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    Regret and Depression

    Another voice adding to Jaelzion's statement. I'm 3.5 weeks out and can take normal sips and normal bites (not giant "let me hoover up this food" bites like before). I do separate bites by a few minutes.
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    Why not contact surgeon?
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    Hospital Bag

    Laptop to watch movies on, menstrual products because of course your period will start lol, underwear, chap stick, brush, braid your hair to prevent matting if you feel sick or can’t brush it effectively. Also don’t be afraid to ask your nurse for help
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    Days like this

    Anyone ever have days where it feels like they never had the surgery? Where there appetite is like it used to be ? There’s no off switch and you don’t even dump after? It’s freaking me out and I don’t know how to reset or fix it. I’m 3 months out and I’ve lost 60plus but now I’m worried. Anyone have any advice?
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    Days like this

    After my surgery I only lost my appetite for a few weeks and then my stomach started actually growling at me again! I have “munchie days”, too where I seem to be hungry all the time. I try to tell myself that it’s head hunger and resist grazing in the fridge. When I just have to have something I’ll have a Swanson’s Chicken Sipping Bone Broth. It’s low calorie and pretty high in protein and it does help curb my hunger. Try having more protein when you eat an actual meal. It does seem to help.
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    Regret and Depression

    I'm so sorry you're having such difficulties. It sounds like you should definitely reach out to a bariatric therapist. I'm also having a lot of difficulties because I didn't expect to be hungry all the time. I hope you can find some healing.
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    Regret and Depression

    Hi, I feel the same and am left wondering how i am going to live my life now. I have reacted so badly to this surgery that i can bearly eat. I would gladly take back the 20kg i have lost to have my stomach back in tact. I dont know how to move past these feelings its awful. I too had been thinking about it since 2016. I think those of us who think about it for a long time arent ready to actually do it. People who make the decision and do it quickly seem to adjust better. I am now 3 months out and everyone kept saying it will get better you wont feel like this for long but i still am 😢. I want to feel better, I want to be happy but i dont know how
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    where, when and how much?

    Well at least the government got something right for the military. 👍
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    Queen ApisM

    Pre-op doubts

    I'm only 5 weeks out from surgery, and I am already wishing I had done this sooner. Obviously will have to reassess this in the future as time progresses. I think many of us on this board are very experienced at losing weight - sometimes massive amounts. The issue is we are also pros at gaining it back, usually with extra lbs tacked on top of what we originally lost. The long term success rates for people losing large amounts of weight and keeping it off without surgery are low - I can't recall the percentage but I think less than 5%. Biologically, there are a lot of factors that make it extremely difficult (but not impossible) to be have long term success the "normal" way of losing. Surgery isn't guaranteed to keep it off, but it is a tool that helps make it more likely - both in terms of the way it changes your eating but also the changes it can cause biologically that we have no control over. This isn't to say you should get the surgery, but more to suggest perhaps discussing these issues with the bariatric PA and doing you own research to arm you with all the data around what might get you were you want to be permanently. It's a very personal decision and you have to be ready to do it or else it won't be successful.
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    Pre-op doubts

    I am like you and always battled weight. My wife did WLS and had a huge success. I too was able to lose 100 lbs on my own in my late 20s. I was always skeptical of WLS since I had done it on my own. One lingering fact that convinced me was even though I could lose it, the weight always came back plus. From what I learned through my wife is this program will help make the life style changes you need that did not happen on your own. You are on the right path and have hope I am too. I have surgery 10/13 and I am determined to make it stick. By the way I am 60 and still want the change. Stick with the program and I hope you find sucess with WLS.

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