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    Danny Paul

    ❤20 Months Post Op❤

    Good Job so far and good luck on your surgery.
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    When can I have some rice? Lol

    I think rice was the first real carby thing I tried. I was probably 4 months out and had no problems. I still eat rice, rice pilaf, and brown rice on occasion. I still limit it to 2-3 tablespoons. I am the type of person who has to add something starchy at times to stay sane. I just avoid potatoes and white bread because I love them too much.
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    When can I have some rice? Lol

    I think that there is a difference in the restrictive diet post surgery then a diet mainly because of the WHY something is restricted. On a diet it’s a self imposed restriction because you want to lose weight. With the surgery it can can physically hurt you (getting stuck, or uncomfortable digestion). I understand that this probably isn’t the case for forever but personally not having certain things has made me come up with healthier alternatives that make me not want the item I’m substituting for.
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    I'm thinking that i'm going to give one of those services a try that send you a few sets of clothes and you return them after you wear them and they send you more. You can change the sizes as you lose. There's also a site that sells gently used items...I think it's thread up.
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    When can I have some rice? Lol

    On a side note: I really would be interested in the long term results of restrictive regimen vs. flexible control, not only in terms of weight but also in terms of quality of life and body satisfaction.
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    When can I have some rice? Lol

    my program has it we are free to eat whatever after 6 weeks. I also found that in can not eat anything at that point. some things really upset my stomach, one being whole grains. I have not tried rice as of yet though, as I have found even looking at carbs makes me gain weight.
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    I did! I was so glad to get it out. It was giving me soooo much trouble
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    Our Doctor doesn’t automatically remove the gallbladder but I do remember one of the consents last week being about the gallbladder and that if it looked like it needed to be removed they would remove it. Same with hiatal hernias. And another thing I can’t remember right now that if they see they will correct
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    A bit about me: I had the sleeve surgery in December 2017 period. I've lost a total of 181 pounds since last May, and now I'm looking to gain some muscle mass. I'm currently sitting at 225lbs pounds and 6'2.5" tall. So many unanswered questions of not been able to find good responses to. Things such as how to start eating any calorie surplus now that I want to add muscle. Will I be able to eat enough to add muscle? Follow me on this thread and I will track my journey for any others that may follow the same path. Starting status: 8/17/18 - 225lbs
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    I use bariatric advantage chewy bite 500's. Just take one after each meal and they taste good. I usually keep a bag of chocolate and caramel on hand and sometimes switch out with peanut butter.