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    Liquid Diet

    Today is day 5 for me....I'm better than I thought I would be. I try to stay bust. Omw to sleep now. It's MY time!
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    BEFORE & AFTER 4.jpg

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    2 years post op

    that pretty much nails it. Yep - it's our life now. Grrrr. But for me it's either that, or eating my way back up to 300+ lbs again...(and unfortunately, it does happen to some of us!)
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    2 years post op

    Im a cheese-lover too. I did stay away from it during weight loss phase, though. In terms of cravings, I always want salty things, even during weight loss phase (which is weird because I did drink a crap ton of water during that time...). I know I probably add way to much salt to food (then AND now). I also go through periods of wanting dessert. It usually comes after having some. I've read, and experienced, that once you eat something sweet, you will crave even more sweet stuff. So when I think I'm going too far on the dessert front, I'll cut it out for a few days and the cravings will go away. Rinse and repeat, lol. I did gain 6 lbs from around the the end of Feb to around the beginning of April (which sort of coincided with a hiatus I took from the BP forums, and corona-quarantine...coincidence?) And according to MyFitnessPal, I was averaging around 2500 cals a day and practically ZERO EXERCISE. So yeah, weight gain. And this wasn't a fluctuation. I held onto those 6lbs for a couple weeks... I have a personal upper weight limit I set for myself, and those 6lbs took me ONE POUND over that. I long ago made a deal with myself that if I go over my upper limit, I have to bring myself down to my lower limit. I realize this may sound extreme, but a deal is a deal. Sooooo...I consciously reduced my calorie intake and went back to running daily and doing some strength training and am happy to report that as of last week I got back down to my lower limit. I figure this is my life now. Will eventually have a period of gain, and if that gain takes me over what I am comfortable with, it will be followed by a period of effort to reduce that gain. I mean, I do love cheese, lol. (I realize that my comfortable weight range may change in the future, but this works, and is maintainable, for me, for now) @Meadow76: have you considered doing some sort of alternate day fasting? Lots of folks on here have seen success with it. Simply put, you fast (or limit your cals to 500 or so) a couple days a week and loosen the reigns the rest of the week. They could be like cheese days, and no-cheese days, lol. This way, it may be easier to lay off the snacks today because you know you can have some tomorrow... P.S. Sorry this was so long!
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    Liquid Diet

    I’m not physically hungry, but my mind is trying to tell me that I’m hungry (if that makes sense).
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    My Transformation

    Getting slammed with the company - guess i gotta up the protien even more - Not gaining muscle but not losing anymore weight? Like a reverse stall.... Going to take a big hit on this virus thing but my staff is being taken care of and heck just make more later to make up for it - Have a full gym now in my office, Kid set it up kinda nice
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    Day 4 of my 14 day quarantine. Bring in the golden tan
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    Not losing weight

    Update: I’m back losing weight 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽😌😌😌😌😌
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    May 2020 Surgery

    @ffmedicgrl good luck to you as well! 😁
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    JAKE H

    My Transformation

    **** ton of protein man. Yogurt has become my best friend. The 80 cal light and fits. 12 G protein. And they aren’t that filling. How are you making out with everything else?