Another not losing post

    I worked out with a trainer last time I "lost weight on my own" he also said I wasn't eating enough at that time(600-900 cal a day. Had me increase to 1200 cal. a day and I started loosing like crazy. My understanding is when you work out really hard and don't eat enough to feed your body it goes into starvation mode and stores everything it can.
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    6 Year Post-Op Need Support

    I'm so sorry you're struggling, but you are absolutely not alone. We all pass through seasons of difficulty, deal with emotional upheaval, slip into old habits, face regain, etc. It sounds like you've identified it and are actively getting help, so be proud of yourself for taking those first steps! Maybe focus on ONE habit you can re-establish to help get your back into alignment with your goals? Are you getting your water in everyday? How about your vitamins? Do you regularly hit your protein goal? Again, you don't need to do ALL of these things, pick just ONE and work on making it a habit. Then once your feel like you've got that under your belt, pick another one. Small changes add up! You've got this!
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    The Greater Fool

    Unsupportive Husband

    WLS isn't the easy way. It's hard differently. To the OP my suggestion is to keep talking to your hubby / family. You are upsetting the status quo and will be throwing all of your relationships out of balance. Some will become better, some will remain unchanged, and some will get worse. Some may dissolve altogether. Hopefully, after your surgery when it's no longer a choice but rather something with which to live, your hubby and family will jump on board to make the best of the situation. Maybe not. Keep talking, keep informing, keep relating what you hope to get from them even though they don't support the choice. Perhaps show them that in the past you've supported them when you disagreed. Keep the communication going. Enjoy the ride. Good luck, Tek
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    Unsupportive Husband

    Reminds me of two myths: 1) WLS is the easy way out. (It's definitely not easy, It is a great tool but it takes dedication and hard work. A lifelong battle. Your husband will see that as you progress through your journey. Maybe he will come to understand what we are up against.) 2) WLS is a magic pill. (WLS only works long term if you work at it. Some people aren't willing to do what it takes which is their choice but their weight loss will cease early. Guessing calories is usually inaccurate so tracking nutrition helps see why or why not one is losing weight.).
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    I brought my phone, charger and a toothbrush. Only thing I wish I brought was a robe. I was sometimes giving a free show to the nurses as I was walking around. (was wearing two gowns butttttt) LOL
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    Anyone stopped losing?

    Not everyone gets to a “normal” BMI. According to my team it’s not uncommom to settle into a new weight that is slightly obese according to BMI.
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    I’m with @ms.sss: taboo schmoo-boo. Go the Botox. Honestly, I’m not a fan of the idea of young girls & young women getting Botox & fillers but once your life starts to show on your face I think it’s certainly worth exploring. I got my first lot last year (Dysport not Botox) & I love it. I actually went in to explore filler but because I have a bee allergy was advised against it (the neutraliser causes the same reaction in your body as a bee sting so I’d likely have an anaphylactic reaction). I also am ‘under dosed’ so I still have some forehead movement & I feel it looks more natural. I also get it in my chin to reduce the length of some of my marionette lines & reduce the old lady chin dimpling. The only down side is mine doesn’t last long - about 2 months as I process it more quickly. ☹️ But the only way to truely get rid of the droopy facial skin is surgery & I’m not interested in that … well at the moment. Ha! I look at my face & I think yeah I have wrinkles & droop but I am 57. I’m supposed to have them & I’ve earned them. But I have cheekbones now, one chin, my eyelids aren’t as hooded, I have a jaw line & people say they can see the family resemblances with my brothers, nieces & nephews. Best of all is that I actually look like me now. My face isn’t distorted by layers of fat. That’s how I look at it though.

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