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    Got my clearance!!!!

    A few weeks ago I shared with everyone that my doctor wouldn't clear me because I had an upper respiratory infection. I am super excited to say that I've now gotten my surgery clearance. I'm super excited!!! The next step is a visit to my surgeon so that I can get a surgery date. I'm hoping for the end of March but I'll take April if that's what's available for me! So thankful
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    Too much protein?

    Not likely due to the protein. Headaches are fairly common the first few days. For me it was because I delayed cutting off my daily coffee/caffeine fix. The first few days are pretty tough but it does get better! For me I my hurdle was about 5 days in. After that I was adjusted to the diet and was pretty smooth sailing after that.
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    Reached doctors goal

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    No weight loss in two weeks!

    Be patient. You're just 1 month out from surgery. It will take time to for your stomach to heal. You will have bouts of diarrhea and constipation so get used to it. You will not lose weight in a steady fashion. Instead, it's like going down the stairs meaning you will pause on a step. Some pauses may last days. Some may last months. Just be patient.
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    My Psych Evaluation

    My Psych Evaluation was yesterday, I have Kaiser insurance it was perfect it was a breeze for me she didn't ask me anything out of the ordinary she just asked me about my life and I had to explain about my eating habits what I eat now and it literally lasted about 25 minutes didn't have to fill out any questionnaire and she said everything was fine. So one more thing off my checklist.
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    I am just about to pass one month from when I had VSG surgery performed...and while there have been many stories already posted here mentioning the ups and downs after surgery, I am going to focus on one group that I have the utmost respect for: POST VSG (or any WLS) Surgery Patients with kids! There are tons of posts in here from parents who literally go home from surgery and start cooking for their children the next day. These people cook food they themselves want to eat, but can't. They are tempted by the food the rest of the family considers 'normal', but is no longer part of our new eating culture. As I sat home crying while I fought against the horrible cravings that presented while on my liquid diet, I thought how the hell do these people do it? The only answer is they are truly special individuals. Bariatric heroes if you will. I do not have children and thus did not have to contend with this issue, but I could not help but think there is absolutely no way I could deal with cooking for others while only having liquids. I think you are all awesome. If your kids and/or spouse does not tell you that you are awesome everyday, come back and read the following sentence. You Are Awesome!!! It took me 3 weeks straight to untangle the wicked web of carbs and sugar, but it has finally come. I have lost 35 pounds this month. I feel like after all that I just need to let the unsung heroes of WLS know that there are people out here who hold you in very high regard. You are my heroes!!
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    If asked what your long-term weight loss goals are, you would probably give positive, upbeat responses. It would be a shock to hear that your intention is to gain back every pound you lost over the course of the next 5 years. But it happens. Unfortunately, any bariatric surgery fails in the long-term when not followed-up with a weight loss maintenance plan. Persons who fail to make the necessary dietary changes after bariatric surgery frequently regain much of the weight they have lost, particularly around the 5-year mark. Read, “Bariatric Surgery is Just the First Step.” Bariatric Eating Made Simple When we change our anatomy through bariatric surgery, many of those old dietary rules and plans can do more harm than good. For our bariatric tool to work best, we need to be very aware of what we eat to get proper nutrition. There are three simple points that you need for smart bariatric eating. Read, “Bariatric Eating: Getting Back on Track.” Drinking and Eating after Bariatric Surgery How long we should wait before and after eating to drink again? There’s a lot of confusion around drinking and eating after bariatric surgery. It’s important to separate fact from fiction when it comes to drinking and eating after bariatric surgery. Get the Top 5 Tips in “Eating and Drinking Do’s and Don’ts.” Push Back Against Emotional Eating Emotional eating is an attempt to erase discomfort with food. Many people use food to relieve stress only to find that it is not much of a solution. Emotional eating will not provide the long-term remedy we want. We need to shake off failed habits and try something new. Read, “Steer Clear of Emotional Eating.” Bariatric Eating: The Bottom Line Knowing what we need to do can quickly overturn the impulse to do what we want to do. We can reprogram our conditioned responses to food, which likely led to us being morbidly obese, with new positive bariatric eating habits. Living larger than ever, My Bariatric Life http://www.mybariatriclife.org
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    Burp/throw up a little

    Happens to me also. Embarrassing when it happens in public.
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    3 week post op loss ?

    @snapy17, I feel your pain. I am 3wks out and only down 11lbs. I am following the plan and I am still losing slow. I stop weighing myself everyday as I become depressed seeing the continued stall (7days thus far). I am just going to continue to follow the process and I know it will eventually come off. My advice is to decrease the carbs. I also here that 15lbs-20lbs a month is good. Oh, and I stop comparing myself to others. Best Wishes!
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    Reached doctors goal

    Yes!!! You look wonderful!! Plz let us know how long nd how much weight u lost..

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