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    Per husband’s request, a keto take on chicken parmigiana (no breading on chicken). It was delicious with Caesar salad. I had one small chicken breast cutlet with the sauce and cheese, plus some salad. 😋😋
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    Food Before and After Photos

    Steak Bites swimming in melted herbed butter, roasted mushrooms and Creamy Mushroom Soup. The two pics on the right: had 4 steak bites (90g), 3 mushrooms & 3/4 cup of soup, + some red wine: 470 calories (ate/drank it all) The steak was unbelievably delicious (it was Mr.’s doing ❤️)..: if I could have, I would’ve eaten much, much more. Eff you sleeve AND Thank You sleeve at the same time, lol
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    6-week update

    Hello, I had surgery 3/3( gastric bypass) then bowel obstruction surgery on 3/12( surgeon obstructed my bowels during the first surgery). Yesterday I made 6 weeks and I’ve been good with my food no vomiting but I measure everything and I learned yesterday when my nose starts to run stop eating( lol). The only meats I’ve tried so far is chicken and salmon. I’m terrified of eggs( I’ve heard horror stories). I’m still working on getting my fluid in I literally sip all day in between meals and still can’t get to 64oz. Maybe tomorrow I’ll start waking up at 5:30am. I’ve lost 44 pounds since surgery and 54 all together. This week I hit a stal 😞 probably because I’ve been housebound from all the rain. I’m still working on getting protein and calories up it’s hard when you are not hungry 😞. I hope everyone is doing great on their journey and I would love to hear where others stand ❤️.
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    Food Before and After Photos

    My new fave snack: crispy baked Mushroom Chips!
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    Gastric Leak and food capacity

    11 days out? I would say its possibly a little too soon for potato but if they are on your post op guidelines for this stage, you may want to try again in a few days. I can't remember all that well 11 days out, but my starting point was the serving size in my guidelines...typically the more liquid, the more pureed the more I could drink/eat before restriction kicked in. It wasn't until I was on solid foods that the restrictions really kicked in. I do remember sometimes not always finishing off what I had served.
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    So slow losing

    three stone is more than I'd lost in 12 weeks. You are doing fine. If you've been going up and down 3 lbs for the last two weeks but are following your program, then you are in a stall. Most of us experience those occasionally while on our journey. Just continue to stick to your program, keep tracking your food, and stay off your scale for a few days if you have to. As long as you're following your program, the stall WILL break and you'll be on your way again.
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    Cardio or Strength Training?

    Body weight exercise are a great start, especially for newbies or someone feeling uncomfortable with traditional lifting. Either way, it’s still incredibly difficult to build muscle mass in a large calorie deficit. Post op patients that are back to “ new normal” eating will see the most gains since their overall calories will be higher.
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    If you are considering a treadmill they make under desk versions that fit under the bed. I keep mine next to the bed which is in the way everytime I get up but I deal with it. Then when I am cleaning up the house and want it to look nice I can just roll it under the bed. If I weren’t too lazy I could do this daily but I’d rather step over it. Lol
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    Hungry, stalled, and venting.

    From someone a little further out... I had similar feelings early on. I lost about 70 pounds in the 5 months before surgery, and then after surgery, I wasn't losing weight much faster. I wondered if I should have just kept doing what I was doing pre-op instead of having the surgery. Meanwhile, in the thread for July 2020 surgeries, there were all these other people who started out with a lower weight and were losing much faster than I was. And then a few months later, there were people who had already reached their goal weight while I still had so far to go. As much as you know you shouldn't compare yourself to others, it's hard not to -- especially on those threads for everyone who had surgery the same month as you! But I am 9 months out tomorrow and very happy with my results. I can hardly believe how much weight I've lost! I'm less than half the person I used to be. I really don't think I could have gotten here without the surgery. At the very least, it would have been much harder and much slower. It's hard to be patient at the beginning because you've changed so much and have gotten very little in return. The results come slowly, but they're worth the wait. Hang in there!
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    Any April 2021 surgeries?!

    Mine is 4/6. Starting pre-op diet on March 27. Not on fb or insta so looking to connect here!

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