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    I had my first appointment scheduled with a bariatric surgeon on Tuesday, January 9th. This particular bariatric center was highly recommended by my brother in law, and they provide services to our local area and surrounding cities. The one problem though is that I have had difficulties getting appointments at the clinic in my city, although there always seem to be openings in the surrounding areas, so really it wasn't too bad. There is another bariatric clinic in our area and I decided to give them a call, just to get a vibe. I figured that I would chat with them, and perhaps meet with both clinics to see which was a better fit. To my surprise, the new clinic was so much more involved, especially in the educational process before the surgery. We scheduled an appointment on Monday already, to start the program. They also provided me with a personal website that I can use to track documents needed for insurance, required classes, vitamins, etc. Right away, I felt so welcomed and so excited. They had a series of 5 videos that I had to watch before the appointment on Monday, so I watched those today and they were very informing. I am also required to attend a series of 6 educational classes with them, before my surgery. Those classes consist of pre-surgery nutrition, post-surgery nutrition, vitamins and supplements, and exercise. I will also have my regular psych. appointments and other appointments as needed for the surgery. The thing that really made me feel good about them though was reading the glowing reviews online. I think the choice was pretty clear at that point. I am so excited to get this all going. I start a three-month supervised diet on Friday, so when I think about it, there is a lot to do in those three months. Time is going to fly by!
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    I Go Tomorrow

    Be as calm as you can about the surgery itself. After the surgery, focus on walking as much as you can; on controlling your pain with the meds given but not using them if you don't need them; on drinking water. Be aware that you'll need to focus on protein, but not right away--and with both the water and the protein, you'll most likely need to ramp up to meeting the goals--it won't happen immediately. Don't beat yourself up about these things--just keep trying, as it will get easier as time goes by.
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    It's different for everyone as Intro said. Honestly the stall thing annoys me more than anything else on this site. Not because of your question, but because I've been there like you and you'll eventually realize how pointless it is to fret over it. Just accept that it's going to happen, it'll be annoying to see the scale stuck for a week or two, but then things will start moving again. You also have to remember that you can lose inches without losing pounds. This is why worrying about the scale isn't worth it. One of the best things you can do is this: 1) Pick a day and weigh yourself only once a week (so pick Fridays or whatever day you please) 2) Weigh yourself first thing in the morning (if possible after visiting the restroom and before eating/drinking anything) 3) Only use one scale Edit: 4) Either weigh yourself in your birthday suit or wear the same clothes when you weigh yourself. I always tried to wear roughly the same thing when I had to do my weigh-ins at the doc's office.
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    Started pre-op diet today!

    The first week can be a real bear. Once you get over that hump it isn't so bad. Best of luck to you!
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    Time off of work

    I just had the surgery last Friday and I'm considering going back to my desk job tomorrow (Thurs) for at least a half day. Not trying to brag, but the facts are I'm feeling great. I just flew half the day today and walked the airport terminal changes and drove around when I got home. I'll be back to work full time next Monday for sure. I had cleared working from home for two weeks but no way I'll need it. Everyone's different and your milage may vary.
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    I was certain I would be but everything moved so fast I didn’t have time. They gave me the sedative right before they took me and I was out like a light .
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    I did not. But many, many people do:) Very common.
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    Boy has it been a long time since I visited this site! A lot has happened since my surgery date. My frequency of use prior to surgery was all thanks to a pretty meaningless desk job that I was laid off of as of December 1. In the meantime, I have dealt with the triumphs and struggles of recovering from surgery, learning my new stomach and body, and trying to find another full time job. Just in case anyone is actually interested in my progress, here it is! This week is my seventh week since surgery. HW: 310, SW: 280.1, CW: 254.9 NSVs: My back fat doesn't rub together while I walk. I can no longer fit my size 24 skinny jeans, as they have turned out to be more like size 24 baggy jeans. I have never been more hydrated in my life. I am able to walk up a flight of stairs without wheezing. I can workout for longer without needing an inhaler. I have lost countless inches all over my body. I fit into clothes from my honeymoon in July of 2015 better now than I did then. Getting exercise is, and always will be, a work in progress. Taking my medicines religiously leaves a bit to be desired. If anyone is interested in a more in depth description of my recovery, please let me know! Hope everyone is well!
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    I am on February 8th or 9th. They said it would be one of those days.
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    Totally agree! I'm a month post op and had the same concerns at first. I never felt restricted on liquids, and when I graduated to puree/soft solids last week I still didn't feel that "full" feeling. I started "normal" foods yesterday and dense proteins ABSOLUTELY fill me after a few bites and keep me satisfied for hours. It's a whole new world when you get to normal textures! Hang in there.

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