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  1. One year ago today, my life changed when I walked into the hospital. The past 12 months have not been the easiest and I have had moments that I wish I could finish that 6oz steak, baked potato and the entire plate of roasted veggies they serve at my favorite restaurant. But when I can bike for a couple of hours now and still feel like I could go another two and when I go to the doctor and get on their scale and I weigh less than I did in high school and my blood work is all in the normal ranges, and I can go into the cute clothing boutiques and find things to wear, those annoying mealtime thoughts happen less and less. I hit and exceeded my goal weight, but then went back up a few pounds above goal...I think I'm in one of my lower weight set points. If it's anything like the past few months, I'll spend several weeks here, then drop again...as long as I stay the course. Still happy with all I accomplished and have absolutely no regrets! Except, I wish I had done it years ago!❤️
  2. Luna Girl


    I thought the same when I went for my first consult last March and fully intended to be self-pay. My BMI was also 37 and I have Anthem BCBS. But my center encouraged submitting to insurance based on my high blood pressure and blood work that came back pre-diabetes. Several weeks later, I was approved. Shocked, but very happy to have saved $15K+. It is worth submitting to insurance...you have nothing to lose as you are already prepared to be self-pay and a lot to gain. Good Luck!
  3. Luna Girl


    Love Love that Tee! ❤️And even better that your husband is so supportive and understands what an accomplishment this is! Congratulations!!
  4. Luna Girl

    47 years, Time to Grow Up...

    Awesome testimony! Sending good thoughts to both you and your wife! 🙏
  5. Luna Girl

    I hit goal today!

    Congratulations!! You look fantastic! And Merry Christmas!
  6. I am almost 8 months since surgery and I absolutely would do it again! 110%! I'm 4 pounds from goal and it feels like the last 10 pounds have taken forever to come off but I feel 20 years younger. Physically, I am doing activities I have not done in years. Mentally, it has been an adjustment...in a good way. I smile more, make eye contact with people and overall, just in a better place emotionally. I wore a fitted wool dress with knee high boots the other evening to dinner with hubby and a gentleman, who was leaving the restaurant, looked back over his shoulder at me and my better half said "yep, she hot!"...we laughed liked teenagers throughout dinner! For me, it was worth the hard work, the time and effort to get here. Only you can decide if you are ready for this major life change! Good Luck!
  7. Luna Girl

    Update On Me (Surgery: 5/19/21)

    Hang in there SummerTimeGirl! Sounds like you are doing all the right things and then some. I swear, the more I read about weigh set points, I truly think you [your body] is in one right now. It just needs time to let go of the weight range it is in right now. It will happen! 💕 https://www.healthline.com/health/set-point-theory
  8. Luna Girl

    4 yr Surgiversary!

    Cannot say it any better than Arabesque! Congratulation GreenTealael! ❤️
  9. My BMI was 36 and my insurance covered the surgery. After years of yo-yo dieting and being miserable, I opted for surgery and am so happy I did. Namiland - I suggest you get another doctor's opinion. There are many supportive, encouraging and caring drs out there. The arrogant ones you can do without! Good Luck!
  10. Luna Girl

    Gastric sleeve

    5'3" HW - 207lbs SW - 203lbs 6mos - 131lbs Goal weight - 125lbs -- but I feel like I'll surpass that...I still have major restrictions and no real hunger. I have started strength training. Hoping to drop another 10-15 lbs of fat, but gain 5-10lbs of muscle.
  11. Luna Girl


  12. Luna Girl

    Insurance Through Postop

    Congratulations on all your achievements so far!! Losing 166lbs is incredible! 💪
  13. It's the little changes I never expected, along with the obvious health related benefits, that reinforces I did the right thing...even on the days that I have struggled with the emotional impact of having this surgery. Looking in the mirror after several hrs with makeup on and not looking like a raccoon makes me happy! 😊
  14. Not sure what to think about this but before WLS, my eyelids were always puffy and I thought maybe someday, I would get an eye lift to open up my eyes more. 71lbs later, my eye lids are no longer puffy and my eyes look open and bright! Lashes are easy to curl and makeup goes on with no issues!! Guess if our feet can lose weight, so can our eye lids!! 😁
  15. Luna Girl

    Before and After Pics

    Amazing results! Congratulations on your weight loss!
  16. Congratulations on your weight loss and your very supportive husband! Makes all the difference in the world when the people closest to you "have your back"!! Awesome Post! 😊
  17. Luna Girl

    Got the call today...APPROVED!!!!

    Congratulations! Take as little as possible to hospital. When you aren't sleeping, you will be walking to relieve the gas pain. You really won't need anything besides a change of under clothes/socks (I wore the same leggings+t-shirt home that I wore to hospital), tooth brush, paste, mouth wash and phone. Less to keep track of and you can just focus on you! Good Luck!
  18. Luna Girl

    Anxious and Readt

    Good Luck to both of you!
  19. This ☝️is the reason I went forward with the surgery. Wanted to "live" again with my family! Best feeling in the world! So happy for you!
  20. Luna Girl

    Surgery is scheduled for 10/21!

    And try different bone broths before you buy a lot of one...I bought too many of a couple of brands and they were terrible! Had to get rid of them. And ShoppGirl is right...my tastes changed a lot after surgery, so get only what you think you will need the first week or so. Good Luck!
  21. Luna Girl

    Just had my sleeve surgery today,

    Congrats on your surgery! And get your water in...and walking...That will help with the gas pain. Good Luck!
  22. Luna Girl


    I used my tumbler a ss straw shortly after surgery. No issues. It was easier for me to get all my water in using the straw, then drinking from a glass...and honestly, it still is. Good Luck! p.s. you can get stainless steel straws at any camping store or online. easy to clean and environmentally friendly.
  23. Luna Girl

    Any April 2021 surgeries?!

    I count myself as one of the lucky ones too. No major issues, a few minor ones...occasionally heartburn - which goes away within minutes when I take medicine, early on, I did get sick a few times, but haven't done that since early weeks of solid food. Still cannot eat scrambled eggs, but can tolerate chicken now. I have had some hair loss, but my hair was so thick before, that seems like a blessing...as long as it stops in the next couple of months. I still wear the vitamin patch because the large pills are hard to swallow and upset my stomach. But that was the case before surgery, so not sure that will ever change. Most days, I am not hungry. Have to make myself eat for fuel but that has been liberating. The whole idea that food is fuel and not mindless consumption. My better half has been very supportive and has even came along for the ride of clean eating...and lost 25lbs himself. He's tall and honestly did not need to lose weight, but he says he feels better. I have 15lbs to goal, but honestly, if I didn't lose another pound, I would be happy. I truly wish everyone the best outcome and life long health and happiness! Exudos194, how are you doing?? 😊
  24. Luna Girl

    I can't eat

    I'm 5 months out and still have more days than not, that I am not hungry and will force myself to eat a little something or drink a protein shake. And when I am hungry now, it is nothing like it was before surgery. It may be a slight hunger pang in my belly, then if I ignore it, it goes away...before surgery, the hunger only would intensify. I enjoy not having food control my thoughts throughout the day. I know the true hunger will come back. Hopefully, I will have vanquished the "head" hunger for good before that happens! Good Luck to you!
  25. Luna Girl

    My first week post VSG

    Glad you are finally on the other side! Here's to a speedy surgery recovery and a heart healthy you!! 😊

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